Are TikTok Ads legit? (My Unforgettable Experience)

Are TikTok Ads legit

TikTok is one of the largest social media platforms, with millions of daily users globally.

With such a population, the platform will be saturated with deceptive and honest content (posts, ads, products recommendation, etc.) that its legitimacy might want to be questioned.

Not just TikTok, the rate of online fraud on most social media platforms is quite alarming.

But if you are wondering if TikTok ads are legit, the answer is Yes, but it depends on the advertiser.

TikTok is a good app and It would not get so many users if it weren’t good.

I discuss the genuineness of TikTok throughout this short guide, so you might want to read along.

Even though TikTok has strict insurance policies to protect Users from fake, fraudulent, or deceptive content, which includes ads.

As Advertisers’ accounts and Ads content are bound to these policies and must adhere to Community Guidelines, Advertising guidelines, and Terms of service.

These policies have helped in one way or the other, but scammers keep occurring.

In this guide, I will be briefing you on how authentic TikTok ads are and the methods scammers use to trick innocent users with TikTok scams.

TikTok Ads Legitimacy?

Connecting several people from all over the world is the primary function of TikTok.

Also, this should help business owners find their customers.

Unfortunately, misleading information and products grow stronger daily on the platform.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t genuine ads online.

There are plenty of legitimate ads and products on TikTok, and buying from them is highly safe.

Now the problem is how to identify fake from the original.

However, TikTok ads are legit but it depends on the brand’s product or service promoted.

As a TikToker buying from the internet, you must use discretion to know which trader is the safest.

Types of TikTok scam

We have several types of scams that occur daily on the TikTok platform. So, let’s briefly discuss about them below.

1. Fraudulent Account Trading

Hacking people’s accounts and selling them to make a quick profit.

Most TikToker fall victim to this because they don’t want to go through the process of starting from scratch, so they believe buying an account with plenty of followers will make their work easier.

Scammers take advantage of such people after paying for the account you won’t get access to what you paid for because most of this accounts were stolen

2. TikTok Scam App

In this case, a fake account promotes a fraudulent app for you to download and fill in your bank details.

You will be charged for a free trial and your card ha’cked once you input your credit card.

3. TikTok Fake vendors

There are many fake vendors, either fake selling weight loss pills, clothing, or Accessories.

Most time don’t even have any product to offer.

They copy the pictures of these items online and make ads for them.

They always use fake accounts because they know it just for a while.

4. TikTok Scam Phishing Pages

A phishing page is a fake web page set up (a TikTok logging page) that tries to steal your account password or other confidential information by tricking you into believing you’re on a legitimate website.

They can send you the link to this website through your email.

This is another suspicious technique that they use.

How To Identify and Avoid TikTok Scam

Moving forward, it will be very important I reveal to you the ways that you can take note and stay away from scams ok TikTok.

1. Improper spelling or bad grammar

Most scammers are in a hurry to collect your money, so they don’t cross-check their spelling when creating fake mail to scam you.

They might misspell major words on their website, like the word TikTok being spelt wrong on their fake website.

Taking note of this can save you a dollar bill.

2. Check the comments for anything suspicious

Some people must have fallen victim to some of these scammers, and the best way for them to express their thoughts is in the comment section.

Going through the comments to find suspicious things can prevent you from being a victim.

3. Email Verification

Always verify if the email is associated with a specific action you took on your TikTok account, e.g., resetting your password.

You know you will receive an email if you sign up with an email with your verification code for security purposes.

4. Make use of an escrow service

Escrow service is like a middleman between you and the dealer to prevent scams.

The escrow Ensures that both parties receive from each end.

5. PayPal for payment

Suppose you have decided to pay for anything online.

In that case, I will advise using a Paypal account to make your transaction, and ensuring you always use the goods and services option for your transactions.

To help trace and refund back your money if you do not receive your service.


Final Thoughts

You can not stop the scammers from the platform, but you can control them from taking advantage of you.

Now that you are fully aware of their presence, you should be sensitive to their doings and prevent yourself from being a victim.

If this guide helps, you should share it with your friends, and don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section.

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