Can’t record music on Instagram (Use This Easy Fix)

Can’t record music on Instagram

Creating an Instagram story with special effects makes your content look unique indeed.

Recording music on Instagram while making videos makes that special effect and saves you time using a video editing app.

Although by default, music stops playing automatically once you start recording your video so you might have issues recording your music on Instagram.

If you can’t record music on Instagram, ensure you have the updated version of Instagram to enable the latest feature. This is what you should do before carrying out other possible methods.

In this post, I will discuss solving the music isn’t recording problem. You don’t want to miss knowing the reasons why music isn’t recording on Instagram, so stay glued to the end.

Reasons why music isn’t recording while using Instagram

Knowing why the music isn’t recording will help ascertain a proper solution for the problem.

Here are a few reasons why music might not record on Instagram.

1. Bugs from Instagram due to app update:

You may be wondering why an app update will be the reason for bugs on the app when it is supposed to fix them.

When an app is updated, it is tested around the areas of change, and that’s where bugs come in, areas outside where testing of the updated version is done.

The app can be updated, and it still has bugs.

These bugs are responsible for the malfunction of the app, and this malfunction includes why music might not record on Instagram

2. You might be restricted by the Instagram bot temporarily

Instagram bot enables the proper running of the app, and for reasons best known to the system, you might have been restricted.

That is why recording music on Instagram seems impossible for you.

You don’t have to worry if the bot has restricted your account.

Be assured that it is temporary and will definitely be restored and function properly again.

If this persists longer than expected, you should report the problem to the Instagram help center.

To report the problem read further for more details on that.

3. Phone malfunctioning

Instagram is not to be blamed for issues we encounter while using the app. Your phone might be the one malfunctioning and not the app.

When the device itself has issues, you can’t expect the app to function well.

How to solve the music not recording on Instagram

Let us quickly jump into the aspects of bringing up a solution to your Instagram music giving you issues.

Follow them below promptly and let’s get you on board.

1. Update your Instagram account

Updating your Instagram account is very important, although it needs to be more noticed.

The issues you have been complaining about on Instagram might have already been fixed in the updated version.

Not only that, you get that chance to use new features in the app so next time, before you complain about the Instagram app not working well, make sure you are using the latest version of Instagram

To update your Instagram account, visit your Google play store or Apple Store to get the updated version of Instagram.

2. Check the Internet connection

You must be aware that Instagram depends solely on an internet connection.

With a good connection, the app will function as it should.

If you encounter issues with Instagram, including the inability to record music, crosscheck your internet connection to ensure it is enabled.

3. Clear your Instagram Cache

Your Instagram Cache is the amount of space Instagram occupies while running the app.

This space has to be cleared from time to time. Clearing your cache enables your app to function well.

To clear your Instagram Cache;

  • Go to your phone’s home screen.
  • Long press on Instagram.
  • Then click on settings.
  • Then on storage, search for the Instagram app, tap on it, and clear the cache

4. Restart your phone

Try reopening your phone. Rebooting your phone sometimes do help to take all your apps back to normal, thereby fixing the fault in the app.

Stay calm about your pictures and videos.

They will be well saved in the Instagram app after restarting.

Log into your Instagram account again to recover all your documents on the app.

Restarting helps refresh your phone so all the minor issues will be fixed.

5. Report to the help center

The issues might be beyond your capacity, so fixing yourself will only work when you get to a stage where all methods are helpful.

The best way out is to report the problem to the Instagram help center so they can fix it.

To do this;

  • Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  • Click on the top right, then tap Settings.
  • Select Help, then tap Report a Problem.

Final Thought

Going through this guide, you can now understand why you may not be able to record music on Instagram and the possible solution to solve this issue.

You should apply the solutions that you are comfortable with and that work best for you, as several ways are made available in this guide.

If you enjoyed this guide and it has helped you solve the problem, please leave your review in the comment section. I will appreciate that.

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