Is 1 million views on Tiktok a lot (Ultimate Guide)

As a content creator on a vast social media platform like Tiktok, it is essential to know if it’s worth having a million views.

That is why in today’s tutorial, I will discuss with you whether one million views is a lot on Tiktok.

But first, let us discuss why one million views on Tiktok is not a lot for a content creator.


Why 1 million views on Tiktok is not a lot

Below are some reasons why one million views cannot be significantly considered for a content creator on Tiktok.

1. Earning Potential

The earning potential of one million Tiktok views is shallow compared to other video-sharing platforms like YouTube.

When writing this guide, Tiktok is paying $0.03 per 1000 views to content creators who are already eligible for the creators’ funds and virtual gifts.

So, you see that even with $0.03 per 1000 views. You will only likely earn $30 for your one million views on Tiktok.

This estimate is from top Tiktok Influencers like Mr. Beast, who made this known from their experience.

Tiktok is not yet paying content creators from ad revenue on their platform when writing this guide.

They pay just from their creators’ funds which they have set aside from content creators.

So, you see that one million views are nothing when you are to rely on the earning potential?

2. Low analytics

The analytics of Tiktok is not that concrete for now. So, with the one million views on Tiktok. What is the assurance of maintenance?

Because such a video will decline in trend in the coming months since it’s a social media platform.

No video can trend for months on Tiktok since it’s not Youtube where people are going there to seek a solution.

Since you always have to follow the trend on Tiktok. The trend will become irrelevant in the coming months, and you have to model another trend.

So, your one million views are not enough. You will need more ideas; this video cannot give you the ideas.

Because the Tiktok analysis is not concrete.

3. Less promotional advantage

Suppose it’s possible to make a lot of money with content writing. Then I will prefer it over video anytime and any day.

Why? Because if written content should go viral and get a lot of views. There is more possibility of editing and making more money.

You can decide to include some promotional content inside of it—either yours or an affiliate product.

Whichever one can be included just by interlinking a text in the content.

This is something unavailable in the video. I wouldn’t use the word “impossible” because another innovative tool might do that in the future.

But it has just become unavailable now. This means you can have one million views and don’t even have anything to show for it.

There are a lot of content creators with millions of views on Tiktok who are still broke. It’s such a pity.

4. No option to maximize the views revenue

Suppose it’s even possible to include a link in the caption of your video. Then it would have been better.

But you only have to rely on your Tiktok profile Bio to make people click o your link.

It isn’t easy to make your brand promotion easier by bringing people from Tiktok to your website.

You always have to rely on Tiktok profile Bio for link sharing, and that means you have to be in 1000 followers and more.

If you’re less than that, then you will not be eligible to do that.

Why 1 million views on Tiktok is a lot

Another essential aspect we should take a thorough look at is the benefit you gain from having a million views on Tiktok.

Below are some of the reasons;

1. Starting Point

Having a million views is the beginning of greatness and a result of your commitment.

This tells you that your content on TikTok is getting views, and you only need to continue pushing it more.

You must keep trying and ensure that you still become the best version of yourself.

2. Brand Endorsement

Depending on your niche, you can get a brand endorsement from a million views.

Oh yes, if you are in a niche, advertisers and brands will be interested in selling to your audience.

Maybe they can see a lot of potential in your content. They can give you a trial and pitch you to promote for them.L

It’s just that not every niche will work in this. If you do Comedy Skit Making, for example, you will need more views.

3. More followers

With a million views, you can build immense numbers of followers.

That is the point of getting famous. At least with a million views. You should already have over thirty thousand followers and more.

You have started becoming famous and from there. You get to a million followers.


4. Beginning of influencer lifestyle

One million views will now give you the influencer lifestyle and vibes you have been thinking of.

Now, you can vibe and start chilling with some of the big boys in the industry since you’re not also small.

Having a million views and thousands of followers can also make you confidently pitch another influencer in your niche.

You can flow with them and from there. You start experiencing favoritism in the progress of your channel.

You don’t have to stay behind and think if everything will be alright.

Is one million views a lot on Tiktok, and should you aim for it?

Yes, when starting, a million views is much, and it can keep you up and running to fulfill more greatness.

But show up daily to achieve more. It’s nothing on TikTok since getting views is much easier on Tiktok.

Even someone without any followers can get 500 views quickly on their first upload on Tiktok.

Moreover, because Tiktok is social media, the ad revenue cannot be compared to YouTube since it’s not a search engine.

Advertisers are looking for where their target audience is and not dance videos.

Take, for example, an agency that wants to start building a tech audience. They will still prefer to go to where people are searching for tech.

Rather than to come to a place where people are looking at majorly dance videos.

So, you see the technique. You must flow with the trend and build more of your Audience rate.

Get those views rolling the more and when you have multi-million views. You can attract big firms to sponsor you.



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