Aeron gaming chair vs Aeron (Best choice in 2023)

Aeron gaming chair vs Aeron
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Hermen Miller, known for always creating iconic furniture in its industry, has once again made the Aeron gaming and Aeron work chair.

These chairs have been causing arguments, and gamers have wanted to know the difference between these two.

These chairs are similar in look but way different in price just like the embody. This is one major reason potential buyers want to know what difference these chairs have.

Let your search for the difference between Aeron gaming chair vs Aeron end here (this guide), as I will help you understand the differences to enhance your choice of these two.

The Aeron chairs are have been available for three decades and put in the lumbar support to conform to public expectations.

A high-quality furniture made specially for various functions.

We will discussed this in this guide.

This guide will focus on the differences between these chairs, the best among them, and my preferred choice.

But before I move far into that, let us briefly look into what Aeron gaming and Aeron mean and see why both chairs are good irrespective of their differences.

Endeavor to read this guide to the end so you don’t miss vital points that will enhance your purchasing choice.

What is the Aeron Chair?

This chair is a work chair, designed to bring comfort to workers and make the working experience easy and comfortable.

Made by one of the best in its industry (Herman Miller). The attention to detail on human structure brought about the chair with ergonomics at the center of its design.

A chair made with each part of its screaming quality. It is an adjustable chair with support for the spin and a comfortable pellicle.

Made for people who spend 8-10 hours a day seated. With its adjustable feature, this chair has improved the boring office hours approach.

This chair is highly fashionable and functional because of its features. And some of the features that make this chair exceptional are the following;

High-quality mash (pellicle) gives a breathable feeling, and the preverys is sweaty from sitting long term.

Arms made of high-density foam, very comfortable for the armrest, while carrying out intensive work on your system.

This chair has high adjustability from the adjustment to the seat height to the lumbar adjustment. All these adjustments are to ensure comfort while working.

Getting this chair has more qualities and better advantages for its user. Keep reading through this guide to know why having this chair is good.

What is Aeron gaming Chair?

Aeron gaming is just like the regular Aeron chair, but specifically designed for use by gamers.

This chair has more special features than the regular to enable gamers to enjoy gaming sections.

The gaming chair also has all the features of the regular chair, which I have stated above, with little enhancement to suit a gamer.

Most of that enhancement will be discussed in the differences between the two chairs in the section below.

This chair is durable and has the longevity to accommodate gamers sitting for 10 hours daily. So you don’t have to worry about that.

The structure ensures comfort, and the problems of sweating while gaming will not seem to occur with this chair.

Why both Chairs are good

Both made with high-quality materials. Every aspect of its structure speaks class.

I am sure you must have seen some features of these chairs while reading, but here are added advantages of why you should get the chair.

1. Ergonomic chairs

Both chairs have ergonomic qualities in them. These qualities make the chair luxurious, with various adjustable knobs and bottoms to maximize comfort.

The nature of this chair supports the body spin, shoulder, and hips. It enhances good sitting posture for extended working hours.

You don’t have to Panic about a bad posture because you spend hours sitting while working or gaming.

Suitably made for everyone as long as you aim to achieve speed and comfort while sitting.

These chairs are undoubtedly very good quality and give optimum value for your money.

2. Durability and longevity

These chairs are made of high-quality material for class and comfort, but this quality material also enhances their durability and longevity.

Their knots and the finishing are well and neatly done.

I have a life span of two to three years for an average chair. Of course, that is the best you can get.

But from high-class ergonomics chairs like these without a full 12-year warranty, you are sure that this chair will last for more than the regular chairs.

The fact the company is willing to give a 12 years warranty should tell that they are sure of the quality put together to make this piece.

3. Health consideration

One unique thing and the reason I love these chairs is that the health of their customers was considered in the process of making them.

These chairs support the spine and pelvis of your body by reducing back and neck pain from sitting for a long period.

As a gamer or worker, the thought of going through this pain is eliminated with this chair.

This chair also improves your sitting posture and helps the free flow of blood through your system.

You can testify with all these that such a chair is a must-have—all these benefits in just one chair.

4. Available in different sizes

Unlike the one size for all regular kinds of chairs, these chairs are available in various sizes for your body to fit in well.

You are well aware that if these features of size difference are not available, people with different bodies will have problems fitting in these chairs.

The complaints will be either too small or too big. But with this, you can get your exact size for maximum function.

If this chair comes in a size that fits all regular game structure modes, the aim of body accommodation will be irrelevant.

That’s why I stated earlier that these chairs are for everyone. Every body type is for various sizes.

Differences between Aeron gaming vs Aeron chair?

Although these chairs look too similar without easily identifying differences, they are still very different.

Given that they have different prices, there should be a feature that differentiates one from the other.


They both have the same structure, but a prominent difference is that the base in the gaming is plastic vs. the base in the regular one is metal.

And also, the gaming offers a slightly different angle forward tilt adjustment, which is more specialized for gamers.

Although the regular Aeron has this feature, but it is more prominent than the gaming chair.

I believe this is a unique forward seat angle that’ll keep you supported even when you’re leaning into the game by enhancing focus and upright sitting for gaming while gaming.


The Aeron Chair offers three color options: Mineral (an even lighter grey), Carbon (medium grey), and the popular Graphite, which remains unchanged.

While the gaming Aeron is available in only the black design (it is a darker color than the Carbon)

This unique dark color ensured that the chair suited the gaming environment.

So if you see the Colors of this chair other than black, then it is not the gaming chair.


The Aeron chair, as I have stated earlier, is not a one-size-fit kind of chair.
It comes in different sizes for various body types.

Now the Aeron regular comes in three sizes A, B, and C (The B size is the best fit for most people. The A size fits those who are smaller and lighter; the C size fits taller and heavier people)

While the gaming is only available in medium and extra large, that is, B and C.

My Best Choice between both chairs

Both chairs are undoubtedly the same quality and standard, with few differences and many similarities.

I will go for the Aeron chair since it will still do the same function as regular Aeron gaming.

I chose the ordinary because it has extra features like a unique forward seat angle that’ll keep you supported even when you’re leaning into the game, and this chair can also be used for work.

To get the Aeron chair is presently scarce in the marketplace, and the ability of it getting ready is uncertain.

That is why I have recommended another type of chair that serves as both gaming and office chair.

It’s called the Ignition 2.0 Ergonomic Office & Gaming Chair.


Going through this guide, I am sure your thoughts have been cleared on which of these chairs is most preferred for you.

You must have observed the qualities while reading this guide. Truthfully both have green features, but your decision should be based on what you intend to use these chairs for.

Like I said earlier, the health consideration on these chairs is what I love most about them. But I hope you didn’t skip Vital points that could influence your decision.

If the guide has brought you knowledge on these products and influenced your choice, please leave your honest review in the comment section below.

Thank you

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