Go to instagram and confirm it’s you (Easy Fix)

Go to instagram and confirm it’s you

Having to go through so many verification processes to access your Instagram accounts and still unsuccessful is a real pain.

These are the issues that come with a banned or disabled account.

Mainly when the account in question actively engages with quality content (pictures and videos).

You see, it is a considerable loss to let it go.

You must have tried so many methods to get it back, and when it seems like a breakthrough is here, An error message appears saying, “Go to Instagram and confirm it’s you.”

Now, how do you make this confirmation when you can’t log into the account?

I have observed your pain, which is why this guide is here to see you through this period until you access your account.

In this guide, I will briefly discuss how to solve this issue and a few preventive methods to avoid getting your account disabled after you successfully access your account.

Be connected to this guide to the end so you can take advantage of it.

How to solve this error message

The truth is that this method works, but this is going to be based on why your account was disabled.

For instance, if the account in question did not abide by Instagram community guidelines and violated significant rules, it would be more challenging to get a positive response.

But if your account was disabled by mistake and you haven’t violated any rule, then rest assured that you will get a positive response.

1. Appeal to Instagram on Google

When you receive the “go to Instagram and confirm it’s you” error and you can even access your page, you have to send an Appeal to Instagram with the help of Google.

This way, you don’t need your account to request an appeal on Instagram.

To appeal to Instagram on Google;

  • Go to the Google browser.
  • On the search button, type “Appeal Instagram help support.”
  • Click on the first search results you find,
  • A page will appear where you need to fill in your details (full name, email address, Instagram username, mobile number, and the reason for your appeal).
  • Once you’re done filling these in, click on send.

Then you have to wait for about 48 hrs to see if your request has been granted so you can have your account back.

2. Request review via email

Since you can’t access your account due to the problem on the ground, you need to request a review for your account to be activated through the mail.

Email the Instagram support team to look into the problem and activate your account.

[email protected]. use this mail address to lay out your problems.

You should get a response within 48hrs.

How to prevent your account from reaching this error stage

If the preventive measures have been taken, the account won’t have been blocked or deactivated, and you won’t have to find your way around this error message problem.

Below are ways to prevent your account from getting blocked after restoring it.

1. Avoid buying fake likes and fake followers.

The Instagram algorithm monitors all our activities on Instagram.

So the account is likely to get banned if you constantly accumulate fake followers or likes through dubious means.

Having so many Instagram bots as followers, commenting, and acting as humans will forfeit the primary purpose of Instagram.

That is why most accounts get disabled.

2. Go through the Instagram community guidelines.

Most Instagram users run their accounts based on assumptions.

They are just assuming that this post, or that content, will be accepted by Instagram.

They need to learn what is taken and what is not.

When you violate the Instagram community guidelines, you might not even be aware, and constantly violating this policy will lead to your account being deactivated.

You must go through the Instagram community guidelines to be safe and know the right thing to post on your Instagram page.

3. Do not send spam message

To prevent your account from getting disabled, do not send spam messages to your followers or non-follower.

Sending messages to Instagram users in large quantities will make Instagram think you are a scammer and intend to exploit people even If this isn’t spamming.

This action will cause your account to be disabled. If you must send messages, do it gradually, only at a time to many people.

You can divide the messages into four and send them within enough time intervals. This way, It is not bulky.

Final Thought

Going through this guide, You will observe that there’s a way out of this issue of “go to Instagram and confirm it’s you”.

If your account was mistakenly disabled or you are sure that you didn’t violate the Instagram community guidelines…

You don’t have to worry again after applying the methods above, you should get feedback from Instagram, and you’re back to your account again.

The preventive measures I gave earlier are as necessary as the solution.

They will help you avoid these issues when your account is restored.

If this guide has brought you knowledge and helped you to solve this, please leave your honest review in the comment section below.

Thank you.

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