How much money is 10 million views on Tiktok

How much money is 10 million views on Tiktok

It’s a little bit difficult to know the figure you earn for having ten million views on Tiktok because of their new approach.

The only way content creators and social media audiences can figure out how much it values to earn a thousand views are from experience.

Few influencers like Mr. Beast and several others have helped to reveal the amount they earned from a certain number of views.

That is what we all have been replicating on, and hopefully, in the future, TikTok will also make everything more evident for its users to figure out.

Today’s guide will discuss how much money Tiktok will pay you for ten million views.


How much does Tiktok pay?

Based on research and experience from other Influencers. We have realized that Tiktok’s payment is currently $0.02 to $0.03 per thousand views.

Does this mean that Tiktok earning potential is very low?

Yes, it is.

Because Tiktok is only paying its audience from its creators’ funds which they have set aside for prominent content creators.

This means that creators are usually not supposed to earn a dime from Tiktok because it is a social media platform.

Since Tiktok earns from adverts on their news feed and not directly on video adverts.

They will continue to survive. But they need creators to keep creating more content on their platform.

So, they need to encourage them with earnings. That is where the creators’ funds come in.

Even though the fee is small compared to the number of views, it’s still worth knowing you’re earning from your passion.

How do you stay eligible?

The ways the majority of Tiktok influencers now make money on Tiktok are through the Creators Funds Program and the Virtual gift.

You can go live on TikTok and request your audience and viewers to give you virtual gifts.

Also, aside from that. For every thousand views on your content. You earn around $0.02 or $0.03. Hopefully, it will increase in the coming years.

For you to be eligible for all these funds. You must reach the 10,000 followers and 100,000 views milestone within 30 days.

Suppose you don’t have 100,000 views in the last 30 days. Then you won’t be eligible.

How much can you make with 10 million views on Tiktok?

Based on estimation and from the experience of what other top Influencers on Tiktok have revealed.

You can earn around $300 for your ten million views from the Tiktok creators’ funds.

While from the virtual gifts you collect from your fans. That will be their discretion and love for you and your content.

You should earn around $700 depending on how your audience loves you.

You can earn as much higher as possible with your 10 million views.

Remember that all these are based on estimation from the examples we see on the net.

Also, you can sell your products in your videos to boost more of your revenue.


How to make more money with few views, not up to 10 million

1. Selling in your videos

You can decide to be selling in your videos for you to earn money from the clips that you upload.

Selling is one great skill that any content creator should try to practice in their brand.

And if you do not have a specific product that you feel you can sell by yourself.

You can always join several affiliate Platforms out there to sell products.

Amazon, ShareASale, and others are where you can join and sell products.

This way, you will continually earn money through your Affiliate links.

2. Pitch brands through email for

Typically, brands are supposed to get in touch with you and pitch you for having a fabulous online presence.

But if you can’t find brands to pitch you. Then you can pitch brands themselves for them to employ you.

One of the ways to do this is by using email marketing. You can do cold emailing and check them out.

It’s always good to craft a good cold email template that you can use to make them feel like working with you.

This is one terrific way that many content creators on Tiktok do not know about leveraging.

It’s effective because while others are waiting. You are taking the bait to the brands for promotion.


3. Buy me a coffee

You can also always add the “Buy Me A Coffee” tag in your video caption and mention it in your videos.

Some of your fans who love you will not mind buying you a coffee because they love you.

You can create a PayPal account for this and include your “Buy Me A Coffee” Link in your Bio.

That way, you just see yourself earning more from your Tiktok page.

I hope this guide has been beneficial.

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You won’t regret reading it since it will also solve your problem more.

It will be good to see you in some other Tutorials.


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