Verizon 5g home internet gaming review (2023 Guide)

Verizon 5g home internet gaming review
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There’s no joy in living in a home with poor latency, which is why several game lovers have wondered if Verizon 5g can be the best solution.

However, several things surround you with a good internet network with the Verizon 5g for recreational activities.

Which I am going to be revealing to you in this guide. So, grabbing a cup of coffee or beer is the best bet for you right now.

Jumping straight into this guide, you should have less than 1500 Mbps to enjoy good Gaming.

Let’s consider why Verizon 5g can be the best home internet gaming solution for anyone considering it’s review.

Why use the Verizon 5g for Gaming

Have you ever wondered why several gamers consider using Verizon 5g for their workstation? Below are the reasons.

1. New Location

Several gamers have moved from their previous location to a new location. And as a player one person. You consider yourself to find a good internet speed for your Gaming.

So, if this is your reason for getting this type of internet network, just because of losing access in your new Location.

Then you might as well be taking the right step, especially if you have tried other things possible.

2. Device functionality

If you are using an advanced gaming laptop or PC that requires a lot of connectivity of more than 1800 Mbps.

You might consider Verizon coming to your rescue with its 5g network connection.

3. Gaming Functionality

Some heavy game requires fast internet to run successfully without any problem.

That is why considering Verizon as your choice of internet is a great consideration for your satisfaction.

Is verizon 5g home internet good for Gaming

Looking at the answer to whether Verizon 5g is the best choice for your gaming PC and console. We have;

Yes, Because of the location of your house. The rate you can get a Verizon network depends solely on that.

Also, a router is another way to boost the connectivity of your Verizon, which I will discuss later in this guide.

However, Verizon has done its best to provide you with the best and fast internet connection.

But it all depends on the latency level of your home location and if such a location lacks a good connection rate, you still will complain a lot.

Because of your gaming PC. Some gaming consoles are too picky when working with some networks.

Even though most of the problem still surrounds you living in an area with a good Verizon network.

It doesn’t mean that the 5g will all be up and running suddenly.

However, let us get into details on how you can increase your chances of getting a good and stable connection with your 5g network.

This can happen even if you are not using Verizon. However, we will be focusing this on Verizon users.

In case the network is poor, What should you do?

If you want a latency that gives you exactly what you need whenever you make that gaming request online.

Then you need to upgrade your internet connectivity with Verizon, and to do that. You need a Router.

Ever wondered what a router is all about and why you need one even with your 5g connection?

Flow along with me, and let’s dig deep.

What is a Router?

A router is a network amplifier that boosts the reach of your internet connection with 10 times whatever you have been getting.

It crawls all the corners of your home or surrounding depending on where it is placed, absorbs all the network in that area, and sends them to you.

Sometimes, you wonder how some gamers live in an isolated area and still game without complaining.

It’s the work of a router.

You can achieve 2.5 Gbps with the help of a Router in combination with your Verizon 5g or even your T-Mobile.

Going much deeper. Let us see…

Why is it needed?

Several reasons will make you and I want to consider a Router as a gamer. However, we will get straight into it.

1. To expand internet coverage at home with a low network

If you want to increase the reach of your internet and connect to more segments, you might want to be placing your wifi or network.

This Router has been programmed and device to do that for you and expand your network coverage at home.

It doesn’t only tap the network from a room. It goes to other floors and areas to bring internet for you.

So, this is one of the primary importance of this device.

2. To reach more connections in any area

If you want to reach more connections in any place you find yourself, and you want to play your online games.

Then using this tool is very important. The reason is that you can easily find yourself in a place you never expected the internet to be that bad.

It can be on a trip or a journey somewhere, but with a router, your gaming lifestyle continues.

And since it’s moveable, you are in good hands.

3. Grab a fast 5G Network anywhere

With the 5G connection of your Verizon. You are good to merge with a router and enjoy fast internet.

Just from anywhere you are and at any time. You are always in good hands to rumble.

So, before we wrap things up, you might wonder how you can also get a Router.

Below are the three best routers that can connect with your Verizon.

Best network routers to boost your Verizon 5g Network for Gaming

You need to know that not all Routers connect with Verizon. That is why I have done all the stress and budget to test these routers for you.

So, these Routers below will connect with your Verizon 5 quickly without much stress.

So, I will list and explain from my top recommendation to the third (least) recommended one.

1. Cudy 4G/5G Review

With the Cudy 4G/5G Router, you can easily connect with your Verizon 5g.

With detachable Antennas, bank lock, VPN, Cloudflare, and several other features.

You can connect this to your Personal computer with a frequency of 5 GHz.

This is very good for Gaming, and several gamers have been using this Router already to boost their 5g and 4g networks.

This is the type of Router that, even if you have it on the second floor of your home. You will still get it to reach the other floors and give you an internet connection.

Also, it has a very good battery level that can last a long time.

The ability for easy setup on any network is what I like best about it. So, your connection to Verizon 5g with it is quick and easy.

2. Yeacomm 5G Modem Review
(Runner Up)

Yeacomm 5G is another Router that serves you right on your TV, Computer, PS5, and Phone.

This one has more connectivity than the Cudy 5G though. But the reason why I prefer Cudy over it is the installation process.

With Cudy, you find it much easier to connect with the Verizon network. I believe it’s because it is targeted majorly at PC.

But this one is connected to several smart appliances. But it’s not that bad when it comes to serving you right.

Also, Cudy has more positive testimonials from customers than this Yeacomm modern.

Although, the Yeacomm support team is superb, they are always ready to help.

That is one thing I appreciate about them.

Part of its features is the Cellular Router of up to 4.67 Gbps with Bank Lock and VPN.

3. NETGEAR Nighthawk M6 5G Review
(Last Recommended)

Compared to the other two, Netgear Nighthawk M6 is another Router for gamers seeking a Gaming connection.

This Router works with laptops and Tablets alone. So, you might be unable to use it if you play games on television or a personal computer.

It’s also an awesome modem with a fast wireless hotspot router and can connect with Verizon.

With this Router, you can get fast and secure internet, and it has a good battery that lasts for a long time.

The only downside about this Netgear M6 is that you will need a Jetpack to make Verizon work on it.

But In case you want to know what a Mifi Jetpack does in setting up your Router. Below is what it does.

What does a MiFi jetpack do in setting up your Router?

Almost every gamer who wants a fast internet connection should have a Mifi Jetpack by their corner.

With the jetpack, you can easily connect your Verizon chip with the Router of your choice.

It is like a wireless connection that makes it easier to make an impact with any device without connecting cables or Ethernet.


The Cudy 5G is enough to make your Verizon 5g network super fast without using any Mifi Jetpack like Netgear, even if you are in an area with no network.

This is how I can guarantee you a good internet connection with Verizon 5g or even other networks like T-Mobile.

If this guide has been helpful, you can let me know in the comment box. I will see you around.


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