Best gaming pc for GTA 5 RP 2023 (Top 7 personal computer)

best gaming pc for GTA 5 RP 2023

For you to have a good user experience when playing GTA 5 RP, you need a good PC.

Not only do you need a PC just to connect and play for the fun of it. But you need to feel the energy.

And to do this, you need an engine with a stable FPS with 60 or even more.

My best PC for GTA 5 RP is the Skytech Chronos because you can use it for any type of gaming, both heavy and light.

However, I still have several other gaming PCs that I discussed in this guide. Here is just the list of them:

  1. Skytech Chronos Mini – Best Overall
  2. iBUYPOWER Pro SlateMR 2150 – Best Budget
  3. Alienware Aurora R14 – High Budget But A Beast
  4. CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR – Best for heavy gaming
  5. YEYIAN SAI X11 – Best in support
  6. MXZ Gaming PC – Best Among
  7. Beelink GTR6 – Best Mini PC

In most cases, selecting a gaming PC that best suits our needs can be difficult, and I understand that very clearly.

That is why I will go in-depth to buttress what these PCs can do for you.

So, join me as I explain them individually, concerning what they can do in your GTA 5 RP according to their best rankings.


1. Skytech Chronos Mini Review
(Best Overall)

Skytech is fond of always producing gaming PCs, and the Chronos Mini is one of the engines to activate the GTA 5 RP mode easily.

With this AMD Ryzen 5 3600 PC, you can handle the streaming and playing of any game you wish.

It’s the best overall because of its ability with its 3.6GHz Frequency, which gives more room for enjoying every money you pay for its value.

Among other specifications of this PC includes a 500GB SSD, AC WiFi, and 64-bit.

If you want the direct connection of a good frame rate in 60 and above, without any pressure in your gaming.

Then Skytech Chronos Mini is the right engine to make you reach that goal.


2. iBUYPOWER Pro SlateMR 2150
(Best Budget)

iBuyPower is another great PC for gamers who are low on budget but want to play the GTA 5 RP.

I understand your insight clearly, so I decided to go on testing and research to get this Intel Core i5 11400F PC for you.

This is the best low-budget PC for gamers who are beginners and don’t know much about setting up a game station.

The PC is very easy, and all its components, including the CPU, Graphics Card, and other parts, are always well structured.

Part of the specifications includes GeForce GTX 1650 4GB, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, and 500 GB NVMe SSD.

With its extremely quiet fan in the PC 2.6 GHz Frequency, even when in much usage, you are ready to rumble with this PC.

3. Alienware Aurora R14 Review
(High Budget But A Beast)

Suppose you have a high budget and can go extreme for unlimited satisfaction. Then the Alienware Aurora R14 is your best bet.

This AMD Ryzen 9 5900 PC is a beast when chewing up anything you throw at it.

The components are well-arranged and can tackle any type of gaming. It even goes as far as working with VR.

That is why several gamers are not always panicked whenever they want to get this PC because they know its ability, including its 32GB 3466MHz RAM and 1TB SDD.

Its other specifications include + 2TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB GDDR6X Graphics, and VR Gaming.

Inside the package, you will see Desktop Tower, Power Cord, Multi-Media Keyboard, Documentation, and Optical Mouse.

This PC cools down every threat that comes its way and makes you enjoy that ultimate satisfactory GTA 5 RP gaming.


This PC might be a little expensive for those on a low budget.

So, if you wish to buy it but can’t. My apologies. However, you can go for any of the above recommendations.

4. CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Review
(Best for heavy gaming)

Another Intel Core i5-11600KF PC with 16GB DDR4 and 1TB HDD, best for heavy gaming, is the Cyberpower PC, which is also a beast on its own.

Part of the specifications of this PC includes 3.9GHz Frequency, GeForce RTX 3060 12GB, and 500GB PCI-E NVMe SSD.

You have a Desktop, Keyboard, Mouse, and Power Cord inside the package.

Cyberpower boots up very fast and rum more advanced gaming, even those more than GTA 5. You can barely have any complaints with this system.


As cool as it is, you should try getting a cooling fan or pad for this PC. That’s the way you can enjoy its maximum satisfaction.

5. YEYIAN SAI X11 Review
(Best in support)

YEYIAN SAI X11 is an Intel i5-11400F 6-Core gaming system that can also function well in the GTA 5 aspect with its 2.6GHz base frequency.

Other specifications include GeForce GTX 1650, 4GB GDDR6, 8GB DDR4 3200MHz, and 3 ARGB Fans.

This 500GB NVMe SSD PC Brand provides support and awesome customer service. That is why I always recommend them.

You are safe when running a good PC that gives you the best even when in intense usage.


The only setback I see when testing this PC is that the setting was quite a little bit difficult.

You might experience some challenges setting it up, but it wouldn’t last long since you have manuals to follow.

6. MXZ Gaming PC Review

MXZ Gaming PC is a system that supports GTA 5 gaming connections.

If you have tried several other PCs before and it doesn’t turn out well, this GTX1660S 4GB PC never disappoints.

The FPS is superb, and the quality makes every game scene load quickly within a second.

Some of its specifications include 8GB*2 DDR4, NVME M2 500G, and 6 RGB Fans.

It’s a go-to gaming PC for any pro players out there. Also, if you want something on a budget, you can consider this.


I haven’t tried testing this PC personally, so you might want to test it out and take a little risk. However, the reviews from the research are mostly positive.

7. Beelink GTR6 Review
(Best Mini PC)

Beelink GTR6 is a small but mighty kind of PC capable of running GTA 5 with its AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX Processor.

The connection is also quite superb. Although, I will recommend this PC if you plan to test out its capabilities with up to 4.9GHz Frequency.

The PCs recommended above, especially the top 3 to 4, are okay to give you everything you need.

This is an added advantage for gaming component testers like me, who like to research what’s best.

Its specifications include 32GB DDR5 and 500GB PCIe4.0 NVMe SSD.

It’s a small but mighty laptop and very cool even when used.


From my experience with this system, you can only use it for light gaming, not heavy gaming.


Considerations for selecting a good Gaming Pc for gta 5 rp

As you want to get into making the best choice for your Gaming PC. It’s normal to get confused.

The reason is that several PCs out there might promise heaven and earth.

That is why myself and team have gone to test and make more findings on these PCs, and here are the considerations and prioritize mostly.

1. Frame rate

I always try to ensure that the system will give me a great frame rate of utmost satisfaction.

Once you use a PC that gives you a low-speed frame rate on your GTA, that becomes boring.

So, frame rates matter a lot when choosing the best PC. That is why Skytech Chronos Mini has that feature.

2. Noise Level

You don’t want a PC that will give awful sounds that might want to cause you a headache.

That is why I always prefer to use PCs with an average Noise level, not ones that can cause pressure.

Also, the more it makes noise, the higher the temperature level gets high.

3. Value for money

Everyone wants to pay little for the best value. It’s normal, and I understand that you are on a budget.

So, the first two PCs of Skytech Chronos Mini and iBUYPOWER Pro SlateMR 2150 are best for a low-budget person.

4. Support Level

Is there customer support superb? This is important in case you experience a problem in transit.

Or maybe a component got faulty within a few days or weeks of purchase.

You need to be guaranteed good support. So, all the PC reviews here have brands with a good support system.

Final Thought

Talking about the best PC to help you play your GTA 5 RP to the utmost satisfaction.

Here you have it, as I have given you seven superb PC recommendations.

The Skytech Chronos Mini is the best among them.

Over to you, what’s the best gaming pc you are using for your GTA?

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