Add phone number to get back into instagram (Do this instead)

Add phone number to get back into instagram

As you were about to jump on Instagram, check out those celebrity lifestyles, and make a new post and comment, then Instagram happened.

You got the error message that you must add your phone number to get back into your Instagram account.

Oh wow, this is disheartening and can even make you want to give up on Instagram and register on another social media account.

But you and I know that it’s not easy to start afresh on another new social media platform.

However, if you see the message showing on your screen with the “add phone number to get back into Instagram,” you have to add your phone number.

It’s as easy as that, and if you do not want to add your personal phone number, you can use a virtual phone number.

There are several virtual phone numbers that you can use, and I will be buttressing that in this guide.

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But before I reveal how you can permanently solve this Error to you.

I want to tell you why you are seeing this error message.

You must know these reasons to make life easier for you next time.

Why Are you seeing this Error?

Many reasons are involved for Instagram to show you this error message; we will dive deep into it right now.

I feel it’s better you know this to save yourself the stress next time.

1. Two-factor authentication

Instagram uses two-factor verification to confirm you are the one who has access to your account. The way it works is unique.

It requires two pieces of information from the user.

The regular known password, which can be very vulnerable, and the other is another information that only you can have.

That’s where your phone number or email comes in. This will verify that you are the actual user of the account.

2. Protect your account

Providing your phone number will add an extra layer of security to your account, preventing scammers from easily hacking your account.

3. Suspicious activity

When Instagram suspects malicious activities on your account, like a third party accessing your account, you will be asked to verify that it is you accessing it from various devices.

This is a way to limit the series of scams occurring on the platform.

4. Verifying your identity

You might come across the Add phone number to get back into Instagram to prove you are a real person.

Many scammers create fake accounts to exploit people, and most times, there’s no way to track these people down.

Providing your phone number will help the platform fish these fake accounts out.

How to solve this problem

The best way to solve this problem is by adding your number to verify your account.

Yes! you have to.

I know you were expecting something different, but there’s no way out of this except you’re ready to lose that account.

The verification test is there to protect your account.

However, if you do not want to use your phone number, which belongs to you.

You can make use of a virtual phone number which you can always make use of online.

A platform like does something like this.

They will give you a free phone number to verify yourself quickly and move on.

Is this reliable for a valid Instagram account?

Because I love you, I will be very factual with you.

Even though this method is fast and will quickly save you trouble.

I do not recommend it for an account you have used to build a lot of followers or a business account.

The reason is that several other people are also using these numbers for verification.

And nobody knows if these websites are trustworthy with our data.

If you use their number for verification, how are you sure your account might not be hacked?

Or what if Instagram brings out another verification in the future and sends a code to that number? What will you do?

Because by that time, if you head to their website, it would be gone?

So, my best recommendation is to buy a virtual number dedicated to you alone.

You can get this from a platform like Numero eSIM and get a virtual number for a year at a low price of €2.

Numero eSIM

This number will be yours for life and won’t be traced back to you or show that you are the owner.

But if the Instagram account is not that important to you, maybe you’re just doing some testing.

Then you can make use of the free virtual number.

Final Thoughts

Going through this guide, you know that adding your phone number to get back into Instagram might not be a bad idea.

And If you don’t feel comfortable with putting your number, then you can use the other strategy with the step I have shown you in this guide.

Also, If you have lost access to the original number, try contacting Instagram directly to ask for more help.

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