How to get more likes on Tiktok after posting (7 Working Tricks)

how to get more likes on TikTok after posting

As one of the leading social media platforms in the world, getting likes on Tiktok is the major determinant of progressive content.

Content without likes informs the Tiktok algorithm that such content doesn’t need further push to thrive.

Since that brings about their viewers not finding an interest in the video, that is why I will be teaching you how to get likes on Tiktok after posting in today’s guide.

It can be demotivating to work hard to create content, and you don’t see the expected conversion.

So, let’s get straight to the seven awesome tricks you can adopt to get more Tiktok likes from real users.

Now, before we move further, you must know some of the reasons why you’re not getting likes on your Tiktok videos.


Why you aren’t getting the likes you deserve on Tiktok

Oh yes, below are some of the reasons, baby!

1. Uninteresting video

TikTok viewers find your video uninteresting and have to bounce after viewing it for a few seconds.

It’s not just what they expected because it doesn’t get deep into their emotions, and they decide to move to the next video.

It happens to you and me. If we find a video uninteresting, we move to the next video that will interest us.

So if you experience this, you must work hard to make your video more captivating and interesting next time.

2. Not asking for it

A major mistake most Tiktok content creators make is not asking for likes in their content.

So, if you are a content creator on TikTok, you must ask them to Like your videos.

Suppose you don’t do so and expect them to do it out for their satisfaction. They won’t do it.

Not like some won’t like it. But the majority of those who are supposed to like won’t like.

People always procrastinate, and they need to be told what to do for them to do it.

Okay, let me give an example. I am sure that by the time you finish reading this guide and get value, you won’t bother to share this guide.

Yes, why? Because I still haven’t told you personally to do that.

That’s a human being for you, my friend.

Well, after you read this guide, please share it with your friend by clicking on any social icons around this post.

Hahahaha… oh yes, I am serious! Thanks as you do that.

Now, let’s move to the third part.

3. Poor closing

Yeah, if your closing is very poor. Then you can’t expect them to like it.

I watch some videos, and from the beginning, it’s always interesting and at the end. Everything kind of looks awful.

Or maybe the video might even be too long that the ending gets boring, and I had to move to the next video.

It would be best if you made the video short so that you can quickly tell them what to do by liking your video.

You can start doing long videos when you have a lot of followers ready to view your content and like it.

Ways to get more likes on Tiktok after you post

1. Using Bot

Using bots to get more likes for your Tiktok likes is the fastest that I know of.

Or you can use these social media marketing panels that provide likes and followers to content creators.

The only thing about this is that it is unreliable and not a proper way to grow engagement.

Since the likes are not really from real viewers. It might not add many effects to the algorithm favoring you.

Moreover, you risk your account getting hacked more if you use free bots online.

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So, Even though this idea is good in Its way. You also have to be careful with it.

Be sure of the bot you will be using, and get a good and trusted social media marketing panel for your social media likes.

2. Edit your caption to controversy

If you have finished posting already, then you can still make some editing to the content which you have posted already.

You can try to use a controversial claim in your caption and see a spike in your likes.

You can type something that can make you want to test their head and get into their minds.

Something like, “Click the LIKE icon mate. You won’t die!

It’s Crazy. Right?

Yeah, but it also works because they will feel like they should do it normally.

3. Asking in the caption

Still, on the caption aspect, you always have to ask for likes and follows in your caption.

It shouldn’t always have to be that controversial, as the controversy should come once in a while.

But always ask. Because even the Bible says in Matthew 7:7, “Ask, and it shall be given unto you”.

So, you can’t expect your viewers to give you something Even though you have given them something.

You have to ask your viewers to know. That’s why you have to ask.

4. Posting regularly

The Success of your new uploaded video is in the hand of your future videos because that’s how it works.

Any video you post today. You should expect boosting likes on it to come from uploading other future videos.

The reason is that when you keep posting and pushing out content, the algorithm will favor your previous videos.

So, posting regularly doesn’t mean you are only getting views because of the new videos.

Even though that is the major priority, it is also to boost the likes of your old videos.

So try to have that at the back of your mind.

5. Follow other accounts for Like back

Follow for a follow back is effective, and so is also the like aspect of it.

You can get out some new accounts in your circle and niche and follow them.

Once you follow, try to like some of their videos, and they will reward you with likes.

The only thing about this is to make the algorithm see your zeal for promoting your videos.

You cannot manually LIKE 1000 people’s posts and follow them. That will only make your account get banned.

But a few follow and like can do something great in your LIKES on Tiktok.

6. Follow top Influencers

This trick is also effective as many people use it to grow their followers when they are just getting started.

So if you can follow a top Influencer in your niche, you will see some of their followers also following back.

Some will also like some of your videos back and become your fan.

I don’t know how that technique works, but I have tried it, and it just works like magic.

Sometimes I follow some influencers with millions of followers in my niche, and I see mass followers back.

Or you can follow all the popular influencers and get your likes in return. It works, and it’s effective.

7. Are you following the trends?

Before I end this, are you always following the trends? Or you are just posting what you feel like.

TikTok is not an SEO platform like YouTube or Google, where you post what you are told to post by your fans majorly.

TikTok is a platform where you always have to follow the trends of what other influencers are doing and do it better.

That is how you can get more LIKES and see your videos skyrocketing.

If you are not following trends on Tiktok, you need to think twice.


Overview and Thought

That brings us to the closure of this guide, and I hope it has been helpful.

If it helps you solve your problem and you learn new ways to get a lot of likes on your Tiktok content after posting.

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