TikTok creator fund not showing up (Ultimate Guide To Fix)

TikTok creator fund not showing up

How painful it is when you have arrived to start making money from your Tiktok influencing finally, and your creator fund keeps misbehaving.

It’s heartbreaking, and that is why you will be learning how to fix the TikTok creator fund not showing up in this guide.

There are several reasons why this might happen, which can keep you wondering exactly why.

The Creator fund getting lost majorly happens when you are just getting to be eligible to start earning from Tiktok.

This guide will discuss and go in-depth into how you can solve this creator fund problem in case you find yourself in one.

Let’s get straight into this by first looking at why the Creator fund section is not showing up in your account.


Reasons why the Creator fund is not showing up for you

Let us discuss the several reasons why you are having difficulty seeing the Creator fund.

Below are some of the reasons that you have to know and take critical note of.

1. Account Age

The age on the account is the priority towards whether you will be eligible for this type of opportunity or not.

If your age is below 18+, I’m sorry, but you are unlucky to become part of those who can monetize through the creator fund.

This way, you will not be able to see the Creator fund showing in your account.

There are many restrictions for accounts whose ages are under 18+ because that signals to Tiktok that the account owner is underage.

To even fix the Creator fund from not showing in your account. You will have first to set your age.

If you’re wondering how you can fix your age and change it to 18+.

Then you can watch this video below created by us, teaching you how you can change your date of birth on Tiktok.

It will take you In-depth on how you can do that and the moment you are done with that.

You can now decide to proceed with fixing the Creator fund not showing in your account backend.

2. Account Type

Suppose your account is not yet in the Pro or Creator account. Then you won’t be eligible for this.

Your account has to be changed from an individual or personal account to a Pro Or Business account.

That is the way you will be able to enjoy this feature and start using it to make yourself some money on Tiktok.

To do this and fix it.

Go to your profile, like the image below, and click on the Menu.

TikTok profile

Then click on settings and privacy.

Then click on “Manage Account.

TikTok manage account

And click “Switch to a business account.”

This way, you will be good to go and select the category your business falls into.

After successfully switching, you will now be eligible to earn with the Creator fund.

3. Funding Level

Before you can even be eligible for something like the Creator fund, you have to be in ten thousand followers and hundred thousand views.

If your views have not reached a hundred thousand and you don’t have up to ten thousand followers, don’t bother.

This fund is for creators who have worked hard to reach a certain level, and Tiktok is just trying to favor them.

It’s not for anyone who hasn’t achieved those two milestones within 30 days.

Remember that if you achieve one without the other. You still won’t be eligible.

Suppose you have ten thousand followers and don’t have hundred thousand views. You won’t be eligible, and vice versa.

This is how it works, so stay updated and reach the milestone before complaining.

4. Guideline Strike

Also, check if you do not have any Community strike in your account because you won’t be eligible if you do.

You must check whether you don’t have any community guideline Strike.

Suppose you have several videos of your banned. Even if your views have been counted, it still won’t work.

So, you also have to take note of that.

If you have checked all these and still realize that you are perfect.

Suppose you do not have any issues, have reached the milestone, and your account is up and running.

But if you haven’t seen the Creator fund show, let’s discuss the solution to this issue.

Let’s discuss the methods you can use to correct this and make yourself happy.

Method 1. Support Fix

Using the support system and reporting a problem to the Tiktok team.

This method is more Trustworthy as you will get the right reasons why you can’t see the Creator fund.

Also, you will solve your problem without having to do anything by yourself except complaint.

If you are indeed eligible and you’re the one being cheated. The Tiktok team will surely get back to you and get it fixed.

Let us go about how you can solve this issue.

1. Go to profile

TikTok Creator fund

Once you land on your Tiktok feed, tap on the “Profile or Me” icon and head straight to your backend.

2. Click on “Menu”

TikTok page

After that, Click on the Menu or hamburger icon at the top right corner and enter your Settings and “Privacy.”

3. Click on “Report a problem.”

TikTok menu

Scroll down to your help center area and report the problem.

You can also check out the help center and click on “creator fund” to see some of their eligibility.

Then click on the pencil icon at the top right corner to report a problem.

Click on the top corner icon again.

4. Launch your complaint

Launch your complaint once you click those aspects and land successfully on the support tab.

Note; I wouldn’t want to give a direct template so that everybody won’t copy the same thing to use.

But write out what you feel is wrong and why they should have your creator fund ready.

Method 2. TikTok mod apk file

You can also use the TikTok mod apk file to solve this mistake. By just downloading the app file from Google.

The reason why I’m not too fond of this method is because of viruses and hackers.

So, try to be careful with this method. Always make sure you go with the first method, which is more reliable.

If you are good at knowing the suitable apk file of an app and not the scammer ones.

Then you can give this a trial by using the mod apk to log in to your TikTok account. It will correct the mistake this way.


Why having the Creator fund is important

Below are some of the importance of this.

1. Ability to monetize

Having the Creator fund allows you to earn from Tiktok even if you do not have any idea.

Just like the way content creators on YouTube earn from monetized videos.

That is also what this is about, and it gives you the ability to keep getting more encouragement to work harder.

2. For more credibility

You also have more credibility when you start earning from Tiktok as a creator. You get to use it as an achievement.

It’s not an easy task, and if it’s that easy, to be eligible with all the Tiktok guidelines. Then everyone would have been doing it.

So, greet yourself “Weldone” for being able to reach the milestone of monetization.

Overview and Thought

This brings us to the end of this guide, and I hope it has been helpful.

Following all or one of the methods I have stated, you are good to run and solve this.


Also, be patient when using the first method, as you will get your result within a few hours.

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This is important for any Tiktoker, especially the account holders ready to be monetized.


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