Bose qc20 for gaming (Review After 9 months testing)

Bose qc20 for gaming.
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Bose quiet comfort 20 Earbuds are one great piece with high noise cancellation features that enhance the gaming lifestyle.

Aside from gaming, this earbud can be used in places like the gym, noisy environments, or while traveling. It can be used in all daily activities as long as the excellent sound is concerned.

This headphone comes in two versions: the standard set and the Bose qc20i, which works for iPhone music control, and the Siri voice command.

Unlike the usual Bose headphone brands for gaming, this in-ear earbud is preferable for its portability and improved noise isolation.

In this guide, I will discuss the description of the boseqc20 and if this device is recommended for gaming. This will be based on the qualities of this earbud.

Before I dive into that, let’s discuss who the Bose QC20 is for, its benefits to gamers, and why it is and isn’t good for gaming.

Who’s the Bose qc20 made for?

Bose QC20 earbud is used for noise cancellation and isolation, while traveling to while away time, or during daily activities.

Used by everyone who loves a quiet environment and enjoy music with good sound.

Therefore gamers, travelers, sportspeople, and lovers of great sound and intense quietness are all recommended to use these earbuds.


The benefits of buying Bose qc20 for your gaming

This headphone is perfect, but not all suitable accessories are good for gaming. Before any device can be considered beneficial for gaming, it must have unique features.

Let’s look at these features that enhance gaming.

1. Good battery life

These earbuds have extreme power. Just 2 hours of charge lasts up to 16 hours of usage. That is enough power for long trips.
With the battery indicator, you can always tell when it is running low.

This strong power is also encouraging for gamers since they spend long hours gaming.

With these earbuds, you don’t have to worry about constantly charging within gaming intervals. The Rechargeable built-in lithium-ion battery is strong enough to power it for a long time.

What I find more unique is that you can still listen to music when the battery dies, but you won’t get the noise cancellation features.

2. Comfortable

These earbuds are very lightweight and don’t mount pressure on your head like other headphones, but built to provide comfort for the users.

The ear tip is rather unique-looking; made of soft and flexible silicone and of three sizes to fit into your ears.

The built quality just screams comfort in every aspect; besides, that’s what gamers mainly desire from any gaming accessories.

Comfort has been their priority when getting any gaming accessory.

3. Durable

Bose products offer outstanding built quality, and the qc20 is no exception.

It has a very soft carrying case that’s nice and high quality. I love the idea of this case because you don’t have to stress about the carriage.

With micro USB space to keep the charge, so it doesn’t get lost or tangled.

The external features are made with high-quality material (The code is thick and rigid) that lasts long.

Even if any parts get faulty along the line, you can replace the parts easily instead of changing the whole device.

For gamers, durability is essential because you can’t get a product for a high price and not be sure it’s durable.


Why it’s good for gaming

Bose qc20 is a gaming earbud because of some of its qualities, which include;

1. Noise cancellation

This is a significant feature gamer search for while getting gaming headphones; this device provides this readily available.

Blocking the outside world and focusing on your music or listening to a specific sound is overwhelming.

All you need to do is ensure that your earbud is charged and the noise cancellation feature is turned on.

Then, you can access this feature.

2. Aware mode

Just as the noise cancellation erases the surroundings, you will also agree with me that with time you still need to know what’s going on around you.

This aware mode enables the surrounding sounds so you can hear the things happening in your environment.

For most devices with this noise cancellation feature, you have to take the head off totally before you get aware of your environment, but with this device, just a button will do the magic.

This aware mode comes actively when you have to cross the road or when driving and you need to hear the horns of other cars. This doesn’t stop your music from playing. It just makes you aware.

3. Clear sounds

The sound quality provides good lows and incredible highs with deep and precise bass.

The Bose’s Active EQ and TriPort technology also enhances the headphone’s sound, which stays consistent and clear.

The sound stage for this device is exceptional for earbuds; these are not the qualities you find in earbuds that, while this, can pass for a gaming accessory.

4. Microphone

The inline microphone and remote let you switch easily between calls and music on your iPhone and provide control for select iPod, iPhone, and iPad models

This makes calls very clear, not just that the external mic is helpful when gaming with teammates; it enhances clarity and makes the game fun.


Why you shouldn’t consider it

This headphone is a great product, but I find some minor faults in using this gadget.

Although your experience with it might not be relatable as this is based on my personal experience.

1. Very pricey

Personally, I find this product to be at a high price range of $299, but considering its qualities and the value I would get from this, I will say it is worth it.

Depending on what you may want to use this device for, it is still at a very affordable rate.

2. Cables are too short

The 2 wires leading from the volume control to the ears are not long enough — only about 10.5 inches.

If you accidentally move and tug at the connections, this could become an issue.

To a point, they can get very uncomfortable, but aside from that, these earbuds are fantastic.



With this review on Bose quiet comfort 20, I am sure you will agree that these earbuds are made to stand out from the usual ones.

I hope you didn’t skip any vital point that will influence your choice in getting this device. If you did, you could always go back for a re-read.

With the detailed knowledge given on these headphones, as a gamer, you should know now that these headphones a gamer should have to enjoy every gaming section.

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