Why can’t I scroll on Instagram (Here’s Why & Fix)

why cant i scroll on Instagram

I would have just told you to check if your phone screen is faulty, but I also realized you used the same phone to land on this page scrolling.

However, in today’s guide, I will discuss why you can’t scroll on Instagram and the possible solutions.

Some Instagram users find themselves in a position where their screens keep jumping without being able to scroll.

Usually, if you are accessing Instagram, you are supposed to be able to scroll and see the entire screen movement.

But in this case, your screen keeps jumping from one post to another the moment you make a scroll.

If that is your case also, several reasons have resulted in this. Let us go straight into them.


Why your screen is not scrolling perfectly on Instagram

So your screen is jumping. And you are wondering whether it is your phone.

However, for you to scroll here on this page without jumping, it means your phone screen is perfect.

The problem is Instagram. So, check them out in 1…2…3.

1. Your gadget

This happens to most iPhone users who are using the Instagram application. I feel it’s a bug from the app with iPhone.


You can decide to try out Android if this happens if you urgently need to solve the problem.

If not, you can have patience as it can still correct back to normal.

However, Android users don’t have much experience with this or even non. You cannot see it skip or jump on an Android phone.

2. Outdated version

Maybe the version you are using is outdated and does not have the present features of Instagram.

Also, you need to know that the moment they update their version and upload it on the play store or app store.

They will immediately stop paying attention to the older versions because they are working more on new updates.


So, Try and Update your Instagram if you are not in auto update and see if this solves your problem.

3. Phone junk

There is no way to use the Instagram platform, and you will not carry junk on your phone.

Phone junk can also be called cache, which can affect an application’s performance the next time you want to use the app.

Many users have claimed that clearing their phone junk has helped a lot.


So, try to go inside your phone settings and locate your Instagram application to clear the cache.

Also, if you remember your login details, you can clear the data to start afresh and log in again.

Don’t worry. Your followers will not be gone. Your account is undoubtedly safe. It’s just like you logging in again.

But if you don’t remember your password, please clear only the cache, and you should be able to scroll appropriately on Instagram.

4. It might be the newest versions

It can also be because of the new version of Instagram that you are using.

If you have always been able to scroll appropriately, but now you realize that your Instagram is not working correctly.


Download an older version of Instagram by typing Instagram’s older version on Google.

You can download the previous version and scroll appropriately on your account.

5. It might be your present account bug

It can also be a bug from your current Instagram account, affecting your profile’s activities.


You can create another account and check if you are using it without skipping.

Suppose that’s the case where you see that you can scroll appropriately in the other account. It means there is a bug in your account.

You can clear the cache or update Instagram to correct it.

6. It might be your feed

Well, many people don’t put their minds to this, but your Instagram feed might not just want to respond well at that moment.

So, the best thing you can do is to use another method.


Use Favorites Feed (appearing in chronological order to access your selected accounts well).

You can use the fave feed, which will only show your selected account, which minimizes the data load in your feed.

7. Instagram is testing things out on some users.

Sometimes, it can also be that Instagram is just doing some testing with their new update.

While at that time, your account is just lucky and unlucky at the same time to be among the chosen ones for Beta testers.


For this solution, I suggest you want to exercise patience and not quickly panic.

If it’s still within a day that you experience this, you can wait a little bit, and it might correct itself.

Overview and Conclusion

Suppose your phone is not scrolling correctly on the Instagram application. I understand you clearly.

However, this guide has revealed the seven best reasons and solutions for why this can happen to you.

Implement them, and I am sure one will work out great for you.

Try to read this guide if you have received any help link on Instagram to ha’ck your account. 

It’s another eye-opening guide you don’t want to miss.


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