g.co/playcontinue peacock (Fix this error)

g.co playcontinue peacock

The feeling of trying to access Peacock on your TV and seeing an error message telling you to complete your purchase on another device or on a web browser.

Here’s how the message always shows on the screen.

Complete your purchase on another device
On your Android device, Open the notification from Google Play Store
On a web browser, visit g.co/PlayContinue

This can be heartbreaking as you try to access Peacock and stream your favorite movie series or watch your show.

To fix this g.co/playcontinue peacock, you will only need to use your mobile device to complete the payment of a Peacock premium plan, which will be solved when you try to sign in to your Peacock on your TV.

However, a more In-Depth guide about this will be explained as you read this guide.

Before diving deep into the solution, let us look at the reasons that can cause this.

Why is this showing?

Several reasons constitute to Peacock showing you this type of annoying message when you want to purchase. Below are;

1. Conflict in device purchase

It can be a conflict in the device you are using to purchase, which can happen when you use a separate device aside from the normal device you use.

This can make the Peacock server a little bit suspicious of some hackers trying to penetrate into your account.

This indirectly brings about the conclusion that Peacock does not want to accept payment or get you signed in.

2. Completing purchase from a non-account

Most times, if Gmail which is being used to register and pay for Peacock, is being registered and generally used on another device, you will not be able to access payment.

This happens among family members. Maybe the Father’s Gmail is being used to make payments.

But now, the son wants to pay and access Peacock, and the father’s device is already related to Gmail.

If the son is to try making payment, it won’t go at all.

So, a case like this does happen most of the time.

3. Using too many devices to stream

Using just one or two devices to stream your Peacock channel is always advisable, and not too multiple devices.

Accessing Peacock through countless devices to stream from one to another will only result in difficulty logging into your account.

Also, whenever you try to make a payment and upgrade your account, you will experience this type of message.

4. Error from peacock server

Above all things, you can even be shocked that you are never at fault.

It can be that the Peacock serves Mr is experiencing a bug hindering them from providing you with the best service.

A little patience sometimes has fixed this error for some people because the problem comes from Peacock.

So, the developers might have been working on some upgrade which is also affecting the usage at the backend of some customers like you.

Since we are done discussing this, let us head straight to how you can fix this error message.

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How to fix this error message

Whenever you see this error message, you are to click the g.co/playcontinue and If it’s showing this.

Purchases and apps through play google.com.
Only app installs through play google.com.

You must select the first option and purchase a peacock subscription through the Play Store google.com.

It will direct you to the necessary page, where you are to make payment, and you will be good to go.

While if you click and it shows a blank page.

That means the email you use to access your account is not the registered Peacock email.

You should change the email and use the one registered with Peacock.

Or maybe you are not the one doing your subscription before. Make sure to get in touch with the person doing it so they can make the payment on your behalf.

Contacting support.

Suppose you try all the methods stated above and are still experiencing difficulty. It means that’s more than what we expected.

You will have to contact the Peacock support system to lead you further on whatever you are having trouble with.

Just like I stated in the reasons why this can happen. I also told you that the problem could be directly from the peacock server.

So, if their developers are doing some upgrades, they will let you know and fix it.

Final Thought

Seeing the inability to make a payment and telling you to pay on another device can be frustrating.

However, it cannot be that difficult for you anymore if you apply the process I discussed in this guide.

If this guide has helped you solve your problem, try dropping your honest thoughts in the reply box below.

I am always eager to reply to your comments and read what you say.

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