The best chiclet gaming keyboards 2023 (Among 11 tested)

Chiclet gaming keyboard
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One of the most stylish gaming keyboards is the chiclet or Island-style keys.

They are so fashionable and look like a piece of chewing gum in the shape of a small square with rounded corners; some can also be rectangles.

Several reasons among this are why gamers also love this type of keyboard.

That is why myself and team have done the stress to test out several chiclet keyboards.

Our best recommendation among them is the Logitech MX Keys, an advanced chiclet gaming keyboard with a soft touch, quiet keys, and longevity.

That is not all; some other chiclet keyboards are also outstanding, which you might not know about. They include:

Among the keyboards that we tested, these are the best for gamers.

So, let me go ahead and describe what I noticed about each keyboard for you so that you can use that to make the best gaming decision for yourself.

1. Logitech MX Keys Review (Best Overall)

Logitech has some great keyboards that are superb for gamers, and the MC Keys are one of them.

It’s a wireless USB c keyboard that fams with Apple, Windows, Linux, iOS, and other operating systems.

A very compatible keyboard for gaming laptops and PCs with a QWERTY description.

This chiclet keyboard is compatible with gaming, office, and several other uses.

Also, the Logitech MX is a type you will get obsessed with because of the soft keys and subtle touches.

After testing it out and seeing how great the keyboard function, including its beautiful chiclet look.

It became the number one recommendation on this list, and you can get it on Amazon.

2. Corsair K100 AIR Review (High Budget But Fantastic)

Corsair is a brand with a chiclet keyboard that gamers can use to crush several enemies.

It is also wireless like Logitech and with ultra-thin keys and Bluetooth.

With its QWERTY keypads, it is compatible with laptops, PC and gaming consoles.

One fantastic thing about this keyboard is its USB A and C connection.

The only reason why we recommend Logitech above Corsair is that Logi___ is much cheaper than it.

But aside from that, it’s a fantastic chiclet keyboard that you should buy if you can afford to go around three hundred bucks.

It has a good battery and a great connection that can last you for hours whenever you are gaming.

3. Cherry KW 9100 Review (Low Budget But Good)

Another slim wireless chicklet keyboard is the Cherry KW 9100, which has a silent key.

If you work from home, game a lot, and are looking for a chiclet keyboard with a small budget.

Then this is the gadget you need to crush your ambition.

It’s a type C USB key connection and Bluetooth with good battery life and soft keys.

You are good to keep smashing those new missions and accomplishing several gaming tasks.

4. POWZAN Review (Best Among)

Powzan is a brand with a keyboard compatible with laptops and PCs.

The look of this chiclet keyboard in physical is superb. At first, when I ordered it, I was kind of skeptical.

But seeing it physically got me wowed, and I love the look because it’s so beautiful.

Although it is a wired keyboard and works significantly with its type A USB connection.

If you like this, kindly go for it, as you won’t have to regret anything.

5. Belkin Review (Best Among)

Another best keyboard for gamers is the Belkin chiclet keys.

With its full-size keycaps, you can use this keyboard for gaming tasks and accomplish many missions.

It has a perfect battery life with longevity, and it’s a wired keyboard with a stand.

I am not fond of wireless keyboards, but if you don’t care about that, you can choose this keyboard.


Considerations to select the best gaming chiclet keys.

After checking out several keyboards, I didn’t just decide to make decisions calmly.

I embarked on some principles and considerations that the best gaming chiclet keys should have, and they include:

1. Brightness

With excellent bright lights, operating whatever keys I want to lay my fingers on becomes more straightforward.

So, the keyboard’s brightness matters a lot whenever I want to select a gaming keyboard.

2. Battery life

With good battery life, I can rest assured that I am safe whenever I am in a state of no power supply.

Several other gamers don’t consider this, and it costs them a lot in the long run.

3. Ergonomic

What matters is a comfortable and efficient chiclet keyboard that allows me to work and play games effectively.

Once there is no ergonomic feature in the keyboard that I want to make the best, I have no reason to recommend it to my audience or myself.

4. Bluetooth connectivity

How well is the latency of the connection? The Bluetooth connection is superb and not too shallow.

I don’t want a latency that occasionally disconnects, hindering me from playing my game in peace.

5. For gaming

Above all features that I consider, the ability to play games awesomely with my keyboard is Paramount.

Even though I will want to consider it for several other tasks, I always want to ensure that my chiclet keys are game-wise.



With that being said, I am sure that you have been able to learn more about the chiclet keys you can get for your gaming lifestyle.

The Logitech MX keys are the best among the several chiclet keywords I tested.

My team and I had to purchase some and embark on some trips to gadget stores to do our research.

However, it’s now over to you. Use the comment box and tell me the best brand with chiclet keys you have ever used for gaming.

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