Is sony wh-1000xm3 good for gaming (Read this before buying!)

sony wh-1000xm3 good for gaming
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Gaming requires unique gadgets, e.g. (Headphones) to provide the best experience to the user with ease while playing.

I am sure your comfort is at risk. That’s why you want to know if sony wh-1000xm3 is suitable for your gaming sections.

This headphone is perfect for gaming, and I am not just sugarcoating it. So, I will explain why this is a great headphone based on its qualities and gaming requirements.

This headphone has excellent qualities that might even dethrone the Bose headphones. Read to the end of this guide to see facts for yourself.

In this guide, I will brief you on why Sony wh-1000xm3 is an excellent choice for gaming, and we will look at some of its remarkable qualities.

Before diving deeper into that, let’s look at who this headphone is made for, the benefits you get from buying it for gaming, and why you shouldn’t and should buy it.

Who’s the Sony wh-1000xm3 made for?

Like every other headphone, this headphone was made for everyone who wishes to enjoy quality sound anywhere and anytime with your comfort as a top priority like it’s sister Sony wh-1000xm5.

With its unique qualities and long power duration, it is highly recommended for gamers and busy people.

Who doesn’t want stress from surrounding and, without a doubt, gamers requiring exceptional sound and noise cancellation effects?

The benefits of buying sony wh-1000xm3 for your gaming

As we have established earlier, this headphone is for all and is more encouraged for gamers.

Here are the benefits of buying this device as a gamer.

The unique qualities gamers get from using the headphone for gaming. Headphone includes;

1. Noise cancellation

This headphone has high noise cancellation features, which is highly significant to the gamer.

As a n00b in the gaming world, you need quality headphones with this feature that will aid high concentration so that your learning process will be fast.

Even gaming experts who want to commit to the grind need this feature to stay longer and concentrate on the task.

2. Durable battery life

This is a gadget you shouldn’t miss having as a gamer who travels or commutes mostly because it has a massive 30 hours of battery life, and you’ll have enough power for even long trips.

No stress about charging frequently. For gamers, you can already tell that your uninterrupted gaming section is sure.

You don’t have to worry about repeatedly changing when committing to the grind.

3. Quick Touch control access

This headphone has compassionate touch control to pick the gestures you give while using it efficiently.

You don’t have to stress about manipulating this from your device while gaming or when a call comes in.

You can touch a part of it, quickly listen to what someone is saying, and remove your hand to continue your noise cancellation feature.

4. Follow come microphone (for phone calls and Alexa voice control)

Just connect this feature to your phone’s settings for easy access.

Why it’s good for gaming

As I have established earlier, gaming has special requirements to make the section long and comfortable.

You can’t just use any headphones for gaming because it won’t give you the best gaming experience.

Here are reasons I recommend this headphone for gaming;

1. Gives you a quick signal

Identifying signals fast while gaming will prevent you been killed easily by an enemy.

Most especially when you have multiple online players, the quality sound combined with noise cancellation features makes this very smooth.

Having these headphones puts you at an edge over your competitors. You will easily detect what your enemies are up to.

2. Simultaneously gaming and calling at the same time.

Being fully aware that gaming takes quality time, in the process of gaming, a vital call might just pop in.

With the highly sensitive touch control, you can easily pick those calls and maintain your gaming position.

This is a rear combo, and getting this headphone with provide you with this comfort and smooth life.

3. Adjustable to a gamers’ backpack while outside

Your gaming location can easily change at your playroom or your friend’s.

Taking your headphone along with you will be necessary at this point. Luckily this headphone is a portable one.

In the sense that it can fit into your gamers backpack. This is possible because of its foldable feature.

Now you can experience the same gaming quality like you do anytime and anywhere you are gaming.

Why you shouldn’t consider it

This gaming (multipurpose headphone) is undoubtedly an exceptional piece, but there are a few reasons you might not want to consider buying it.

I wasn’t going to hide this part from you though. Below are a few reasons you might not want to consider this headphone as your choice.

1. Comfort

This headphone is made from plastic with some metal accents.

This little addition of metallic material might be a little heavy for some gamers or people who will be wearing it for a very long period (travelers)

Funny enough, some users do not find this gadget heavy, and it’s super comfortable for them.

That’s why I will conclude that this problem is based on an individual’s prospect of comfort.

2. A little delay in the connection

Although this headphone has so many great qualities, it takes time to connect to your device.

This slow connection period can be annoying in cases of urgency, but this mainly occurs when the power life of the headphone is super low.

The low battery life affects the connection of this gadget to your device, but once it is connected, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Should you buy it?

The qualities of these headphones I have shown you are more than enough reason to have one of them.

But below are facts that buttress the necessity of owning this headphone now.

1. High Review

To show that I am not just trying to sugar cost its qualities, this headphone brand has tremendous positive reviews on top customer platform like Amazon.

So many people who have used this gadget have highly positive remarks about it. As you know, many people can’t be giving false positive testimonials.

If you, as a gamer, don’t have this headphone yet, then you are missing out on this fantastic gaming gadget.

2. Excellent product for its price

So many products are pretty expensive and still don’t offer the quality they preach.

With the headphone’s quality and high tech standard, you will agree that it gives value for its price.

At its very affordable rate, you can get all these qualities at the tip of your finger, improving your gaming, traveling, and working experience.

3. Durable for as long as you want

This headphone is highly durable and many users have claimed it lasts for about four years plus, depending on how well you take care of it.

It last longer than the knockoffs or the cheaper headphones in the market. Its unique structure is designed to fold into a portable size for storage.


Going through this guide, I am sure you can testify that the sony wh-1000xm3 is a good piece for various users, especially gamers.

This guide has explained why these headphones are necessary for gamers.

Not ignoring the fact that gamers and other people can take in its outstanding qualities, which have been stated in this guide.

I hope you did not skip any vital point in this guide because it could influence your decision to get this device.

If this guide has assisted you with your choice of getting this headphone as a gamer or someone with an intense need for good sound and maximum noise cancellation.

Please leave your honest review in the comment section below.

Thank You.

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