7 best gaming chair for sitting cross legged 2023

best gaming chair for sitting cross legged
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Having the foot on the ground whenever one is gaming with an engine can grow tiring with time.

That is why someone like me prefers to get a gaming chair that can also come with a footrest where I can cross leg or slant.

One thing about us humans is that we find it difficult to stay still in a particular position for a long time.

Moreover, even if you try to do that due to being carried about. You will notice a little bit of pain in the body joint.

That is why in today’s guide, I have gone to test and research out some best gaming chairs for sitting cross legged.

I was also in this situation once, which made me decide to share this information with you.

My best crossed legged gaming chair, among others, is the AutoFull Graffiti which suits every gamer’s needs and gives me the best value for my money.

However, over the years, I have gone on research to reviewing other footrest and cross legged gaming chairs, and they include:

  1. AutoFull Graffiti – Best Overall
  2. AFO – Best On Budget
  3. AutoFull – Best In Longevity
  4. Dowinx – Best in Durability
  5. HEALGEN – Best In Easy Assembling
  6. IWMH– Best In Customer Support
  7. AA Products Inc – Best for long time gaming

There’s no other way to increase your work rate and gaming success than stretching and cross legging your foot.

Keep reading to understand more about these gaming chairs that I have discussed with you here.

1. AutoFull Graffiti Review
(Best Overall)

The AutoFill Graffiti is a tall ergonomic chair for gamers that is adjustable and comes with a leather racing chair.

This chair can also be used for several other tasks. More importantly, you can also use it as your office chair.

This is a gaming chair that you can easily cross your legs on and stretch your leg whichever way you want.

When it comes to value for money, relief of pain, gain comfort, easy assembling, and playing your game in peace.

This chair will give you full support of that and make you balance your body easily. It also has a beautiful design that makes your workplace look fashionable.

The chair is excellent if you want a comfortable gaming chair, and the assembling is straight to the point.

AutoFull Graffiti is my best overall cross legged and gaming chair among all because it’s what I use also.


2. AFO Review
(Best On Budget)

If you’re on a tight budget where you don’t have much money to spend, but you need a very good gaming chair that allows you to cross legged like the AutoFill Graffiti.

Then the AFO gaming and office chair is your best bet to open your wallet for.

It has a retractable footrest that you can place your legs on, in case you don’t enjoy your legs in the groups for too long like me.

This ergonomic rolling chair is easy to assemble, and its support system is active and fantastic.

If you want a chair that will always stretch at any position that you deem fit. Then the AFO gaming chair is your best bet.

For the best on Budget in case you don’t have much to spend but want quality. You can go for this gaming chair.

3. AutoFull GM Review
(Best In Longevity)

AutoFill GM gaming chair is another type of gaming chair from the AutoFill brand that is also excellent for comfort.

It’s the best in longevity if you want a gaming chair that can serve you for a long time.

Several users of this chair have been using it for a long time, and the footrest where to place legs has never got damaged.

A friend of mine using this gaming chair has commended the longevity and the fact that it is strong.

It has a lumbar pillow back that gives you much comfort and makes you enjoy value for money.

4. Dowinx Review
(Best in Durability)

Another brand that is best in durability is the Dowinx gaming chair which can also serve you for business tasks.

With the footrest beneath the chair, you can easily pull it out and rest your legs on it.

This gaming chair is very comfortable to rest in compared to other gaming chairs out there.

Also, the fact that it is durable and has strong materials used to make it is what I love most.

My nephew uses one of them, and he has been happy ever since his mum got it for him.


It can take a little while to assemble, although the manual will guide you through.

5. HEALGEN Review
(Best In Easy Assembling)

HEALGEN is another gaming chair that you can cross your leg on because it comes with a Retraceable footrest.

It’s also an ergonomic rolling chair made with faux leather, which can serve you for a long while.

The easy assembly of this chair is what I like most about it. Aside from that, the brand is as honest and supportive as possible.


Won’t be too comfortable for skinny gamers because of the foam quality.

If you want a gaming chair that you can easily assemble without too much stress.

(Best In Customer Support)

One of the greatest pleasures that most product buyers like myself cherish is customer support.

In the aspect of support, the IWMH brand comes first among the manufacturers of gaming chairs.

I am in a gaming community where a particular gamer mentions their support system to be top-notch.

Also, their chairs are comfortable and easy to handle, same as not being too heavy to maintain.

With the footrest of this chair, you can easily cross your leg in whichever way you deem fit.


The armrests might be a little not comfortable. However, you can get a pouch for it.

7. AA Products Inc.
(Best for long time gaming)

Need a chair for long time gaming? Then AA Product Inc. is the best in this aspect.

A gaming chair where you can rest easy and stretch yourself when you are in an uncomfortable position for a long time.

The materials used to produce this chair are superb and can make a gamer stay on the screen for a long time.


It Needs much time to assemble as the putting together might take a little while.


What I look for when selecting the best gaming chair for sitting cross-legged

There are certain requirements that I put into consideration whenever I want to pick the best gaming chair for cross legging.

I will also implore you to go with that, and it includes;

1. Comfort

You need to be able to choose a chair that will give you comfort and also make you maintain balance in your gaming.

2. Assembling

An easy assembling chair is better than a chair that costs you a lot of time to make together.

So many chairs out there are still very difficult to assemble, which is why my best recommendation AutoFull Graffiti, is very easy to assemble.

3. Design

With a great design, your gaming workplace will be superb and look unique.

With the designs inscribed in the AutoFull Graffiti gaming chair. You will have more chances to make your workspace look beautiful.

4. Value for money

Everyone wants value for money, but not everyone wants to know the risks involved in it.

That is why I have gone to purchase and test out these gaming chairs for you so that you can select the best among them.


It’s normal for you to wonder which chair for cross legging you should go for. That is why AutoFull Graffiti is my best recommendation.

So, you can go for it because it has the overall feature that the others have all together.

Over to you, what gaming chair have you used for cross legging?

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