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More/ Traction Traffic: Transcribing a video or audio into text allows the business to add SEO-friendly keywords to the transcript that boost brand visibility. Thus, it helps the brand build a formidable digital presence.


Global reach: When a video or audio is transcribed and shared in multiple languages, it becomes easier for the business to attract an audience from various geographies.


In addition, transcripts can also be understood by the audience who are hearing-impaired. Therefore, the transcription helps the business communicate its ideas and objectives to a larger audience easily.


Easy accessibility: Transcripts can be easily accessed anytime from anywhere. It does not require exclusive tools or software to run video or audio files. The transcripts can be translated and accessed by anyone.


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There is a very popular phrase that marketers like to use when talking about marketing. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘content is king quote’ and was made famous by Bill Gates.


Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting”. – Bill Gates.


And he was right.


Even today, more than 20 years later, the content remains in the position of the king – the way that a lot of money is made on the internet. Every proper digital marketing strategy has a content creation plan.


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1) Blogging Binder


You can download and print anytime you need. All months are included and are not year specific, so there’s no need to re-purchase every year like other products, thus saving you money! Get the matching stickers for this binder here.


2) Blogger Stats Binder


You can’t just look at a blogger and compare where they are NOW to where you’re at now. They are ahead of you, so it’s not a fair comparison! This 30-page binder helps you see their entire journey, so you can compare the month you’re in currently to where they were in that same month of blogging. Information collected over the years, directly from the source (income reports, webinars, etc.)


Binder includes four top bloggers and goes into detail of their entire blogging journal from start to finish with as much detail as possible. This is what I use to compare my own growth with theirs to see if I’m on the right track or not, and for the first time ever, it’s available to YOU! 


3) Make Money Blogging: How to Find Ideas That Are Right For You


With 4,300 copies sold worldwide within its first month of release, this book answers a question that is on everyone’s mind…just how exactly does a blogger make money. 


4) How To Turn Your Blog Into A Six-Figure Money Making Machine


Within 12 months of starting my blog, I had nearly a million in traffic and was making $10k/month. This book gives you the roadmap I created to accomplish this and more! 


5) How to Work Less and Create Killer Content


The biggest question I get is how I balance life, a highly successful blog, and kids as a single mom. This book goes into great detail on how I work less hours than most bloggers and still create killer content and balance everything in my life! 


6) How to Boost Your Alexa Score Organically


This book outlines the exact steps I took to go from an Alexa score of 16,520,410 to 367,728 in less than two months! 


7) How to Make Real Money as a Virtual Assistant


You want to make legitimate money from home to help your family. Being a virtual assistant is, in my opinion, the easiest, fastest, and funniest way to make money in the blogging world. 


8) Finding Your Why: The Life-Changing Process to Find Meaning


This is one of the most valuable books in this whole bundle. Whether you’ve been blogging a long time or are just starting out, you’ve never heard this information that is so key to building an empire right out of the gates! It is the secret to my success and no one teaches it correctly online!!! 


9) Tools for Building a Solid Foundation


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10) How to Get People to See Your Content


SEO is not as complicated as everyone seems to make it. This book dives right into all the technical aspects and breaks it down step-by-step to show you how I get over 40,000 pageviews from Google alone, every single month. You’ll also learn what it takes to make a post go viral and what you need to do to truly be seen above all the clutter online. 


11) How to Easily Make Money on Your Blog Today


This book dives deep into how to make money from your blog, including ads, sponsors, affiliates, and even products. Once you have this information in your toolkit, you’re ready to rock the world and make money easily. Selling becomes second nature, and it all comes from someone who’s been making money selling online for over 20 years! 


12) How to Make Money When Blogging is Slow


There are ebbs and flows with any business model you choose. In this book, I’ll show you how to plan ahead so you’re always a step ahead of the game and what to do DURING the slow season, so you never fall behind. 


13) Why You’re Not Making Money Like the Pro-Bloggers


Written by someone who makes 7-figures a year, there are very distinct things that Pro-Bloggers do that you are most likely missing. But I’m an analytics geek and I love getting to the root of things. Once at the root, I can tell you exactly what the Pro-Bloggers are all doing, that you’re not, and why you’re not making 6 and 7 figures like them.


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You’ll be able to follow along with screen share videos and build your business right alongside us as we take you through each individual action step.


