Peacock watch party (Share streaming links quick)

Peacock watch party

Living far away and missing out on watching your favorite movies and shows with your family and friends is heartbreaking.

To stop several situations like this to keep persisting is why watch party exists.

Peacock watch party is a chrome extension that helps you watch and stream movies and shows live with your loved ones from anywhere in the world.

Innovation is just changing things and making everyday life easier for a regular human being.

This is not the end of this guide. In today’s guide, we will be discussing more on why Peacock Watch Party is beneficial and some other Watch Party Extensions like this that are in existence.

What does it mean?

A peacock watch party is an extension for chrome users which can generate shareable links to any movie or show you are streaming on Peacock.

With this, you won’t have to wonder if your friends or families are streaming alongside you.

Mostly, it can even get difficult for them to stream entertainment shows alongside you, maybe because they don’t have a plan.

But when you have your watch party extension installed, you can easily generate the links from your plan on Peacock and share them with your loved ones.

This way, it feels like you are together with them since it can also be shared on meetings and group calls.

Making it look as if you are sitting with those you have shared the link with. It still wouldn’t look as if you were not together with them.

Since I have explained what this extension is about. Let me move next to reasons why you should consider using it.

Reasons for using watch party

I will discuss the possible details of why a watch party can be of great importance to you next.

1. Share with friends.

We all have family and friends we care about and always want to feel their presence.

It can even be your spouse or your fiancee that you both are in the long distance but want to feel connected.

Most especially if you both have shows you have been watching together.

So, with a chrome extension like Peacock watch party, you have more chances of sharing links and connecting with your loved ones.

2. Duplicate link for another time

Cases can happen where you want to stream your favorite show for another time.

Or maybe you want to watch that movie, and you are wondering if you will be able to get access to it.

So, when you have a shareable link, it will be easy to access your favorite shows.

3. Fans engagement

If you are a social media influencer with fans always interested in what you are passing on to them.

This can make you wonder how best to engage them in your private activities.

Sharing a link to your favorite peacock show with your followers can be the best measure you take to boost more followers.

These people are also your loved ones, so when you share with them, they stream alongside you.

The connection gets solid, and you build more engagement on your page for growth.

4. Proof

Do you need more proof for something, and you easily want to share with someone?

Using the Peacock Watch Party is what you should consider serving as your backup plan.

How to use peacock watch party

Let us discuss next how you can use this extension on your device effectively.

On Desktop

Using it on your desktop device is like this;

  • Go to chrome extension.
  • Search for Peacock Watch Party.
  • Install the Peacock watch party. extension.
  • Pin the extension on your device browser.
  • Play the video and click extension to create a party.
  • Share party links with friends.

On Android

If you are lucky to have an Android phone in your corner, then this can help.

  • Go to your Play Store and download kiwi browser.
  • Click the three-dotted line at the top right corner.
  • Tap on “Extensions”.
  • Click on “+(from store)”.
  • Search for the Peacock Watch Party Extension.
  • Download on your kiwi browser.
  • Play your video, click the three-dotted line at the top, and scroll down to see the extension below.
  • Get the shareable link and send it to your loved ones.

Other watch party extensions like Peacock Watch Party.

Let us briefly discuss five other watch-party chrome extensions that can also serve as an alternative for your best interest.


Teleparty was previously called Netflix Party, and it’s a chrome extension that can be used to get a shareable link to watch favorite shows with friends on the net.

Effective and works on Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.


Flickcall is another browser extension that you can use to stream movies on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and several others.

You don’t have to panic about getting a shareable link any longer, even if Peacock Watch Party is malfunctioning.

Netflix watch party

This is an addon and an extension that can work on mobile and desktop browsers.

It also works with sharing links. However, the fact that it is not only a browser extension but an addon makes it unique.

HBO Watch Party

HBO watch party is very effective for streaming HBO shows and movies.

While Game of Thrones was trending, I remember getting several shareable links with this extension.

Available on both Google chrome e and Mozilla Firefox.

Prime Watch Party

Just like the others stated above, prime watch party is also a synonymous browser extension for movie lovers who love to carry friends along.

Final Thought

This brings us to the discussion about using Peacock watch party browser extension.

I am sure you have understood how well this extension can help you connect with your loved ones, even at a long distance.

Since distance should not be a barrier, so streaming movies and shows with your family and friends is much closer to your abode.

If this guide resonates with you, kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Also, reading this guide on Best time that Peacock upload new episodes will be much more effective.

Many of my viewers have been appraising me for a job well done on the article.

See you inside.


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