Why is my Instagram music different (Detailed Guide)

Why is my Instagram music different

You know how melodious and entertaining music is.

The joy and excitement you get hearing good music are just awesome. That’s by the way, though.

Now when you add this melodious feature (music) to your Instagram reels or story, you create awesome content for your audience with the right music attached to your content.

Thanks to Instagram music, this art is possible.

Instagram music helps provide the best music for your reels creation, either by searching for the music of your choice or picking from the option provided to you.

How do you deal with your Instagram music acting differently when creating your Instagram content?

You know, having weird music play instead of the regular melodious ones, or getting music with strange languages that don’t rhyme with your content.

Then crowning it all after searching for music you want to use for your Instagram reel or story. It’s not showing anything to you.

If your Instagram music has been acting weird lately, and you need good music to post that content.

Don’t worry, this guide will put you through why you are having those boring music on Instagram music feature.

Your Instagram music is different and acting weird because you might have used unlicensed music or copyrighted music for your Instagram reels or story.

This is one major reason you get strange music when using the Instagram music feature.

Read further through this guide to understand better.

In this guide, I will brush through why your Instagram music is different before discussing how to make your music play good music back on Instagram.

Ensure to read to the end. You want to make sure you get all vital points.

Reasons why it’s showing weird music

Here are the reasons why your Instagram music feature shows weird music played.

1. Instagram Update

When an Instagram account is updated, the entire system is upgraded, and there’s a change in how everything operates.

This change is the reason why the music features act differently.

Since this was caused by the system upgrade, you don’t have to worry. This will be changed in no time.

You might be wondering why an upgrade should affect the performance of your music features.

Yes, it happens in rear cases. But don’t worry, it’s temporary and will change over time.

2. Using a business account

Using a business account is more flexible than a personal account on Instagram.

Unlike a personal account, you will sometimes only enjoy certain features on a business account.

It’s sad, but it does happen to business accounts because Instagram does a lot of tech stuff on a business page rather than a normal personal profile.

This is why some features that function perfectly on the personal account need to be fixed for the business account.

So if you use a business account for Instagram and face these issues, this might be why.

3. Using a particular account for too long a whole day

It could be due to high engagement if you run numerous accounts on your Instagram page and spend more time on one particular account.

You will start experiencing this on your inactive account when you finally decide to visit it.

Leaving an account dormant for so long will make some of the feature malfunction.

This is one of the reasons you face this issue on your Instagram music feature.

4. You once used unlicensed music or copyrighted music

Unlicensed music is music you are not authorized to play or use with your Instagram story or reels.

Using such music is going against the Instagram community guidelines.

Your Instagram music feature might not work as it should because you have gone against Instagram’s Policy, and your music features will be limited to stop you from further repeating this mistake.

Solution to making your music playback on Instagram

1. Switch accounts

Consider switching accounts regularly if you run two different accounts on your Instagram page.

Switching accounts will help make both accounts active so all the features on both pages can function well.

You can switch to both accounts regularly from your Instagram page settings to make it easy.

Switch it from business to personal for a few minutes and switch back to business or Vice versa.

To switch accounts on your Instagram page settings;

  • Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  • Select your username at the top of the screen.
  • Tap the account that you’d like to switch to.

This step is very easy if you have already added the account’s login details earlier.

2. Patience

You must give the feature some time to work normally again, especially if an update causes it.

In this case, it is a temporary fault that should be fixed on its own.

If you are not in a hurry to use this feature, I recommend waiting a few days before you try it again.

By then, the Instagram music feature might be working well.

3. Update the Instagram app

If you have been using the old version of Instagram, you should update it. This might be why the feature needs to be fixed.

To update your Instagram app;

  • Go to your Google play store or Apple Store, preferable.
  • Search for the app, then click on update.

4. Clear Instagram cache

The Instagram cache is the amount of space the Instagram app occupies on your device.

This space is expected to be cleared regularly to ensure that the app functions well.

If your Instagram music feature is not working as it should, it might be that your Instagram Cache is full and needs to be cleared.

To clear Instagram Cache;

  • Look for the Instagram app on your phone.
  • Long press on it to open pop-up.
  • Click on settings and locate the storage tab.
  • Tap clear cache.

Final Thought

Going through this guide, you now have answers to some questions concerning why your Instagram music features might not work properly.

This guide has brought knowledge on why you face this issue on Instagram and various ways to fix it.

Try one of these methods that are most comfortable for you.

If this guide has solved this grey area, please leave your honest review in the comment below.

Thank you.

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