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30 Personal Brand & Influencer Instagram Canva Templates Inside A Bundle


If you are an Influencer or a Coach on Instagram, Facebook or you have a client who has thousands of followers on any of these social media platforms.


Then you need to have a personal brand or influencer Instagram template that you can use to build more relationships with your audience.


Plus, our template is compatible with both Canva for Web and Canva for iOS & Android, so you can design on the go.


With these Instagram Bundle templates, you have access to 20 Instagram Post Feed Templates, 7 Instagram Stories/Reels Templates, and an EBook Template.


With the 20 Instagram Post Feed Template, you will have something to post on your Instagram page or profile.


With the 7 Instagram Stories Templates, you won’t run out of content on your Instagram reels and stories and use it to grow more engagement.


Since stories are now another way to build more followers and reach a huge audience who are not even following you.


Then you should consider adding it to your strategy.


The Bundle consists of templates having Quotes, Live Sessions, Giveaways, Announcements, Course Fliers, Testimonials, Followers, and many more.


Remember that you can always edit and change the templates to your favorite taste and your brand identity.

Products Description

In this Bundle, you have access to;

• 20 Post Feed Templates

• 7 Stories Templates

• 3 E-book Designs.


As a novice who knows nothing about designing graphics. You do not have to hire any graphics designer anymore.


Just by purchasing this template, you can start to build that influencer brand on Instagram and Facebook respectively.


No more spending huge costs on hiring Graphic Designers and expecting delivery because you now save money and time for yourself.


As a Blogger, Social media Influencer, Thought Leader, Coach, or Social Media Manager. 


You do not have to bother about having good branding because this template is what you need.


With this template bundle, you can easily edit any of the Pictures, Text, Fonts, and Colors to your taste.


Below is a one-minute video explaining how you edit a template for your brand identity.


The same can also be applied to this template.



Why Buy Canva Template?

Eliminate hiring Graphic Designers that overcharge you per design.

• Reuse a template to design multiple graphics rather than hire a designer and use it once.

• No more disturbing your graphic designer on when they will deliver your designs.

• Create a design within 1 minute.

• Become a graphic designer with my Canva template and make money for yourself.


My Template Vs General Canva Library Template

For those familiar with canva.


My TemplateCanva Library Template
1. Access to a complete library that suits your need.1. Access to an incomplete library that makes you confused.
2. Staying unique rather than using the general template others are using.2. Using the general template that millions of others are using.
3. Save time looking for what template to use for your next Instagram or social media post.3. Spend time surfing the library on which template to edit.
4. Save time looking for what template to use for your next Instagram or social media post.4. Spend time surfing the library on which template to edit.
5. Keep the money you should spend on the Monthly Canva pro plan.5. Upgrade to Canva Monthly Plan to get a partial good design.


Watch How I Use A Template Within 1 Minute 

1. The purchase of this product is in digital format of PDF. Inside it, is a link that will take you straight to the Canva template page.


2. To use this template, create a Canva Free account {Click here = Aff link}. Download Adobe reader to view the PDF file {Click here}.


3. After purchase, make sure to open the link in the PDF and load up the Canva page to save a copy as every link expires within 90 days.


4. The license to use this template is sold to an individual only and can never be seen as available to everybody.


5. All the elements (Fonts, Texts, Colors, Icons) in my templates are available for both free and Canva-paid users.


Meaning you don’t have to upgrade to a pro before you can use my designs, I have made them available and usable for every Canva user.


6. Every design in this shop is copyrighted to Maverick, who is the owner of this shop. 


You are not allowed to reuse or resell without his approval.


For any further assistance concerning my templates.


You are to message me directly and not the Canva team at [email protected]


The sale of these templates is not affiliated with Canva. Canva is not liable for these templates.

You may use this template for personal use or commercial use. Each purchase grants ONE license to you – the buyer – only. See usage details and restrictions below:


Under this license, you may use this template to create end products ONLY.


You may NOT redistribute or resell this product or a modified version of this product in its editable template format.


Personal Use: Under this license, you may create an unlimited number of end products using this template, for your personal use (- not used for your business).


Commercial Use: Under the license, you may create commercial end-products of up to 5000 copies. 


It may be that you create one end-product and sell 5000 copies of that one product, or crate 10 end-products and sell 500 copies each. 


If you need to create multiple products for yourself or clients for commercial use and the end-products exceed a total of 5000 copies, then please purchase another license of the product.*


Additional uses under this license (for both personal and commercial):


One personal or business social media account owned or managed by the licensee.


Unlimited physical advertisements.

Digital paid advertisements with unlimited impressions.


* Please reach out to me if you need an extended, unlimited-use commercial license (beyond the 5000 end-product copies limit). Typically the extended license is five times the regular price.




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