Can you hide TikTok videos from certain followers (New Update)

Can you hide TikTok videos from certain followers

As a user of a platform like Tiktok with billions of accounts, it’s normal to hide videos from some followers instead of everyone seeing them.

Although one thing you need to know is that social media is a platform where privacy is not guaranteed if you want to grow fame.

The only way you can enjoy much privacy is if you decide to use social media as a content consumer instead of a content creator.

Nevertheless, this guide will still guide you through how to hide Tiktok videos from specific users.

One of the best ways I hide my videos from a follower is by blocking the person on Tiktok.

This way, such a person will be shown a blank account anytime they try to access my Tiktok account.

Even though this is not the only method you can use to stop someone from seeing your Tiktok content.

I have gone much deeper into explaining some other methods which you can use to stop a user from seeing your videos.

However, before we even dig deep into some of the ways and methods. Let us discuss a little bout the reason for this.

Reasons for stopping specific followers from seeing your videos on Tiktok

Here, I explain two reasons why hiding content from some Tiktok users is factual.

1. Privacy

You enjoy enough privacy when you know how to restrict some followers from seeing your videos.

It will limit their chances of being able to copy your video for reposting or even tagging your video.

2. Security

There will be adequate security on your content as you do not have to worry about any attack on your account.

Some people are in a niche that can be very competitive, and because of this, they might lose several followers and content.

So, adequate security on your account will be intact.

Methods to hide people from seeing your videos on Tiktok

Let us get straight into how you can fix this, and in this guide, I will be discussing three methods you can use to stop some followers from watching your videos.

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Method 1. Changing the privacy settings.

This method involves changing the privacy settings and selecting friends you want to see your videos.

1. Unfollow those followers

unfollow TikTok

We are going first to remove these people from your following list.

2. Go to your video and change privacy settings

settings TikTok

privacy settings TikTok

Going to the video by clicking on the three-dotted lines and changing the privacy to “Friends only.”

friends only

Meaning those who are following you but you are not following back will not be able to see your videos.

Method 2. Blocking the certain followers

how to block on TikTok

You can also decide to block the followers by yourself. I believe this method is preferable because you only block them.

block friend

Anyone you didn’t block will be able to view your videos without losing views.

Method 3. Blocking their friends also.

You should also make sure you block any of their friends who are closer to them.

Although this can be possible only if you know them in detail and you have been closer to them.

Or you can see their friend list if they don’t have friends related to yours. So that they still won’t use friends’ accounts to view your videos.

Is this hundred percent reliable?

No, it’s not entirely reliable because social media has several features to bypass, and below is how.

1. Using other people’s accounts to check your video

They can have another friend you don’t know about and will follow you.

Also, they can use a relative’s account to watch your video, and you will not know about all this.

So you can only try your best to curb this, but you can’t entirely stop them from seeing your videos, except you don’t want to grow an audience.


2. Create another secret account to follow, and you follow back to watch your video.

They can also use another account to monitor your videos. All they need to do is open a new Tiktok account with an email.

All these things are free as it won’t cost them a dime to do and they will be up and running to see your videos.

3. You lose more views and reach.

If you decide to use method one, by changing your privacy to only friends. You will lose more views because Tiktok won’t recommend your videos to friends.

You will have to stay private only with friends who cannot help you except someone who knows you are trying to follow you, and you follow back.

What is the permanent solution?

None. Social media is for everyone, except if you only allow the video to be viewed by you alone.

Trying to study private and only you can view your content. That is the only safe way on Tiktok and social media at large.

Overview and Thought

With all these being explained, you can use method two to stop certain followers from seeing your videos.


Or you can decide to stay private for life and don’t bother about growing your TikTok account.

I recommend you read this guide on how to get Tiktok famous in 10 minutes.

It will help you a lot to boost your Tiktok account as a content creator.


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