About Maverick

Now that you are online with me (Maverick) – Victor Jacobs, I will be your guide for this ride.
Maverick Opeyemi
My name is Victor Jacobs Opeyemi, but my brand name is Maverick Opeyemi.
I got the brand name when I started my first online business in the Social Media Marketing Management Niche.

My brand then was called “Tharmaverick Media,” registered under the brand name “Walkwithexperts Ent.

I had to quit the business when things started becoming messy, and the tools I used to provide Instagram followers for my clients became ineffective.

That was because of the Instagram algorithm back then.

That started making me dabble into so many things on the internet before I finally found my passion in Blogging and Youtubing to settle with.

Just because I see Blogging and Youtubing as a business where I can pour out my mind on what I have tested and experienced, and also help people even while earning a living from it.

I enjoy creating content a lot, and if you don’t find me either testing tech gadgets, writing content for my blog or creating a video for my YouTube Channel.

Then I am playing Snooker or Watching Series Movies.
Maverick Opeyemi

What brought about this blog?

Online With Maverick was, at first, a YouTube channel. Then I realized that I needed to create a bigger brand for it.

So, it brought me to the conclusion of creating this blog for it just to widen my value to the Google audience.

You can as well subscribe to my YouTube channel here:


All your tech problems are going to be solved at once.

We have work to do, my friend. I will see you in some other guides.

Do you have something you’d like me to promote for you?

You can reach me at [email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you.