when are wwe ppv replays available on peacock

when are wwe ppv replays available on peacock

As a lover of world wrestling entertainment, knowing exactly when the replays of their pay-per-view shows are available on Peacock tv is of great importance.

So, if you are in the guide and wondering if WWE ppv replays are always available, then the answer is yes.

However, when it is made available and what time you should consistently anticipate is what bothers many of us.

As one of the top streaming NBC Network, Peacock has made many names for themselves in the WWE shows.

Peacock constantly streams all the shows on WWE, and they also air the replays.

Is the WWE ppv replay available for free users on Peacock?

If you are wondering if the replays of WWE ppv are always made available for everyone, including freemium users.

The answer is No. Only those who are paid users are given the privilege to stream replays of WWE PPV on Peacock.

Most show replays are only available for premium and premium plus users who have subscribed to their plan of five dollars or ten dollars.

Available time for WWE PPV replay on Peacock

Knowing when wwe ppv replays are available on Peacock depends on the time it’s being streamed.

Sometimes, it takes a few minutes or one hour for it to be made available, while other times, it is two hours.

But in most cases, the replays are made available within one to two hours.

You only need to rest assured that you will get every wwe ppv within the next 2 hours.

Other platforms to get wwe replay.

I believe this guide will not be complete without informing you about other platforms where you can get wwe ppv replays immediately.

You may not need to pay a penny to access these replays on these platforms.

1. YouTube

Right there on YouTube, you will get many replays uploaded by YouTubers looking to increase their subscriber counts.

Whenever wwe airs any pay-per-view event, the moment it finishes, you will get a replay of these events on YouTube.

I watch replays of WWE matches on YouTube; it’s my second choice if Peacock has not released theirs.

2. TikTok

As a video platform like YouTube, you can also get replays of WWE matches on TikTok.

Although, compared to YouTube, where you can get a full match watched.

You will only get highlights on TikTok since they are limited to the time range of videos to be uploaded.

But these highlights can also serve a great purpose as to entertain you.

However, in some cases, viewers prefer to watch highlights just to see which finisher a wrestler used to win the match.

Matches of top wrestlers like Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, or Brock Lesnar are shows that viewers might want to want from the beginning till the end.

But other wrestlers are mainly highlighted.

3. Facebook

This platform also harbors replay highlights of WWE matches like TikTok.

Merely going to the search bar and typing WWE highlights, you will get the replay of their recent matches.

So, Facebook is also an important platform to consult.

Final Thought

By now, you know what time wwe streams their pay-per-view events replay on Peacock and when you should expect to watch the shows.

You have also learned other alternatives you can use aside from Peacock.

If this guide has helped you, kindly use the comment box to drop your thoughts.

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It’s important as a peacock member.


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