I need your help Instagram message (Here’s what to do)

I need your help Instagram message

“I need your help.”

A sense of urgency is always built when you see a text like this in your Instagram Direct Message.

Especially if it is from our friends or family.

You become curious to know how you can help, especially if the person is closer to you.

You should know that scammers have noticed how this kind of message can quickly get our attention and cooperation.

So they apply this as a trick to make you do whatever they want you to.

You’re not going to freely give out your details or money to a total stranger for doing nothing, so posing as a family or friend is an excellent idea for them.

They come in this format.

Hey, I need your help.”

When you respond, they will typically declare that they have lost access to their account for some reason and that Instagram has advised them to pick a pal to acquire a verification code on their behalf.

They always use an account you are familiar with, so you can get comfortable with them.

Meanwhile, they just hacked the account they are using, so you think you’re talking to a friend, but it’s the other way around.

So, do not answer them or give them any code, you can block them instead.


Instagram is a big platform that it is,
It has scammers operating to fraud innocent people for their funds or information.

Scammers are all on social media platforms, so you and I must be fully sensitive to their activities.

In this guide, I will bring to light the tricks these scammers use to mislead people on Instagram, how to identify that it’s a scam, and how to prevent it.

Top Instagram Scam You Should Know

Below are some tricks that you should know which these fraudsters can use to hack your account.

1. Suspicious activity

In this, the scammer poses as the official Instagram Account.

Then they message you saying there’s suspicious activity on your account login through the link below, or your account will be deactivated within 48hr.

This cannot be very comforting, especially if you’re a famous Instagram influencer.

Your first thought will be to click on the link, and then the link directs you to a fake Instagram page.

You need to go through the page thoroughly by checking the spelling or checking if it’s the official Instagram Account from Google.

Just be careful to check up for suspicious.

2. Free stuff on Instagram

Everyone wants something Free, extra, more than we deserve or than it’s worth.

These scammers create a fake account with a big brand (fake) and post images of the product.

They are willing to give you a price lesser than its value or the usual “Give Away,” and all you have to do is share their post liking it and finally giving them your personal information for delivery or whatever.

You have to avoid not falling for free stuff or being deceived by give away, except you’re very sure of the account, and you have confirmed whether they are legit.

3. The Instagram lottery Scam

Funny how people want to win a lottery they never played.

Cri’minals create fake Instagram profiles uploading images they stole online to fill the page.

They try as much as possible to make the page look authentic by following random people until they are followed back since they need to have high followers to look appealing to you.

They processed sending you messages saying you have won a lottery and your information is required to receive it.

First of all, how can you win a lottery that you didn’t even apply for? That’s a red flag.

Then their common mistake is that they tell you it’s 100% free and legit.

They will ask for your personal information and address if you fall for this scam.

Before they conclude, you put in your bank details to pay a token to finalize the lottery.


Firstly you pay for a fake lottery, and secondly, you give your details, which can be used against you.

This scam is very easy to avoid because you can’t win a lottery you didn’t participate in.

4. The Money flipping scheme

You might just be going through your information feeds you come across a post with tons of money.

Money has a way of getting our attention, so definitely, you go through the words, and it says, “Effective Way our customer made $5000 by investing $500 in two days.”

This is very suspicious, although it might not appear so, because you can see reviews and images to prove they are real.

So you fall for it. You invest your money, and they encourage you that “the more the better.

You put your card pin and all your account details.

The following day you realize the account has blocked you and drained your account, and there’s no way to access them.

To avoid this scam, thoroughly check on Google about the company or whatever is running this business.

5. Scholarships on Instagram

This scam targets students, so pay attention if you’re a student.

First, students are convinced to apply for Scholarships using their personal information, and you fall because who doesn’t want 50% off $15000 tuition?


These scammers ask you to input your bank details to finalize the process with a token, maybe $100.

It would be best if you researched the school hosting the scholarship program or the agency hosting it. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION to anyone.

Final Thoughts

This guide has treated the worry of seeing the “I need your help message on Instagram”.

You don’t want to go through the pain of losing your money, personal information, and Instagram Account to these conmen.

This guide has brought to light the activity of scammers so we can be vigilant.

It would be best if you shared this guide with your friends and family so that none of them falls victim,

If the guide has brought you knowledge or experienced any of these scam methods, I will be more than happy to hear from you in the comment section below.

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