The best rugged gaming laptops 2023 (Among 11 tested)

rugged gaming laptop
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Any shabby laptop without any ruggedness can not handle the pressure of gaming.

That is why several gamers always look for a laptop or PC that can handle pressure without hindering gaming pleasure.

Today’s guide will go straight into this topic and expose you to solid gaming laptops.

After several testing and reviewing, the most recommended rugged among all is the ASUS TUF F15 Gaming Laptop, which can run any game you throw at it.

There are also several other ones aside from Asus Tuf which are perfect and can also serve you, and they include:

Even though I might have shown you the most robust laptops among all others.

This guide won’t be complete without me explaining what I examined about all of them. Let’s get straight into it.


1. ASUS TUF F15 Gaming Laptop Review

Asus has come up with another model type, the Tuf F15. It’s a rugged laptop with solid components.

It comes with the Intel Core i5-10300H and 8GB Ram to process whatever game you throw at it.

The screen size is 15.6 Inches, and it also has a hard disk drive of 512 GB. With several features that it possesses, this laptop is a beast.

It’s no new concerning the capability that Asus possess, though. So, with this laptop, you stand more chances of crushing every game.

After several testing and conversations with other users and owners of this powerful laptop.

I realize that it’s a perfect fit for any gamer who wants a rugged laptop.


2. Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop Review

The Acer Nitro 5 engine, with its Intel Core i7-11800H, is another model that is chewing up every game.

Its 512GB NVMe SSD and 8GB RAM are sufficient storage spaces to adapt to any gaming console.

You stand many more chances of being able to play games and also do several other tasks as you wish.

Checking out on this laptop is never a regret because its ergonomic feature makes it superb.

Talk about the graphic processor and other Mobo components. This laptop got you covered.


It has a small RAM, so you might want to consider upgrading the RAM for its ability to extend.


3. Newest MSI GF63 Premium Gaming Laptop Review

When looking for a low-budget laptop that can serve you well, the MSI GF63 is your answer.

It has a Quad Core of i5-10300H and 16GB RAM, even more than the top 2 above.

Also, the SSD is 1 TB, making room for available space on your laptop in case you want to play more.

It is lightweight and super fast in responding because of the good Mobo that it has.

Also, the updates are quick and the same as the setup. You are going to enjoy buying the laptop.


The only shortcoming I see with it is the battery life. It cannot be compared to the Asus and Acer laptops above.

Based on the one I tested, the battery life is not that strong. Who knows? It might not be like that, generally, on other users.


4. Alienware M15 R6 Gaming Laptop Review

Alienware is another gaming laptop with a superb model of M15 R6, which has excellent Mobo capability.

It has an Intel Core i7-11800H and 32 GB Ram with 1 TB SSD.

This laptop is a machine and can consume any gaming threat that comes its way. It’s built to be able to channel down multitasking.

You can use this laptop for several tasks aside from gaming only, and it will still be able to function very well.

After going to my buddy’s aide to test out this laptop, I assure you’re buying the best.

Although it’s a little bit expensive and on the high side, but if you can afford it. Just buy without hesitation.


The only shortcoming I see is the intense hotness during several hours of gaming.

Although most laptops do this, Alienware hotness is different. So, you might want to get a cooling pad alongside with it.


5. HP Victus 15.6″ Gaming Laptop Review

Victus is one of the models of the HP Brand, and it is also a very rugged laptop for several tasks.

With the quality sound coming from the speaker and several storage spaces of 16GB RAM.

It has an AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor and a touchpad with an incredible graphic display from the chips.

With this PC, you can load up games very quickly because of its great CPU.

After testing it, I decided to rank it number 5 among the best because it is also a quality laptop for HP Lovers.


After asking the owner if it’s possible to make any upgrades to the drive, it seems impossible.

So, I don’t think you can upgrade the RAM if you purchase this laptop.


Considerations to select the best-rugged laptop for gaming

When doing my testing and reviews, I decided to put some requirements into proper consideration.

This is what I use to select the best-rugged laptops out there, among countless others.

And below they are:

1. For gaming

Any laptop you want to buy or the ones we review here are strictly for gaming.

One thing is that a lot of laptops are out there, but not all are for gaming. So any rugged laptop with excellent quality must be able to play games.

That’s why you can count on this one I have reviewed here.

2. Value for money

You must be able to enjoy value for any penny you pay for a laptop.

I didn’t just go out there and review crap. I ensured you would get value for any cent you pay for these PCs.

3. Battery life

What is the essence of purchasing a rugged laptop without a good battery life?

The battery is significant because you don’t want to be connected to the power all the time.

You should be able to play games even while camping or anywhere possible.

4. Screen quality

With a good screen and picture quality, you can see your enemies clearly with perfect FPS.

A sharp GPU allows you to achieve a reasonable frame rate where all the elements load instantly.

So, this is another consideration that is in place when selecting these gaming laptops for you.

5. Brightness

The final consideration is the bright level of the laptop. We want to know if it’s bright enough to see during the day.

As a gamer, you should also consider this when selecting your laptop.



Now that you have seen the considerations and the respective laptops that we have discussed gaming in this guide.

You can now go ahead and make the perfect decision for yourself.

However, the best among the rugged laptops is the ASUS TUF F15, which is very strong in chewing up even gaming clouds thrown at it.

Over to you, what is the best-rugged laptop that you have ever used?

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