How to get more views on tiktok after posting (10 Working Tricks)

how to get more views on TikTok after posting

What is the essence of doing all the stress and posting a video without any views? It makes your zeal keeps fading by the day.

That is why in today’s video, I will give you 10 Unique and Quality tricks that you can use to get more views on Tiktok after posting.

These tricks are not what you can find anyhow on the internet. Moreover, you will have to purchase a high ticket course to get all these tricks.

Or you have to meet one on one with a successful TikToker with millions of followers to get these tricks.

And because of you guys. I went to consult with a successful TikToker who has over 2.5 million followers on Tiktok.

And I asked him what one can do to get more views after posting on Tiktok, and below are his recommendations.


But before I move to the recommendations, why not let us discuss some of the reasons why your videos are not getting views to help determine your future videos?

Why you aren’t getting the views you deserve on Tiktok

1. Haste and Inconsistency

Many newbie tiktokers are always in a hurry to get views and are also inconsistent in uploading.

That is a significant reason why their videos are not getting views, and if you are one of them. It would be best if you gave it time.

You shouldn’t just expect your first video to blow once and go viral with over 1 million views.

All these things don’t work like it’s being created to favor you. You always have to give time for things to work out.

2. Too long videos without clarity

Suppose your videos are too long without any clarity. Then many of the few viewers will bounce and never bother to check.

Now you know what will happen when the algorithm notice that people are not showing interest in your videos?

They will demote your videos and won’t show them to their users anymore because it isn’t worth the hype.

So, you have to make your videos short and straight to the point of value you want to convey.

Also, give them a call to action and tell them what you want them to do. That way, you summon more authority.

Okay, let’s get straight to where you should aim; after posting, what you should do.

Ways to get more views on Tiktok after you post

Below are the ways you can get these views on Tiktok and go viral.

1. Wait

Yes, I know you are in a hurry to get that 1000 views within 1 minute. But wait and give the algorithm time to breathe.

It won’t just happen at once. It usually takes 4 hours for Tiktok to notice the video of a new account.

After that, they will start pushing out the videos to viewers for them to see whatever you offer.

So, please wait for the algorithm to do its thing before you panic about whether you are doing the wrong something or not.

2. Broadcast your video

If you want quick views, you have to be the marketer of your video at first for Tiktok to help you push it the more.

You must first push the video or clip by broadcasting it on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter.

Get more people to see it and click on it to view it, and you will also get more views from Tiktok after you upload.

3. Make changes

You can also make more changes to your video after posting it. Editing is not bad.

It can be a particular Hashtag that will change everything for your video and make it go viral.

Trying not just to leave the video alone and editing it again for proper functioning is what will boost you.

Also, you can even try to do something similar to it again if you realize that the error comes from the videos.

It would be best if you kept trying to get the exact thing leaking in your videos and hindering them from progressing.

4. Collaborate

Have you thought of making a collaboration with another tiktoker in your niche and promoting each other’s video?

You can ally, and from there, you will be able to get more views just from their viewers.

This means after you have made a post. You get someone to help already you promote your video.

This will also entice the Tiktok algorithm to think about boosting your videos more.

Since they realize that some other tiktokers are promoting and introducing your video to their world.

5. Using SMM Panel

Another thing is that you can also use social media marketing panel to boost your videos after upload.

There are several social media marketing panels put there that can help you boost the visibility of a video.

You can subscribe to their plan, and they keep helping you boost your new videos for Tiktok to push it the more.

The major downside about this is that it is a blackhat technique. But sometimes, blackhat also helps to enjoy more whitehats.

You will also need massive capital because you will always have to boost every video you post.

6. Engage in other content

Scratching other people’s backs with the hope of them scratching your back and the algorithm favoring you is another excellent technique.

You can decide to like and comment on other people’s posts when you are done uploading.

Doing this can also make the Tiktok algorithm come in your favor and reward you with views.

This method or trick is not just wanting you can rely on always as a means to boost your views.

It has to come naturally, but if it doesn’t. You can surely try out this trick, and it works to boost your videos more.

7. Posting everyday

Consistency is what we will call it, and it is significant for you, as a content creator on Tiktok, to post daily.

At least two posts daily are not too much for you to do. Suppose you plan to get more views on your Tiktok videos.

You cannot expect Tiktok to favor you when several other people post daily and do everything possible to give more value.

But if all you do is to come today and upload, then come back next week or another month to upload.

You cannot expect the algorithm to work and favor your old videos. But posting daily will increase your older video views after posting.

8. Is it short?

Is the content short enough for a start? Because you want to prioritize your videos not getting more than 14 seconds long when getting started.

This way, you have more chances of getting your time to be more, and viewers even loop your videos.

Looping your videos in terms of rewatching them again and again just because it is short and straight to the point.

And when the algorithm sees that people are watching your videos again, the watch time keeps Increasing.

This will positively impact other content you have uploaded, which will help boost your views after upload.

9. Recommendation from Tiktok

Suppose your question remains to get more views from Tiktok. Then I believe it is the TikTok algorithm itself that will favor you.

You have to be optimistic about that specific video that will make you go viral within a few seconds.

So how would you know this kind of video that will make you go viral?

You cannot know it from imagining. You can only know it by showing up daily and creating that content.

From those content, you will know what Tiktok wants from you and what they want you to keep doing.

That will bring about the success of the present videos you will be uploading.

Experience is one of the best ways to quickly grow your Tiktok account and get many views after making a post.

10. Woo top influencer to duet for your video

Even though this method is effective, I have to put it at last because it takes for an influencer to notice you.

As a newbie with few followers, no influencer will be ready to duet for your video without you offering anything in return.

So, it has to be that you offer them something of value or maybe money to duet for you.

And you can’t continue to do this for each of your videos. You have to make it happen all by yourself.

But this method also works, most especially if you have a specific video that you want to boost.

Maybe like a marketing video that you know will make money back from and let them promote it.

Don’t just do it for a video that won’t make you any money immediately just because of views.

It won’t be worth it. So, do your due diligence accurately.


Overview and Thought

That brings us to the end of this guide, which takes you through the 10 Mouthwatering tricks you can use to boost your views on Tiktok after posting.

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It’s an outstanding guide for several readers and blessing us for creating such content.

Try to check it out, and I will see you in the guide.


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