Please try to access Peacock from a more secure device

Please try to access Peacock from a more secure device

As one of the most used entertainment streaming channels on the net, getting error messages isn’t exceptional on Peacock.

If you are using Peacock tv on your device and you see an error message telling you to access the channel on a more secure device.

I am here to give you the best measures you can put into action to solve this problem.

To fix please try to access Peacock from a more secure device message. Clearing the cache can work wonders, even if you never expect it. It worked for a lot of people and still works.

However, this should not be your stop point as there are still several measures and solutions that I have explained in this guide.

With the five methods I have listed and explained below, you can get the best answer to your problem.

However, wouldn’t it be good to know why such a message is popping up on your screen?

Join me as I jump to why such an error message is showing before discussing the solutions.

Reasons why Peacock is showing this access message

Below, I will walk you through some possible reasons Peacock is showing an error access message for your device.

1. Bugs from Peacock

The problem can come from the Peacock server, which becomes very difficult to control.

You are aware that Peacock has several users consisting of millions in number.

So, many bugs can happen when you experience this error message, which is why patience can sometimes be the best solution.

2. Fishy device activities

Sometimes, many of us access some platforms on our devices where we have gathered a lot of data.

It should be noted that most of these streaming platforms have inbuilt servers that detect other fishy platforms.

Suppose some platforms is possibly to cause hacking or virus in your cache. You will be denied access.

It doesn’t only happen on the peacock platform. It occurs on some other platforms.

This is like bringing dirt to another person’s room just from your footwear.

Something like this can be a possible reason why you are experiencing such a problem.

3. Low internet connection

Many people don’t bother to check their internet connectivity which is not suitable.

If your internet connection is terrible, something under 5MB and you expect to stream your favorite shows comfortably.

Then I am sorry to disappoint you that you stand more chances of getting more error messages like this.

A good internet connection gives you more room to enjoy streaming.

Video services are noted to consume a lot of data and also demand stable internet connectivity.

Keeping this in mind as one of the likely reasons will help you make the best decision next time.

4. Too many connections on a single Peacock account.

This error message is often triggered by having too many connections on a single account from different devices.

Such as when friends and family members log in to your account using their own devices.

This error message is an important reminder of the importance of security when it comes to accessing online accounts.

That’s why not protecting your personal information by sharing login credentials with others, especially on unsecured devices or networks is not advisable.

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How to solve this peacock problem easily

The please try to access Peacock from a more secure device. Can be solved easily by doing any of the methods below.

Since the solution depends on individual differences, I recommend different solutions.

So, make sure to flow with each one of them and try them out till you get a solution.

1. Reinstall the application

The first thing you want to do is to uninstall the peacock tv application from your device and install it back.

By going to your device settings in the app management, you can get that uninstalled.

While going to your app store, you can easily install the application and check if it’s now solved.

You can try out the second solution if this doesn’t work.

2. Check the internet connection

It’s always good to check your internet connectivity when streaming Peacock on any device.

As I mentioned, many viewers are streaming with a poor internet connection, which is terrible.

It might also be that the data on their device is low, making it difficult to stream and show or movie further.

So, try to check the rate per second of your internet. At least try to achieve 5MB per second to get good results from streaming.

At worst, you should achieve 1MB per second. Any connection in Kilobytes is not deemed fit.

3. Clear app cache

Clearing the phone cache is another wonder as to how you can solve this.

Just like I referred to earlier, we all access several sites that we are not always aware of the activities of that website.

And any activity we perform on these websites already has a cache recorded on our device.

So, it’s always good to clear the cache so as not to affect our activities on a platform like Peacock.

To clear cache on iPhone. Go to;
Settings>> General >> Storage >> Select app >> Offload app

To clear cache on Android.
Long press on the peacock app on your home screen >> click on settings >> click storage >> click clear cache.

4. Clear browser cookies

Clearing the cache might not be enough in some critical cases. You might always want to delete cookies from your browser.

You can do this by going to your browser and opening it, either safari or chrome.

Then go to the settings by clicking and Hamburger icon at the top of the browser.

Once you are in settings, locate the cookie and clear that browser’s cookies.

Most of these browsers also influence how functioning our apps behave.

5. Sign out and In

I decided to make this last because it’s the least effective method. However, it also works.

You will sometimes be surprised that you get this fixed by logging out of your account and logging in back.

This depends on how critical that case is though, but this can also help you fix that access device error message.

6. Ask friend or family member to sign out from their device.

If you’ve received the error message, it could mean that there are too many connections on your account from different devices.

One way to solve this issue is by asking friends or family members who are logged into your account on their devices to sign out.

By limiting the number of connections to your account, you’ll ensure that your account remains secure and that you don’t encounter further access issues.

It’s always best to log in to your account from a secure device and network to protect your personal information and prevent unauthorized access.

If you’re still experiencing the error message after asking friends or family members to sign out, it’s recommended that you contact Peacock’s customer support for further assistance.

They can help you troubleshoot the issue and ensure that you can continue to enjoy your favorite content on Peacock without any interruptions.

Remember to prioritize security when it comes to accessing online accounts, and take steps to protect your personal information at all times.

Final Advice

The error message telling you to access Peacock from a secured device is not final and will never be.

You only have to implement some measures and get this fixed easily.

That is what I have discussed in this guide. So make sure to implement the methods discussed above, and I wish you the best.

If this guide has helped solve your problem, you might want to read this guide on How to stop commercials on Peacock.

It can also solve your problems; don’t forget to drop your thought in the comment box below.

I am always glad to reply to comments.



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