13700k vs 13900k gaming (2023 Best Choice)

13700k vs 13900k gaming
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As a product tester, I have bought disappointing chips in the past.

However, the Intel cores i7-13700K and i9-13900K processors are exceptional for a gamer like me just like 12600K and 12700K.

When it comes to getting a good result from your gaming experience, you want to achieve a CPU that can offer you a 60 frame rate per second or higher.

So, debates and arguments have been going on concerning which CPU is good between the Intel Core 13700K vs 13900K Gaming Desktop Processor.

To know the best, both processors are awesome, but if you are at the i7-13700K level, upgrading to i9-13900K is also an awesome idea for a good gaming experience.

Going deeper, let us discuss what these processors are about, how they benefit you and my best choice between them.

What’s 13700k all about?

The Intel Core i7-13700K is a desktop processor with a CPU Speed of 5.4 GHz
and CPU Socket LGA 1700 that supports a memory configuration for DDR4 and DDR5.

As the ability to also give you value over money, the manufacturer renders 8 P-cores + 8 E-cores, making 16 cores for your data processing.

As a gamer, i7-13700K is a beauty to set up your space on your PC without any hindrance with its 24 threads.

However, what about the sister version of 13900k? Let us check that out immediately.

What’s the 13900k?

The Intel Core i9-13900K Desktop Processor is an upgrade with a CPU Speed of 5.8 gigahertz (GHz).

This chip is a processor built-in unlocked and easily overclockable, even for a beginner game setter.

With its 8 P-cores + 16 E-cores, making 24 cores altogether for a better gaming experience.

13900k also supports DDR4 and DDR5 with a CPU SocketLGA of 1700, just like the 13700k.

What a good time to be a Gamer, isn’t it?

However, we are not done yet. Let us look at the differences between these chips, helping us enjoy the privilege of our motherboard.

Although, if you need a good motherboard that will appreciate the size of your CPU and give you a good gaming experience.

I always recommend ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus to my amiable readers and audience.

Differences between both Intel Cores

Checking out the different benefits that a gamer tends to enjoy from other cores. I was able to realize that.

1. Speed

Regarding the speed of the CPU running and being the brain of your awesome gaming setup.

The upgrade of i9-13900K works much faster than that of 13700K. The 0.4 gigahertz difference made it obvious that you tend to enjoy much better with 13900k.

2. Setup

Honestly, setting up the 13700K is much faster than the latter. Although, with the manual, life becomes much easier.

Also, several guides are now online for you to set up a great CPU inside its motherboard with less error.

But setting up 13700K seems much faster. However, with the former’s experience, you can set up 13900K with little stress as well.

3. Frame rate

Do you want that fire burning and feeling the butterflies whenever you kill those enemies without any hindrance?

Let those frame rates work magnificently while you are on the Intel Core i9-13900K.

Don’t get me wrong. You also enjoy a good frame rate on the Core i7-13700K. But a much faster one on the upgraded Intel.

4. Temps

That feeling of getting a cooler every time you run your PC, and the heat from your motherboard is heartbreaking.

Using both Cores is less with Temperature, although you should have a cooler for your chips.

Every gamer should have a cooler that helps you cool down your CPU with its motherboard and achieve within 70 and 80 degrees Celsius.

Although I believe both have the same temps level. You have fewer problems to worry about as a gamer.

Why are both Intel Cores good?

Another important point we should quickly mention is checking out why both CPUs are good.

1. Motherboard compatibility

With Intel 700 Series and Intel 600 Series Chipset-based motherboards. You enjoy easy gaming on both Cores.

Several Cores users have explained how activities on both processors are the best investment for their budget.

It’s just that an upgrade is much more important for more space and availability. That’s why i9-13900K became a gaming darling.

2. Processor base power

With the 125W and DDR5 5600, DDR4 3200 available on both processors. They share the same similarity, which you can best enjoy.

Imagine a processor that can last you for a long time and perform even on high-speed gaming.

As the brain behind your setup, controlling all your graphics (GPU) and other chips is less worrying about.

3. Gaming and multitasking without interruption

One important benefit gamers tend to enjoy from this chip is your ability to do several things on your PC while gaming.

Streaming movies and doing other activities without having to worry if your motherboard is going to crash.

Although remember, I suggest you get a cooler for your chips. It helps me a lot whenever I am at my desk.

But with these chips, you enjoy the gaming experience while multitasking on several other activities.

Similarities Between both Intel Cores

Let us look at three similarities that make these two processors the go-to chip for most gamers.

1. Best for gaming

If you want a good gaming experience where you don’t have to stress about hanging a processor or hot motherboard.

These chips are the ones to give you that kind of goal and achieve it. Intel is a great brand that does exceptional materials though.

So, the comparison between both for gaming shouldn’t be that loud because you will surely enjoy it more.

2. Locking done easily

Want to be done locking your setup within a few minutes as a beginner and without calling for much help?

Then these processors are the best in this field, and they are created to make life easier for you.

Clipping them into your motherboard and extending them to other chips for functional BIOS is achievable easily.

3. Value for money

If you want the best benefit for any penny, you pay to get a product. Then these processors are there to make money sweet for you to spend.

I never regretted upgrading from i7-13700K to i9-13900K. It’s more like an added value I enjoyed for my hobby.

My Best Choice between both i7-13700K vs. i9-13900K

Well, both Intel Cores are superb, and 13700K is exceptional. But we can’t continue to live in the past.

As a gamer, you must evolve and upgrade your specs for better gaming quality and experience.

Just as you can see that the 13900K gives you 5.8 GHz Speek while the other version gives you 5.4 GHz.

Same as the Intel Smart Cache of 36MB over 34MB that 13700K is giving you.

I will choose 13900K over 13700K because of the upgraded version to compete with new motherboards.

So, 13900K is my answer.

Over to you, which do you think is best between both processors?


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