Best keyboard trays for Gaming chair 2023 (A-Z Guide)

Gaming chair with keyboard tray
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The ability to game easily on your chair without having to experience back pain is the primary function of a tray.

It’s a pity that the availability of gaming chairs with ready-made keyboard trays is very scarce in the marketplace.

Do that mean gamers have no option to consider when trying to get this type of chair?

No! There are still several options they can consider: getting a tray separately and fixing it in their chair.

Although more details about this will be later in this guide, which you can read by clicking here to jump to that section.

First, look at the benefits you gain from using the keyboard tray for your chair.


Benefits of a gaming chair with keyboard holder

Below are some fantastic benefits of this gadget to your gaming life. Starting with:

1. Health Consideration

You no longer have to complain about back pain with a keyboard tray in your front.

This helps to safeguard your health and help you stay good in any gaming condition you meet yourself.

Since most gaming chairs are produced in a way that mainly causes back pain, this gives you more advantage to never feeling pain.

2. Long hour working from home

You also can stay up working and gaming for a long time hour.

Especially if you are an adult already over 30 years, you need this tray to elevate your work rate.

You know, your ability to work from home and at the same time keep gaming for a long time without fatigue.

3. Serves as an Upgrade

This serves as an upgrade in your chair for those who don’t have a chair with a tray.

You can use this to stay separated from other gamers who are used to no-tray gaming chairs.

4. Boost productivity

This extra tray gadget can also help boost your productivity because you can now game comfortably.

So, if you are always at a particular level before during a specific type of hour.

With this feature, you now stand more chance of boosting your productivity and accomplishing more missions.


Fact about seeing these types of chairs to buy

Gaming chairs with trays are scarce in the marketplace, so the best alternative is to get a tray and fix it in your chair.

This way, you can easily place your keyboard on your chair and game effectively.

Although, if there should be any newly released chairs with this feature, we will update this guide to serve you better.

But at this time, no chair has this feature yet, which is why fixing trays are available for gamers.

Below are some keyboard trays and mouse stands you can get today and add to your chair.

The fantastic thing is that they are easy to assemble. Starting with;

1. Magic Hold Keyboard Tray and Mouse Stand Review

Magic Hold is a brand that has a keyboard tray and stands which can be fixed to your chair and hold your gadgets firmly.

It has a 1.96-inch diagonal thickness and comes with both a mouse and keyboard tray.

You have your mouse and keyboard right at your front without bending all the time.

While sitting comfortably, you can also place your laptop on this tray and operate it.

In case you are wondering about the installation, it is straightforward that even a novice can assemble it.

2. Mobo Chair Mount Ergo Keyboard and Mouse Tray Review

Mobo ergonomic keyboard tray is also substantial and can carry your gadgets without panic.

It has two armrest mouse trays, which you can install on your arm pad and then place the tray on the armrest.

So, when you want to move in and out of your chair, you only have to carry the tray from the armrest.

This is how this works, making it easy for you to move the tray anyhow you like.

You should also know that it’s durable and can place your keyboard in the right position.

3. Magic hold keyboard tray Review

Well, this is the same as the first magic tray we reviewed above.

The only difference is that you don’t have to purchase the mouse tray by your armrest alongside.

You are only buying the keyboard tray for your chair, which you can consider.

If you want only the keyboard tray, this one is okay. But if you wish to have keyboard and mouse trays, you can go for the Magic Hold Dual Trays.


Considerations for selecting these chair keyboard trays

Several considerations came in handy when we were researching these trays.

I didn’t just go out there to bring you crap. So, below are the fantastic considerations.

1. Easy to install

The tray must be easy to assemble, even by a novice, without needing to hire an installer.

Just fix it under your gaming chair, and you can start using them.

Although the second tray by Mobo only needs you to place it on your armrest for usage.

2. Ergonomic

The ability for it to work effectively without any problem and solve your issue of gaming.

3. Comfort

The balance that you should experience whenever you are gaming with your keyboard.

Instead of you having to bend your back for hours whenever you are in intense gaming.

That one is no more because now, you derive comfort when gaming with a tray.

4. Sturdiness

We also make sure that the trays are strong and very durable, whereby they can’t break easily.

Also, it will last a long time without replacing it very early after purchasing it.



Bringing us to the end of this guide, you now know that getting a gaming chair with a follow come tray is tricky.

The best thing you can do is just purchase a tray and fix it in your present gaming chair.

Also, this saves you extra money you would have spent on purchasing a new gaming chair.

You can get the Magic Hold Tray or Mobo Tray. Whichever one serves your purpose, they are both excellent.

Over to you, how has a gaming tray helped solve your problem?

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