Best one ear gaming headset 2023 (7 Top Choices)

Best one ear gaming headset
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Having two ears blocked by noise can be a little dangerous for our wellbeing. That is where the one-ear gaming headset comes in.

With this type of headset, you are not only protecting your health and wellbeing, but you are also giving a chance to sound surround.

That is why Poly-Voyager 4310 UC will always be my best one ear headphone which I always recommend, and it has never disappointed my referrals.

After all, if one ear is blocked, the other should be active in case of an emergency.

Because of this, I have tested out several gaming headsets with one ear, and below are the bests that I have seen among others;

  1. Poly-Voyager 4310 UC – Best Overall
  2. Yealink UH – Best Budget
  3. Garmin dēzl™ – Best In Design, Comfort, and Battery Life
  4. Blue Tiger Elite Plus Premium – Best In Sound Quality
  5. Rand McNally ClearDryve – Best in Comfort and Noise Cancellation
  6. BlueParrott B550-XT – Best in Popularity
  7. Jabra PRO 920 Mono – Best in Customer support
  8. LostSoul HST-160 – Best For Sound Quality

As good as concentrating on gaming can be. It is very important to use these types of headsets. So, let us go in-depth into these headphones and how they can benefit you.


1. Poly-Voyager 4310 UC Review
(Best Overall)

The Voyager 4310 UC is a wireless one ear headphone that has a very good microphone, Bluetooth, and other Amazon features.

It is your go-to headset regarding the overall benefits you aim to gain from a headphone.

Talk about comfort, value for your money, outstanding volume control, Noise Cancellation, good sound quality, and better battery life.

This headset has everything, and if you’re like me and don’t like having a piece on both of your ears while gaming.

Then you should go for this headset by Poly Voyager because the sound quality is excellent from both the speaker and the microphone.

I am using this one ear headset, and it has never disappointed me for once whenever I am gaming.


2. Yealink UH Review
(Best Budget)

Yealink UH is another fantastic headset for gamers who are trying to spend on a budget.

I understand that the situation can be a little tight, and you need something to give you that great sound quality.

This headphone is a computer piece that fits straight and perfectly into your ear.

Although, it’s a wired headphone with good noise Cancellation, sound quality, and many other features.

When it comes to perfection among other headphones whereby you doubt the best quality to buy.

Yealink UH is what you should go for. Although it cannot be compared to Poly Voyager, it’s also awesome.


The only downside I notice about this Yealink UH is that the earpiece foam pads get peeled off easily.

Considering the situation of rough handling though. However, it might be the one I bought. So, don’t hold my word too much for this if you want to consider it.


3. Garmin dēzl™ Review
(Best In Design, Comfort, and Battery Life)

When it comes to good design that makes other people ask where you got your headphone, Garmin dēzl™ is the brand for that.

They are fantastic headphones that work in canceling noises around you and have good battery life.

So, talk about quality again, Garmin is the manufacturer, and their earpieces are top-notch.


You will only notice some cracking when you’re exposed to a lousy environment. However, it’s still top-notch.


4. Blue Tiger Elite Plus Premium Review
(Best In Sound Quality)

Blue Tiger Elite Plus comes with dual and single-ear wireless headphones making it easy for you to use both ears or one.

With its long life battery, you can enjoy wireless technology while you are playing your favorite games.

Also, you have a hand free usage whenever you want to multitask with the headset.


For you to pair this headset with your gaming console. You will still need a Bluetooth transmitter.

If you don’t care about that and have one or can easily get a transmitter, then this headset is a good recommendation for you, also.


5. Rand McNally ClearDryve Review
(Best in Comfort and Noise Cancellation)

Rand McNally ClearDryve is a noise Cancellation one ear headset that also has a very good sound quality and battery life.

They have great customer service, and you will always get a replacement in case things go south whenever you get your parcel.

Customer satisfaction is their priority, and that is why I am adding them to the list.


The headset has everything you need, but it’s not that durable once it’s over a year.

So, it’s a type of headphone that you might want to start considering buying another one after one year.


6. BlueParrott B550-XT Review
(Best in Popularity)

Want to connect with your PC easily without any stress and desire comfort in your head? BlueParrott B550-XT is the answer.

With this headset, you have the chance to go wireless in your connection and still enjoy steady hearing.

It’s a one ear headphone that several gamers have also bought, and they are enjoying its usage.


The only complaint is that it doesn’t seem loud enough compared to other headphones I have talked about above.

Suppose you don’t like too much sound in your ear while gaming. You can consider it because they intentionally made it like that to protect the ear.


7. Jabra PRO 920 Mono Review
(Best in Customer support)

Jabra’s customer support is top-notch. I could remember when I bought an ear wire from them in the past.

Ever since then, they didn’t disappoint me when it comes to recommendations to them.

Their headphone is wireless also, and you don’t need to have wires dangling beneath your chin.

Also, the headset is a very light and has a very durable battery. Jabra PRO 920 Mono is what you can keep on your head throughout your gaming.

You don’t have to worry about weight in this type of situation.


It Might be overpriced for people like me. Although to some people, it’s still worth the price. So, the choice is yours.


8. LostSoul HST-160 Review
(Best For Sound Quality)

LostSoul HST-160 is a Bluetooth headphone that comes with a sharp microphone.

You can enjoy hand-free calling or multitasking whenever you are using this gadget.

Also, it has a very good battery life that can serve you for a long time in case you find yourself in a tight situation.


What I Looked at to Find the best one ear headset for Gamers

There are several requirements that I put into mind when I am looking for the best headphone for one ear.

1. Comfortability

You want to look at how comfortable the headphone sits on your ear without being too hefty.

2. Noise Cancellation

You want to see how the noise from the surrounding keeps canceling without it interfering with your gaming.

3. Microphone

You also want good headphones with a very sound microphone in case you are on a call or using the Siri style.

This is very important as to make sure that you are being heard whenever speaking with a recipient.

4. Connection with the device

Easy connection with your device is also important, as you do not want to keep bothering yourself with third-party material to make a connection.

5. Battery life

The last is the battery life. I always like my headphones to have a very good power level.

This will make it last long and serve me well in case I am not able to power it.



As someone like me who doesn’t appreciate having my ears too occupied.

You have now been able to see my best recommendation for the one ear headsets.

As I stated in the guide, my best overall among them is Poly-Voyager 4310 UC Headset because it consists of everything you need.


Over to you, what one ear headset are you using presently?

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