Get your help link from a user on instagram (Do this instead)

Get your help link from a user on instagram

The scenario of accessing your Instagram account and in your direct message, you saw a message telling you to help receive a link or code on an account’s behalf.

Only a few Instagram users won’t have experienced something like this. It has once happened to me, so I decided to write this Guide.

Here’s the fact, once you receive a get your help link from an Instagram user, ignore and block the account.

That is the simple solution because these guys are scammers who will hack your account when you help them receive any link or code.

Many Instagram users have fall victim to their tricks, and I wouldn’t want you to be among them.


You might have the pity attitude of helping people, but don’t divert it to these people as they will harm you the more.

However, this is not all. You still need to know a lot of information, which I will discuss briefly in this Guide.

How to save yourself from these scammers

There are ways that you can save yourself permanently from these scammers, as they might not use only one account.

Below are the things I do whenever I see that they are trying to lure me into helping them get a link on their behalf.

1. Don’t respond

I don’t respond to them and decide to keep a blind eye to whatever I see concerning helping someone receive a code or link on my DM.

What does happen is that they will continue to keep disturbing you and asking you to help them out.

So, I will block the account and no longer see their messages.

Responding to their DM or asking them how they got your account can lead to further convincing.

So, don’t bother. Just ignore and block them.

2. Report the account

Also, try to report the account to Instagram so that they can block that account from accessing other accounts.

When a few people like you, me and some others block their accounts, it will negatively impact Instagram.

This will make them quickly block the account once they monitor the page and see that it’s all doing fraudulent acts.

3. Don’t join challenges

Always desist from joining any challenge that promises your followers or money in return for clicking a link or performing a task.

They might not come to you in even helping them receive a link. It can be in the form of a challenge.

So, the moment you realize that an honest and reputable person does not operate the account. Don’t bother to click on any links.

Even if the person is Reputable, their account can be hacked. So, don’t click on any fishy links.

Except you know the purpose, and you are aware of the reason for such a link.

Preventive measures for your account

Let us take a look at some preventive measures that you can adopt in case of next time.


It’s important and helps to give a clear goal as to what you can do to prevent them from messaging you again.

1. Block and report them

As I stated earlier, blocking and reporting them is crucial and helps a lot.

Once you block them, they won’t be able to message you any longer, and you stay free.

Also, when you report them, they can be banned from Instagram permanently.

So, this is a great preventive measure.

2. Let others know about the account

Try to make other accounts who are your followers also know about the account and encourage them to report it.

And if you don’t want to be too blunt, you can warn them to desist and not follow the account.

Also, if the account should message them, they should not do anything it asks them to do.

3. Careful with accounts that you comment on

Always be careful about commenting on anyhow accounts on Instagram, as that is where these fraudsters get your account.

So, don’t just comment all the time on every post. Try to minimize that, for you not to get several spam messages.

Final Thought

This brings us to the end of this Guide. I am sure that you have been able to know what you should do when you receive any help link message.


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