The Loudest gaming headset 2023 (After testing 13 headphones)

Loudest gaming headset
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As a gamer, I always want to stay alert in case of immediate action from my enemy. That’s why I prioritize a loud headset above all.

I understand that you also have reasons why you want a perfect headset with good sound quality.

That is why SteelSeries Arctis 7 is the loudest gaming headset I suggest after testing out ten other high-quality headphones.

Although, I also tested and suggested some other fantastic headphones aside from SteelSeries Arctis 7, which Include:

They are fantastic headsets that have a booming bass which can help you clear sounds in your surrounding and get you to focus.

Although, I have decided to write a little review about each of them. So, let’s get straight into it.


1. SteelSeries Arctis 7 Gaming Headset Review

SteelSeries built a fantastic gaming headset called the Arctis 7 with a loud bass.

This headset is wireless with v2.0 Sound and available for gaming consoles.

It might be on a high budget, but it’s a perfect headphone with durable battery life.

Its excellent sound will encourage you to keep using it and stay obsessed with it.

With this gaming headset, you don’t have to panic about whether your enemy is around your corner because you stand more chances of knowing their next step.


2. Razer BlackShark V2 Gaming Headset Review

BlackShark is an energetic headphone that Razer designs, a brand that produces technology gadgets.

This headphone is designed to match gaming consoles and make you hear whatever sound in your game with loud and clear accuracy.

Considering this headphone is never wrong because you have more chances of winning it all.

It has a Bluetooth connection with good latency that always stays sharp without any glitches.

It also has a perfect battery life and stays durable for a long time.


3. Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset Review

If you are used to tech gadgets, Logitech is one of the top brands with several products.

Also, they have always been among the best in producing excellent and durable gadgets.

Their G Pro X Gaming Headphone is also very loud and clear, so you stay alert to whatever happens in your game station.

Testing out this headset, I can vouch for it as one of the best with an excellent and affordable budget price.

With its advanced 2nd Generation microphone technology, you stand more chances of multitasking with it.


4. Turtle Beach Stealth Gaming Headset Review

The Turtle Beach Stealth is a wireless gaming headphone that comes with unique features.

It supports several gaming consoles that talk about PS5 and other PlayStations.

It has a 50mm speaker and good audio quality for any gaming hearing you wish to listen to.

With a Bluetooth connection and excellent latency, I also get to see the Flip-to-mute Microphone of this headset.

Consider this headset for an excellent game-playing benefit and battery durability.



The Virtuoso RGB wireless headphone is another befitting one for game lovers who love loud noises.

It is specially designed for gaming and has a good Bluetooth connection.

Checking it out, I could see many features that this nifty gadget tends to offer.

The speaker is very loud, and when using it while playing PS5, I see how amazing it is.

Even a cousin of mine using it can’t stop testifying as to how obsessed he gets with the headset.


Considerations to select the best loudest headphone for gaming.

Some critical requirements are put into mind when me and team are doing our research on these headsets.

I didn’t just go ahead and pick anyone for all I care. No, I ensure they possess some top required features before choosing them among others.

In case you’re wondering what considerations we abide with. They Include:

1. Sound Quality

The quality of the sound that is coming from the speaker must be loud with good bass.

There are several ones with poor sound, but I didn’t go for them because I am sure of how well you need to hear every sound in your game.

2. Battery Life

Good headphones must also have a superb battery that can last hours in intense gaming.

Once it comes with a perfect battery, you will enjoy more privileges even when you are in a state of low or no power.

3. Sound surround

The ability to clear sound around you, like the Sony 1000xm5, is another excellent feature of these headphones.

Meaning even if there are noises in your surroundings, you should still be able to hear every sound from your game without hindrance.



Bringing us to the end of this guide, you know some excellent gaming headphones with the loudest sounds you can go for.

My best-recommended gaming headset with the loudest sound is the SteelSeries Arctis 7 because of its excellent quality.

Over to you, what is the best gaming headphone with loud sound you have ever used?

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