The best USB C gaming mice 2023 (After testing 11 mouse)

USB C gaming mice
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One of the main requirements of successful gaming is using compatible mice (mouse), and USB type C is among them.

I love gaming mice with the c type because of how effective their connectivity is.

However, if you want a gaming type C USB mouse with good latency but are confused about which one to use.

After purchasing and testing several miles out there, the AOGTUNAL wireless gaming mouse is my best recommendation.

Although, that is not all because other best gaming mouses with type C are also available, which includes:

Since my findings are pretty thorough with enough testing, let me give you a little explanation of what each gaming mouse is capable of doing.


1. AOGTUNAL Mouse Review (Best Overall)

AOGTUNAL is a brand with a wireless mouse with a type C USB connection.

It’s a very effective gaming mouse with a good latency Bluetooth connection that stays intact.

Also, the material used to build these mice is quality. Same as the functionality that drives me excited whenever operating with it.

It has durable battery power, and the USB-C connectivity is outstanding. After a few months of using this gadget, I can attest that it’s the best out there.


2. RisoPhy Mouse Review (Best Budget)

RisoPhy is another wireless gaming mouse with a type C USB like AOGTUNAL.

Although it has eight programmable buttons, it’s a mouse for laptops and PCs.

The Bluetooth connection with any gaming console is entirely fabulous.

I like the mouse because it is not heavyweight and the battery ability is outstanding.


Using it, I realized that the led light is never designed to be turned off. Someone like me, I like to turn them off sometimes.

If you don’t care about that, it’s all good, and no problem with any gaming mouse.


3. FIRST MEMORY Mouse Review

A type C USB mouse that is ergonomic in quality is the First Memory gaming mouse.

It is compatible with several laptops and personal computers for gamers who would love to use it.

Although, compared to the ones we have been reviewing above. This mouse is wired.

But it is swift and quick in response when you do your gaming very fast.

I recommend it because it’s one of the best, with its glowing led light, and very cheap.


For someone like me who has a broad hand, it’s not something I can consider for a long time.

It’s suitable for ladies or gamers with small or medium hand sizes. You might want to consider the first two recommendations if you have a big hand.


4. HXMJ RGB Mouse Review

HXMJ brand is also not an exception in building a USB C mouse with quick response.

It is a wired mouse that supports many computers and laptops out there.

Super fast in operating, and I can say that as a gamer, considering it is never a bad option for any gamer.

It also has another separate port if you want to use it for several other benefits.


Manual information on the usage and assembling can be a little incomplete.


4. IULONEE Mouse Review

The IULONEE gaming mice are USB C ergonomic, with 4 RGB and Backlight 3200.

It is a USB connection type of mouse that is also super quick and effective in functionality.

This is a very cheap mouse that can work on different laptop specs and brands out there.

So, you don’t have to worry if you travel occasionally. It can be a mouse that will also serve you whenever needed.


If you’re looking for a mouse that can last you close to two years. Don’t bother considering this mouse.

Several users who have bought it for a long time told me this. So, you can consider the other recommendations above.


Considerations to select the best USB c gaming mouse.

I didn’t just start typing nonfactual reviews about these mice.

I took some consideration into making the best decision when testing and selecting these mice. They include:

1. Latency response time

Checking the rate at which the mouse connects with Bluetooth and every other USB connectivity is paramount.

I don’t want a mise that doesn’t connect easily or will have poor latency once a little distance occurs.

2. Battery life

The mouse’s battery life must be very durable and the one that can last long once fully powered.

In case you are wondering how possible. Well, the above mouse that I have reviewed has this feature.

3. Weight

Once a mouse is too heavy, that is another problem. So, I prefer the ones that are lightweight and not too bulky.

4. Comfort

The Comfortability of your USB C mouse is essential because it allows you to operate it whenever you like.

5. Ergonomic

The effectiveness and compatibility of the mouse with other gaming laptops and PCs are essential.

I wouldn’t review mice with poor ergonomic features or none.



Still wondering if the exact gaming mouse with a USB C type of connection is what several gamers have been battling.

Well, I am confident that you can now see the different outstanding mice you can purchase for your gaming setup.

Also, AOGTUNAL Mouse is the best overall gaming mouse among all the type C USBs. You are in safe hands.

Over to you, what’s the best type C USB mouse you have ever used?

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