how to get TikTok famous in 10 minutes (7 Best Tricks)

How to get TikTok famous in 10 minutes

As a TikToker, your primary objective when registering your TikTok account was to grow many followers and become famous like some top influencers you admire on TikTok.

But maybe along the way, life comes, and you become confused about what you are doing wrong that made your Tiktok lifestyle cringe.

Well, in this guide. I will reveal the best ways to get Tiktok famous in 10 minutes.

What you need to know is that everything happens like magic. You don’t know that specific video that will get you famous.

And within just 10 minutes of uploading that clip or video on TikTok, you see yourself already having 1 million views.

That is a signal to you that you have cracked the code, and you are now getting also to be an Influencer whom other tiktokers are looking up to be like.


You can achieve something like this if you follow the Best Strategies You Can Adopt To Become Tiktok Famous, which I will explain below.

1. Do the trend

The first mistake that most tiktokers make is trying to do what they feel will work for them.

That is not how the case is in real life, not even in the social media lifestyle. You cannot expect to win by just doing what pleases you.

For you to win and grow a large following with countless views. You have to follow the trend and do what’s currently working.

Be among the first to know what is trending and join them early to apply that trend to your video as early as possible.

Suppose it’s a piece of trending music that you noticed some tiktokers using. Just join that trend and apply that short music to your video.

Likewise, if you notice any new trending vibe, some top tiktokers are currently doing.

You have to join that as early as possible. The reason is that Tiktok will boost it for several other users to see.

And from watching your video, they can also share it with several other users because they like your vibe.

You also have to make sure that you are unique, though, because that is what will make your clips go viral.

Trying to be unique always pays. You get that viral when you join the trend with your impressive spec since you’re just one video from going viral.

2. Increase call-to-action

You must adopt the policy of increasing click rates with an excellent call to action.

Both your sound and text all flowing inside your videos. You always have to invoke a captivating call to action.

I wouldn’t want you to stress much about this aspect because you always have someone you can model their techniques.

Just look at some top guys in your niche that are in their 100k, 200k, or 300k followers and check out how they invoke call-to-action.

Just look at what they are doing and model what they are doing.

Call-to-action is in the aspect of “Don’t forget to follow, Share, Like, Or Comment.

It can even be for them to go to your profile and click the link in your bio.

These things will make you go more viral because the Tiktok algorithm will see that your videos are performing.

When people are engaging, it signals to the algorithm that users are enjoying, and videos, and TikTok will be interested in pushing it to several other fans.

You have to model what the upcoming big guys are doing. Those are the people in 100k followers and a few more I listed above.

Don’t go for those with millions of followers yet, as those are big guys already in the Tiktok industry.

3. Hashtags

Hashtags are vital but don’t overuse them also. Several people are fond of using 10 or 20 Hashtags in their clips or videos.

It doesn’t work that way. I suggest just 5 Hashtags at most. Three is even okay for me.

You can use a hashtag that has less Competition. Another one that has a little less Competition and another one with more Competition.

Don’t just use very competitive hashtags; many accounts might have used them.

It won’t be easy to rank for such types of Hashtags, and your videos or clips will be below (except in miraculous cases, though, which you don’t want to rely on).

4. Quality

Whenever you’re uploading on Tiktok, you have to consider the quality of your video over quantity.

Don’t just upload to upload content and get visibility.

Get a ring light and several other things that will make your video top-notch and increase your video’s engagement.

You don’t want a boring video that will turn viewers off because their attention span is low.

So, try to give out quality that will increase interest in making the Tiktok algorithm favor you.

5. Posting Multiple times

Don’t post just once a day, even though that is idle for anyone who is also trying to become viral on the platform.

Posting Multiple times daily will help you increase the visibility and vitality of your new and existing videos.

TikTok wants you to keep bringing content that will retain its users glued to their platform.

They know that several other competitors like Facebook and Instagram are doing everything possible to make people stay longer on their platform.

So because of this, Tiktok is also trying to make their users stay much longer. They can’t do it alone.

And when you help them achieve this by creating more content. They will keep rewarding you with more videos by boosting your old videos to more viewers.

6. Repeating what works

It pains me when I see a tiktoker have a viral video style and decide to jump on another type in the coming videos.

I mean, who does that!?

Since you have a video or clip that went viral or a little viral and you see that people engaged on it and you got a little virality.

Why don’t you keep creating something synonymous with the little viral video and see your account boost?

The reason is for Tiktok to reward you with those views by showing them to more people.

That’s a perfect signal that they see that video as suitable at the right time for their audience.

So, keep creating something around that style when you can do the necessary. That is where your getting famous in 10 mins come from.

7. Consistency

Showing up daily and keep posting no matter the mood and excitement are what will make you maintain your famous.

You have to be consistent and come out to show the world what you’ve got.


Use these niches to get Tiktok famous

1. Funny Video

Suppose you can start creating a short clip that is comic that will make people laugh. You will quickly go viral on Tiktok.

Many people are depressed and come to social media to seek something that will make them happy.

Being their source of happiness will always make them refer to your profile, and they will even watch more, which will boost your old videos on Tiktok.

2. Couples’ Goals

This niche is also trending now on Tiktok because several people are having issues with their relationships.

Also, single people wish to have a good partner who will love and cherish them.

So, if you are in a serious relationship and you have a partner that can give you the chance to feature them in your video clips.

You can give it a trial and use such a method to go viral on Tiktok.

You have to look at what other couples’ account does and replicate the same in your method.

It’s as simple as that, and you will get many followers who will always be ready to watch your videos.

You would have gone famous within 10 minutes of your videos before you realized it.

3. Street Interviews

If you have the vibes and the boldness to speak with strangers. Then interviewing is now another new trend.

You need someone who can support you and help you record the scenes.

Also, you need to be that person that will always have the mindset and time to go around interviewing.

You must also be a strong-headed person because you will get some sh*t from some rude people.

So, you’ve to make sure you are ready for this. You can interview people on the street on topics you wish they would grow interested in.

Stuff like how long a person can last in bed, what’s their most embarrassing day, and several other topics like that bring a lot of views.

You can model what the other guys in this niche are doing and improve more on it. It’s effortless.

4. Wealthy One’s Interview

There are a lot of rich guys on planet Earth. But you have to be well presentable for you even to get the chance to interview wealthy people.

You can start with a few rich people and keep interviewing them until you reach the top ladder.

Several Tiktok accounts are in this niche, making a lot of money aside from even getting their videos viral.



Tiktok has come to change the game of social media algorithms that even big social media like Facebook and Instagram were frightened that they had to change their algorithm.

Previously you needed to follow many people on Facebook or Instagram for your content to be viewed by hundreds or thousands of people.

But Tiktok changed everything, and it’s now easy to get viral with a video even with ten followers.

If you are ever thinking of getting Tiktok famous in 10 minutes, this guide is precisely what you need to make you viral.

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