Sony wh 1000xm4 for gaming (Review after 9 months testing)

Sony wh 1000xm4 for gaming

Sony wh 1000xm4 is one quality headphone with high gaming tech features.

Having suitable accessories will boost your mood while gaming, and as a gamer, the need for quality headphones can’t be over-emphasized.

That is why gaming headphone should have unique features to enhance gaming sections. Now, to know if this band of headphones has these features is what I will discuss in this guide.

If you have been looking to get quality headphone for gaming and this brand is in consideration, then this guide is for you.

Every gamer wants to stay longer while gaming. Due to this, an accessory (headphone) that provides maximum comfort will be a top priority.

This headphone is a very quality accessory, and it gives maximum comfort and many other brilliant qualities to enhance your gaming sections.

But before I go further into that details, let us briefly see who this headphone is made for and the benefits of buying it for gaming.

Endeavor to read this guide to the end so you don’t miss vital points that could influence your choice of getting this headphone.


Who’s the Sony wh 1000xm4 made for?

Made for every lover of quality sound and sleek noise cancellation. In essence, made for everyone who craves these qualities.

This gadget is a high-tech device with unique features for gamers, travelers, and even site workers.

Unlike regular headphones that can not provide unique features for people, this one provides it, which is why gamers and travelers can use it.

Even if you are not a gamer or a traveler, but you just love the quality sound and desire a gadget to provide excellent noise cancellation, this gadget is for you.


The benefits of buying sony wh 1000xm4 for your gaming

An headphone highly recommended for gamers.

As a gamer, there are benefits you will enjoy using this device for gaming and some of which are stated below.

1. Very high battery life

Made with a quality battery that lasts up to 30hrs after charging and charges for about 10min. With this, you don’t have to worry about constantly charging.

This feature is great for gamers because gamers spend hours gaming, and with this, there will be no fear of Interruption. And even if the battery runs down, you don’t need to spend hours charging.

Most regular headphones last up to 4hours before the headphone runs down, but this brand gives quality battery life.

2. Multiple device pairing

This is a unique feature whereby you connect your headphone to multiple devices.

Like connecting it to your phone and PC simultaneously, the headphone picks signals from the individual device and sends them to you simultaneously.

Now while gaming on your PC, you don’t have to be worried or lose focus In case you have an important message or call on your phone.

The headphone automatically picks up the signal and helps you manage the two devices simultaneously.

This feature increases your concentration as a gamer, and most regular headphones lack this feature. With this headphone brand, you can rest assured that you are connected to your devices.

3. Speak to chat

This device has a unique way it functions. For instance, once you are on it and you start talking, the device automatically stops and plays back once you are done talking.

This is a unique feature, and it makes the gamer focus on one thing at a time.

4. Adaptive Sound Control

The headphone adjusts to your environment’s sound to give you maximum concentration.

For example, if you were in a quiet place earlier and moved to a noisier environment, the headphones’ sound automatically increases the volume to suit your environment.

Because of its high noise cancellation, this headphone adjusts to the background noise to make it more effective.

As a gamer, you don’t have to worry about background noise because this headphone will regulate the volume according to the intensity of the noise in your environment.


Why it’s good for gaming

This headphone is perfect for gaming, and below are some reasons why you shouldn’t use this gadget for gaming.

1. Fits comfortable overhead

Any gaming accessories must be comfortable because gamers spend long hours gaming, and discomfort will distract their sections.

Made of unique materials that are very light and comfortable over the head. This way, you won’t feel the headphone load over your head.

It was made this way with the gamers’ view in check. Now wearing this headphone for hours won’t make you uncomfortable while gaming. Spending hours gaming with this headphone, you won’t feel its weight.

Some regular headphones feel heavy and then cause pain and discomfort and an extended period.

2. Noise cancellation

One significantly modified feature from the sony wh 1000xm3 to the Sony wh1000xm4 is its noise cancellation. This headphone provides excellent noise cancellation.

As a gamer, background noise can make you miss your target in a game, but with this feature, you can focus entirely on only the sounds coming from the game.

This feature is so good that even while traveling on air, it will prevent you from the noise from the plane.

3. Quality sound

What’s the essence of gaming headphone with great sound? One key feature of gaming headsets is that they offer authentic surround sound, allowing you to distinguish where sounds are coming from in a game.

If something is coming from behind you to the right, you’ll hear it from that direction. This feature provides a real competitive advantage for gamers.

4. Quality Microphone

This headphone does not have an external mic but has five internal mics designed to handle different sound channels.

Mixed to give you the full surround sound experience. This feature is essential if you are gaming with your teammates.

Asides from that, these mics also help you to receive calls very effectively. So once the headphone is connected to your device, you don’t have to worry about receiving calls.


Why you shouldn’t consider it

This headphone is, without a doubt, of very high quality, but users encounter some minor issues while using it.

Below are some reasons you shouldn’t consider buying this headphone

1 . Too sensitive touch control

The touch control, which regulates the play and pause, is too sensitive. Sometimes the headphone pauses when you do not give the signal.

Some users find it very sensitive and can repeatedly disrupt your family sections.

Although this problem is minor because if you know how to regulate it consciously, then this isn’t even a problem.

2. Warm feeling on the outer ear

In other that to enhance noise cancellation, the extra foam on the ears may cause heat after the usage for a while.

This makes the ear feels warm. It doesn’t have any side effects on your organs asides from the warmth you will be after a while.



I have pinpointed some excellent quality of the Sony wh100xm4 headphone in this guide. I have also established that this device suits gamers, travelers, and almost everyone.

The benefits you will enjoy if you consider this device a gaming headphone is trilling. I hope you didn’t skip that aspect.

The device provides the satisfaction of great sound for everyone.

If this guide has influenced your decision on this device, please do well to leave your opinions in the comment sections.

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