How to download someones facebook profile (3 Fast Methods)

how to download someones facebook profile

It’s always fun going through your favorite Facebook profiles and getting as much information as possible since you can’t just easily ask them for the details of their life.

The world has become a small place with social media being able to know so much about a person without even knowing them on a personal level with the personal details people give out on their profile.

The information you have gotten from their Facebook profile may be in the form of pictures and videos you intend to keep.

This guide will explain how to download someone’s Facebook profile.

Although, downloading a person’s Facebook profile with all the pictures, videos, and all activities is not advisable.

It’s regarded as stalking, but I know you will have a valid reason for this. That is why this post is here for you.

To download someones Facebook profile, you can log in to their account and have easy access if you have the person’s login details. This way is more easy and quick.

And if you don’t have login access, read further to find a better way to access the profile.

Before I get too deep into the process, I would like to inform you in a briefing below if Facebook supports this action and let you know of any possible consequences of doing this.

Please go through every detail down. You want to avoid getting stuck in the process.

Does Facebook support this?

Every social media platform promises to give its customer privacy to an extent, and Facebook is not an exception.

So Facebook does not support downloading all the posts from someone’s profile.

In rare cases, Facebook will give support if you are a family member or a very close relative and the account owner is deceased.

This kind of situation can guarantee the help of the app.

Even after you claim the account owner is deceased and you are a relative, you must show proof and verify before the app can support you.

So you can see that the process of Facebook protecting their users’ interest is huge because the Privacy of that particular customer on the platform must be secured.

Now let’s move to how we can download someone’s profile on Facebook.

Methods to download someone’s Profile on Facebook

Downloading someone’s Facebook profile to get the information you are searching for can be done by following any of the methods below.

Go through them and pick the one that is best suitable for you.

1. Logging into the person’s account and downloading.

This is the easiest method if you possess the person’s login details.

All you have to do is log in to the Facebook account and download all that you want, but as I said, you must have access to the person’s login details.

To download someone’s profile with their login details,

  • Log in to the Facebook account you intend to download from with the login details.
  • Go to the account’s profile.
  • Click the right button.
  • Go to your settings.
  • Then click on “Privacy”.
  • Then click on “Your Facebook information.”
  • All the Facebook data will appear.
  • Then click on “view” to view the data.
  • Click on “request a download”.
  • Select the file format you wish to download.
  • Select the data you want and download them.

This process might take time, depending on how much information you want.

2. Using the HTML source code of the person’s page.

You can easily do this by going to name).

And will be able get access to the html file of the profile and copy out the file links.

3. Use a Third Party App

Downloading a Facebook profile can be done by using a third-party app like httrack.

Apps like this will help you access the person’s account for easy download.

This method of using a third-party app is suitable if you don’t have access to the login details of the account you want to download the profile.

But if you have the login details of the Facebook account, you should try the first method.

This method could be more reliable. You might have issues connecting the apps and lose the data, but if you are good at it, you should go for it.

3. Contacting Facebook support to assist in helping you

Yes, you can contact Facebook for support with this.

If you are a relative of the account owner and the owner is deceased, you will get help from Facebook.

But you have to be ready to provide proof to verify your claim that this is not a problem for you, then Facebook will willingly help you through this.

If you have all your proof, follow the steps below to contact Facebook for support.

To contact Facebook support.

  • First, log into your Facebook profile.
  • Click on your profile picture in the top right corner. This should drop down a menu.
  • Click “Help & Support.”
  • Click on “report a problem.”
  • Explain your problem with your proof.

Downloading your Facebook profile by someone else, is it possible?

No one can easily download your Facebook profile because the platform guarantees that it is safe with them.

Someone having access to your profile can mostly be possible if your login details are in their possession then.

Or maybe when they have a strong third-party app that is effective and can penetrate into Facebook.

Having access to your profile will be more than easy for them.

But, you can add more security to your account. This way, to prevent any funny move or penetration into your account.

Final Thought

Going through this guide, you know you need help downloading someone’s Facebook profile.

But there are exceptions to this statement, which have been well explained in this guide above.

If you can get the login details of the account owner, then downloading the profile won’t be a problem.

Due to privacy reasons, you should know that Facebook doesn’t support this action.

If this guide has been of help to you, please leave your honest review in the comment section below.

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