The best right handed gaming keypads 2023 (Among 15 tested)

right handed gaming keypads
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As a right-hand person, If you’re fond of using just one hand to operate your keyboard to play games, then you’re at the right guide.

Since being a professional gamer differs from one individual to another, right-handed gaming keypads are created for comfort purposes.

That is why in today’s guide, we will discuss the best keyboards you can use to play games with only your right hand.

The best right-handed keypad for gaming is the Razer Tartarus v2, with 32 Programmable keys and rapid connectivity with every gaming console.

There are also several other ones out there that are fantastic, and they include:

The four keypads have similar qualities, but only a few differences are the things that separate them.

Why not let us go into a little review about what these right-handed keyboards are capable of doing?

1. Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad Review (Best Overall)

The best gaming right-hand keyboard is the Razer Tartarus pad with 32 Programmable keys and customizable RGB Lighting.

It’s a keypad with good key positioning like the D-pad.

This is a keyboard that you can comfortably click and use without accidentally clicking unknowingly.

Whenever I use this keypad, I feel comfortable because all the keys I need to accomplish every mission are placed in the right spot.

Meant for gaming, and its one right and left-sided feature at the best size makes it one of the best among others.


2. Redragon K585 DITI Gaming Keypad Review (Best Budget)

The Redragon K585 is a type C wires keyboard that is right-handed and compatible with gamers.

You can switch to the left hand with 42 keys and detachable wrist rest.

Programmed to make gaming easy and never run out of options.

It comes with an extra USB port which you can use for several multi-purpose functions.

Redragon K585 is your answer when it comes to gaming with just one hand and 7 onboard keys.

I have tested out this keypad, and it’s a beauty on its own, so I gladly recommend it to my readers.


As beautiful and compelling as this keypad is, it has a little click noise when you are operating.

So, if you feel disgusted whenever you hear the keyboard making a sound, you might want to consider the Razer Tartarus v2 above.


3. RedThunder Wireless Gaming Keyboard Review (Best in durability)

Another keypad among the Red brand is from RedThunder, which is a wireless keyboard with 35 keys.

It comes with a durable rechargeable battery that can last you long enough to game conveniently.

With its backlight, you can game in the dark without worrying about how to get light.

This is compatible with most gaming consoles.

The keys operate very well, and you will feel the energy whenever you play games.

Also, it has a fast charging speed, with a very durable battery level.


At first, when you begin to use it. The latency lags a little during a little far connection with your gaming device.

But with time, it gets familiar and doesn’t lag any longer.


4. Koolertron Macro Mechanical Keyboard Review (Best In Multi Purpose Usage)

This keyboard has 23 programmable buttons, and Koolertron International builds it.

Excellent right-handed keyboard for multi-purpose reasons and not only for gaming.

It is compatible with many gaming consoles and PC devices that you might be using.

The LED light is bright and made with brilliant Quality materials for users.

Suppose you want a keyboard that you can use for work and at the same time for games. You can consider this keypad.


There are no manual instructions in the one I bought. I don’t know why because I only had to rely on video tutorials.

However, I could still operate and test it for gaming and other tasks. So, you can still consider it.


5. USonline911Gaming Keypad Review

This keyboard from USonline911 is one-handed and very good for right-hand gamers.

It is a wired, portable keypad with 7 programmable keys and gaming suitability.

With the USB, you can connect to your PC or Gaming console and use it to accomplish many missions.

This USonline911 keyboard makes it easy to operate and work on your monitor without stressing yourself.


As beautiful and practical as this keyboard is, it is more cumbersome than other keyboards recommended in this guide.

Although it is excellent and will serve you the purpose, you are buying it for.


Considerations for purchasing a gaming keyboard for the right hand

If you want to buy any one-handed keypad, always ensure you have the following considerations.

Although, they are what I considered while researching and testing these keypads. They Include:

1. Value for money

Your ability to enjoy more than you pay for is vital when buying products.

The problem is that you might not be sure if you are purchasing the right product or not.

However, the keypads recommended here are all quality, and you are guaranteed to make the best value for your money.

2. Brightness

Their brightness level must be top-notch, which is what they provide.

You can use them even in the far because the LED is so beautiful and bright enough for you to operate.

3. For gaming

These keyboards are suitable for right-handed gamers who want to accomplish many missions.

The primary motive for building them is for gaming purposes. Other reasons come secondary.

4. Quality of material

The materials used for building these keypads are quality, making them very durable and not damaging easily.

5. Ergonomic

Their effectiveness functions as a gaming keypad and serves you for other purposes, even as a work-from-home person.

This requirement was in mind when I was testing and researching these keyboards.

6. Comfort

You are not supposed to keep still twisting your hips whenever you want to operate your keyboard and check on your monitor.

Now, you can sit up and use your right hand to operate your computer efficiently.



Now that I have discussed the different right-hand keypads with you, which are compatible with most PCs and Gaming Consoles.

You can now rest assured that you know what you want to purchase to play games.

Also, the Razer Tartarus v2 is by best recommended right-handed keypad among them all.

You can go ahead and get one for yourself today, and enjoy your gaming life.

Over to you, what’s the best one-handed gaming keypad you have ever used?

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