Peacock subtitles too small (change closed captioning)

Peacock subtitles too small

I once experienced a situation where I was streaming my favorite movie on Peacock with a small closed captioning.

It can also be frustrating for you, especially if you can hardly read what’s written on the screen.

When closed captioning is too small, it is possible to make changes and fix them quickly.

To change peacock subtitles too small to large or medium, merely going to your settings, appearance, and customized to any font size is the solution to your problem.

Even though more demonstrations will be given later in this guide.

I will advise you to keep calm and flow with me during this content.

Let us briefly examine why subtitles can be small before we move further to the solution.


Reasons why closed captioning is small on Peacock

In this aspect, we will discuss why subtitles can be small for you to comprehend.

1. Accommodate more text space

The ability to accommodate more texts without having to occupy the central part of the lower or upper screen is why small texts are introduced.

With the way a lot of people might have preferred a more extensive subtitle text on their screen.

Some viewers also prefers to have it smaller. This way, it makes comprehending more easier for them.

So, users’ choice is one reason that is happening here as to why you are seeing this type of stuff.

2. Manual mistake

It can also be that you have manually activated the closed captioning to be in a small text.

This will make it too small for you to comprehend and give more room for confusion.

You might have felt that you didn’t manually make a mistake yourself. But in most cases, we are the one who does this setting.

It can be when you are trying to get a good picture quality or while setting up another feature on your peacock tv.

3. Peacock Error

The error can also be a result of a bug from Peacock. It might not entirely be your fault.

Peacock servers and developers are always fond of testing out new features.

These are to appease the customers and give them a palatable user experience.

If you have been experiencing this, Peacock could be at fault in this case and not you.


How to make subtitles bigger and not small

Going straight into the action, it will be good that we talk about how you can make closed captioning more bigger on Peacock.

Using the mobile app

You can easily tap the subtitle on the screen to customize how you want the appearance to look.

Although not everyone has this type of feature on their device, even though they use a mobile app.

That will bring us to the desktop app, in which the feature is accessible by every peacock user.

In the web app

Using the website application. You can either access it on Safari or Chrome.

  • Go to
  • Go to settings.
  • Subtitle appearance.
  • Set preference for font, size, background.
  • Click Customize.
  • Select Small, Medium, or Large.
  • Choose either medium or Large.

This way, you can customize your font size and make changes to your closed captioning.


Will the change affect TV?

After you have done the second method above using the web application of Peacock.

The changes should have made an effect on your television. So, yes, your subtitle would have changed.

Moreover, having a smart television with a web browser will also make life easier for you.

Meaning you will be able to access Peacock on your television web browser and make the changes by yourself.

Below is a list of recommended smart television with web browsers that you can consider getting on Amazon today.


Final Thought

As someone who always enjoys streaming Peacock TV, it must have been challenging to stream small close captioning.

That is why this guide is written to guide you on the best measures you can consider.

If this guide has helped solve your problem, kindly use the reply box below to drop your comment.

I am always glad to reply to every thought shared on this website.

Also, read this guide on how many episodes does Peacock play before stopping since you find this guide worthy of your time. I am sure this one you can read will never disappoint.

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