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Below is what you’ll learn from this VIP Training…


  • 1. Freelancing 101 – How To Build A Life Changing Micro Gig Business From Scratch.
  • 2. Fiverr 101 – Master the Platform Where the Work Comes to You. The Perfect Place to Get Your First Client.
  • 3. Upwork 101 – Discover the Secrets to Finding Clients on One of the World’s Biggest Freelancing Marketplaces.
  • 4. Freelancing On Your Own – Learn How to Find Your Own Clients Outside of Freelancing Marketplaces and Increase Your Income Per Gig.
  • 5. Freelance Flipping – Earn More and Work Less by Outsourcing Your Micro Gigs, and Build the Ultimate Freedom Lifestyle.

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Why marketers love TikTok & Why You Should Take Advantage Really Fast.


The allure of TikTok for marketers isn’t just in its future e-commerce potential.

It’s already one of the best platforms to reach a mass audience—not unlike what television used to be.


Audiences—particularly younger ones—are increasingly fragmented across media and accustomed to watching content with little to no advertising.


TikTok manages to sneak in a relatively robust advertising experience into the app that doesn’t make young users immediately recoil in disgust.


“TikTok ads are a lot easier to resonate with the users,” said Tiffany Ou, the general manager for the Americas of Nativex, a mobile ad platform that helps brands market on TikTok, among other apps.


“When they watch them, they don’t even recognize they’re watching ads.”


TikTok ads appear in users’ feeds just like regular TikTok videos, except they’re made by brands, not users.


That distinction isn’t always obvious. Many TikTok ads, like this one from the dating app Bumble, will look and feel like every other TikTok video a user sees in their feed.


It’s a seamless, unobtrusive experience—and one much different from the ad experience on YouTube, or even Facebook.


And they’re watched by a lot of people. TikTok was the most downloaded app in the world in August, and the average TikTok user spends 476 minutes per month on the app, second only to Facebook among the popular social platforms.


And a growing part of its user base, millennials, actually spend more money online than any other age group, even though they have lower incomes on average than consumers 35 and older.


Out pointed out that though TikTok started catering mostly to Gen Z, its “millennial and older audience” continues to grow as the app goes more mainstream in the US and other countries.


She argued it’s important for brands to get users’ attention now and become a part of their lives before the app adds an integrated commerce model that encourages them to spend on products.


Don’t miss out on the world’s largest social media platform that is already helping hundreds of thousands of dropshippers and eCommerce store owners.


This course will show you how to get more potential customers to see your Tik Tok ads at a lower cost per click while generating extra sales and profit.

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The audio player will convert your content into audio in just a few clicks, with seamless integration, and give your audience the ability to listen to your content on the go.


The free version of this plugin is designed for content creators, such as bloggers who do not produce a large volume of content, and for those who want to give it a try before choosing one of the advanced plans. 


It enables converting up to 5 articles to audio per month, adding an audio narrator to your blog in 125 languages, 250 voices (both male and female), and increasing accessibility to a broader audience.

Fast Action Bonus #7: Lifetime Unlimited Access To “Seriously Simple Podcasting WP Plugin” (Real World Value: $297)

Seriously Simple Podcasting is a top-rated podcasting plugin for WordPress for beginners. Using this straight-forward set up instructions, advanced features, and plenty of customization options, Seriously Simple Podcasting powers over 20K+ podcasts.


Every plugin feature is fully functional no matter who you choose as your podcast hosting provider. Seriously Simple Podcasting gives you more control over your content so you can start podcasting without limits.

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Whether you sell digital or physical products, now you can grab your customer’s attention & turn them into happy buyers using our attention-grabbing, highly engaging video mockups in your business.


And you don’t need to be a design or video expert… this new, video mockup creator is designed to create powerful video mockups for you in only minutes.


Create amazing device mockups, and product mockups to add an extra pop to your videos. Drag and Drop your logos and product images inside laptops, desktops, bottles, t-shirts, and other elements with amazing animations and effects.

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I’m sure you know that, but in case you’re not aware…


No Social Media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, etc) allows you to Audio alone.


It has to be a Video.


So what if you have an Audio (Music, Podcast, Motivation speech, etc) that you want to share on social media?


The Best option is to convert that Audio into a clean Video, and that’s exactly what this Software Does.


It works in 3 simple steps:


Upload your Audio, or Record Directly inside the App.


Customize: Using the Drag and Drop Editor, you can customize your Video Display and create Subtitles Directly inside the App.


Export your HD Video in mp4 format and share on any Social Media platform.

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This Premium Camtasia-like video editor gives you full flexibility and control over your video creation.


It comes with every feature you will ever need to produce something as big as cinema-quality or as small as YouTube-quality videos.