Dt990 Pro For Gaming (Review after 9 months testing)

Dt990pro is an open-back wired headphone with unique qualities. It is a significant piece among other open-back headphones.

This headphone has many essential uses in the studio and, most importantly, for gamers. This is so because of its built-up qualities.

Unlike the Dt770pro, Dt990pro are open-back headphones that makes the sound accurate and precise for gaming.

This headphone has fantastic features that make it suitable for gaming. Those features are what I will discuss in this guide.

In this guide, I will explain all the qualities of this headphone and show you why it’s excellent for gaming.

Before I dive deep into that, let’s look at who can use this gadget, its benefits, and why it is and is not suitable for gaming.


Who’s the dt 990 pro made for?

These open-back headphones are fabulous for anyone wanting a rich sound experience while providing maximum comfort.

The built-up design makes it great for music production (mixing and edition) and in studios, sounding like an open-air speaker.

Highly recommended for gamers because it has some qualities that enhance gaming.


The benefits of buying dt990 pro for your gaming

Dt990pro is a quality headphone for everyone, but here are the benefits gamers enjoy from using this headphone.

1. Durability

This headphone is a mix of metal and plastic. It is an excellent headphone that still maintains a lightweight nature.

Made with quality materials that enhance its longevity.

This headphone comes with a small bag to pack when not in use. The durability of gaming accessories is significant for gamers.

Although, you will agree with me that the longevity of a product depends solely on how the user handles it.

Made to pass the test of time, but it all still depends on how you handle it.

2. Good for its price

For a product of this unique quality and features, I will say it is at a very affordable rate being below $200

Gaming accessories are known for being very pricey. Now getting a headphone of this quality at this rate is a privilege.

Gamers will enjoy the headphone to the maximum because of their feature that is primarily beneficial to gamers. This feature will be discussed in the course of this guide.

3. All parts are replaceable

One major thing I appreciate about this brand’s product is that all the parts are readily available and replaceable.

It is inevitable for a part of this headphone to not wear out after a long period due to constant usage. But now that it is very replaceable you don’t have to worry yourself.

Unlike other headphones that do not have their parts replaceable, in most cases, you have to replace the whole device with a new one, But the headphone gives you an alternative.

Come to think of it replacing just the faulty part instead of the whole headphone will save the gamer a lot of money.


Why it’s good for gaming

Let us take a look at some of the reasons why this gaming headphone is suitable for gaming purpose.

1. Great sound quality

Regular headphones have about 30 ohms of audio power, whereas this headphone gives 250 ohms.

You can feel the difference between them.

The open-back nature makes the audio sound very broad, and the sound stage is extensive.

While gaming, you can pinpoint each sound as it amplifies them to make you get the best.

Unlike the other headphones with low distortion in the background, It gives the audio a very soothing touch.

I will highly recommend it as you can get the highest audio quality from it for your gaming.

2. Very comfortable

Built with consideration for comfort. Unlike other headphones, these have well-padded and rounded cups and have a good grip on the ear region.

In addition, the padding at the headband is light but well-padded to give the gamer an easy grip on it.

The headphone, in general, is very light even with the metallic structure, and the well-rounded cups give one good grip on the ear.

This comfort is what every gamer seeks. Since they tend to spend hours gaming, the lightweight is perfect.

3. Open back nature

As I have established earlier, the open-back nature enhances the sound quality making it very broad, which gives a soothing gaming section.

This open-back nature also allows air to enter slightly, preventing the ears from going warm from prolonged usage.

It keeps the bass in the background. So the user can enjoy its usage without disturbance to the ear.


Why you shouldn’t consider it

This headphone is, without a doubt, an excellent quality device. Some of these qualities have been explained in the guide above.

But there are still minor defaults that I came across using this device, some of which are;

1. Sound leak

Designed to be an open-back headphone which helps enhance its qualities.

Unfortunately, that same open-back design can lead to sound bleeding into and out of the headphones. It is not a headphone for noise cancellation.

If you are in a noisy environment, it will dampen your enjoyment of these headphones.

It allows for enough environmental sounds to keep you connected but not enough to be distracting. You will know if the phone rings, someone knocks at the door, and the dog barks.

But otherwise, these are a fantastic choice for quality feeling and sounding headphones.

2. Coiled cable

Made of external coiled cables that are not readily detachable, fixed on one side of the headphone.

These coiled cables can easily cause a distraction, and the fact that they can not be removed is another problem.

The headphone is made to be a very lightweight gadget but the presence of this coiled undetached cable cause extra weight to the headphone.



Considering this unique open-back headphone as your gaming headphone will give your gaming sections a new vibe.

How this will be possible has been stated already in this guide.

If this guide has brought you knowledge on this headphone brand and influenced your choice of getting one, leave your honest review in the comment section below.

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