Peacock skipping episodes (Do this!)

Peacock skipping episodes

Streaming services are fond of giving problems that might frustrate us, ranging from cutting out to skipping episodes.

Peacock is a freemium and premium streaming tv channel that is not excluded when it comes to customer dissatisfaction.

However, one cannot thoroughly blame them as there are a lot of customers to cater to.

To fix Peacock skipping episodes on your television, you might consider upgrading for limited commercials.

As commercials are primarily the primary reason, your Peacock can experience a lot of dissatisfaction whenever you are streaming your favorite shows or series.

However, if you are experiencing this type of problem where your movie episodes are not flowing well.

That is precisely what I will be revealing to you and discussing in this guide.

So, stick with me and let us discuss this dilemma that users are experiencing from streaming Peacock on our dish.

Let’s discuss why Peacock skip episodes, and probably, you might find your best knowledge from here.

Why does Peacock skip episodes

Are you wondering why Peacock keeps skipping episodes?

Then there are some possible reasons why you might find it challenging to watch your favorite series in peace.

1. Commercial Bugs

Yes, adverts displaying left and right just for Peacock to keep functioning is one reason why you are experiencing skipping.

The thing is that bugs can happen when these commercials are placed in between streams.

When you are streaming your favorite movies and ad shows, it’s meant to show and make you continue your film.

But because of bugs from the backend of Peacock, you experience your movie skipping to another scene or episode.

Most users also complain about not being able to see the end credits of their shows. It’s because of bugs.

This is a problem from the software developers of peacock tv.

2. Viewers uninterested in credits

Most viewers do skip credits, and they are not interested in seeing those who are involved in the production of a movie.

Since they are already eager to watch the next episode of a particular movie, primarily because they are anticipating what will happen in the next episode.

I believe Peacock realizes the rate at which viewers fast forward and move to the next episodes.

This makes them decide to skip out any end credit of a movie and don’t bother to show casts.

Making them automatically jump to another episode. Also, this can affect mid-credit or even while showing commercials when watching your favorite tv shows.

3. Viewer’s Watching Method

We all have different devices and methods to stream movies and tv shows based on satisfaction.

Some use their mobile devices to stream their movies mainly because they commute daily.

While some prefer to stream on their big plasma television and watch with their loved ones.

The ability to make everyone satisfied and keep customers is what Peacock is also trying to achieve.

However, this can be challenging, as several problems arise when they want to make the user experience superb.

4. Free Plan

Using the free Plan of Peacock is good, but you should experience much skipping from commercials.

Those who upgrade to peacock premium are low in complaining about this experience of skipping their series.

This is not to say you are unfortunate for using the freemium Plan of Peacock to stream your shows and movies.

But you should also know that whatever is free must come with a price.

Much attention will be targeted towards users who are paying Peacock for their services rendered.

So, using a free plan can also be part of the reasons that your movies are skipping on Peacock.

Peacock app skipping episodes? Oh No!

Before we dive deep into the best measures you can adopt to ensure that you watch your favorite shows in peace.

Let us briefly discuss why the Peacock app can also be skipped even while you are not streaming on your big plasma tv.

1. Slow in alert

If you are streaming Peacock on your mobile phone, it should be easier to click on cancel for subsequent episodes quickly.

Trying to please all users is what is affecting Peacock, as every platform has flaws.

However, because Peacock is a streaming platform where we watch shows, it becomes undeniable and difficult to ignore.

So, trying to be fast in an alert is helping most of us enjoy streaming our shows on the Peacock application.

2. Mobile Interruption

Sometimes, whenever you are streaming movies and a call should interrupt you.

This can also cause your movie to skip while watching your current episodes.

Interruption from calls or pop-up notifications from social media is one of the primary reasons for the inadequate customer satisfaction you are experiencing.

Too many customers are using Peacock, so I am sure they will try to give the best user experience soon.

Best measure for this peacock problem

As there is no stable Method that you can directly apply for you to get this permanently fixed.

Let us discuss some best measures to adhere to and make you never miss a part of your favorite movie series.

1. Streaming on mobile for convenience.

Sometimes accessing tv does give many bugs from several other channels.

Compared to streaming on mobile, that gives you quick access since you are on a mobile view.

Also, when you are on your mobile phone and watching any show of your choice. You stay alert.

Compared to using your TV to watch movies and get carried away with interest with a slow pace in quickly pressing your remote.

However, this solution cannot fully apply to those who cherish watching a series with loved ones.

But it’s a good measure to make life easier for you as a Peacock tv viewer.

2. Upgrade for limited interruption

As a free user of Peacock TV, your complaints should be limited since you are streaming for free.

How else do you want Peacock to monetize their channels and entertain you?

It is through ads. So, when they show you commercials whenever you are streaming, you should experience skipping.

Don’t feel bad. I know you don’t want to see this. But that is just the bitter fact.

However, you can upgrade to any plan of Peacock to have a limited number of ads or even eradicate ads.

This way, you don’t see yourself frustrated. An upgrade can be your best solution.

3. (Be alert) Click manually immediately it shows

Suppose you want to be happy streaming and get entertained to the fullest. Maybe your hand can do the justice.

Just by manually quickly canceling any pop-up that shows you the next episodes.

This will hinder it from quickly skipping to another episode on your television.

Peacock is just trying to satisfy users, but it is getting unbearable. So, just manually cancel pop-ups and get entertained with streaming shows.

4. Restart and fast-forward

However, if you have been skipped to another episode and are presently confused about precisely what to do.

Just Restart the episode by returning to the one you are watching, then fast forward to where you were.

I know this way is kind of tiring, and you don’t expect something like this, but it’s also a reliable measure until Peacock solves their problem.

Also, if you never thought about this. Then, I am glad I revealed it to you right here in this guide.

Final Advice

As a Peacock tv user streaming your favorite series and movies to get entertained.

It can be frustrating to see your favorite episodes skipped to another part you never expected.

This guide has given you the best measures to apply to become a happy user.

Also, you have been able to learn why this type of problem can happen.

Why not read this guide on how many episodes does Peacock play before stopping if this guide has helped you fix this error?

Also, let me know in the comment section if this guide has helped love your problem.


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