how to find someone on telegram by name

how to find someone on telegram by name

Looking for someone you have once lost and thinking if it will be possible to find such a person on Telegram by their name?

Or maybe you have one reason or the other to search for someone on Telegram, but you only know their name and nothing else.

Then in today’s guide, I will teach you exactly how to find someone on Telegram by name.

This guide will be a short detailed guide that will teach you what you need to get started.

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Now, let us head straight to some factors determining if this kind of problem will be possible for you to solve.

Factors that determine finding friends by name successfully

You need to know that some factors surround this situation to problem-solve.

Among the factors are;

1. Special name

The person you’re looking for has a unique name they use to register most of their accounts.

If you are searching for a friend and want to use that friend’s name directly.

There are many chances that such a person will also have several people bearing such a name, which will make it difficult for the crawler to get your request.

Even Facebook that is a social media platform. You try to find some friends, and you won’t get them.

Why? Because they might not use the name you wish they would have used or the one you knew them for.

And don’t forget Telegram is even a private messaging app, not a social media.

So, it would be best if you were sure of the name that such a person would use before you begin to condemn the telegram crawler.

2. Location

It’s always good if the person’s location is much closer to yours because Telegram will quickly notice the person.

Most especially if the person has once been in your phone conversation previously.

Or maybe you have once connected on another end-to-end encrypted platform.

It will be much easier for the telegram crawler to help you fetch the person from the search suggestions quickly.

3. Your ability to download a new app

You must also be able to use an external third-party app called TelegramX.

It is an advanced application which we will be making use of in the course of this guide.

Suppose you don’t have the TelegramX application yet. You might want to head over to your play store or your app store now and download the TelegramX application.

And if you already have the application. Make sure that it is updated to the current version of Telegram.

4. Gadget type

The Interface of the phone sometimes might cause a problem. Because I have been in a group where I see several people saying they don’t see one thing or the other.

It is better if you use the TelegramX app, which has the Interface of almost every gadget.

With this, you do not have to bother about if whatever I will be discussing is in your gadget or not.

Steps to find someone by name on telegram

Step 1. Going to your search bar

Once you successfully installed TelegramX on your phone. Head to the search area by clicking on the search icon at the top right corner.

Step 2. Typing the name randomly around the alphabet

After you have headed to that aspect. Then type the name of the person that you want to search for.

Step 3. Scrolling down to see suggested names

Try scrolling and carefully looking to see if you will be able to get someone close to the person you are looking for.

Just like I have stipulated earlier. Suppose the person used the name that you typed in the search box.

You will find them. As you can see, I am searching for my long-time friend faithric, with whom we haven’t connected on Telegram before.

And you can see that Telegram showed me his number, and now I can connect with him.

Giveaway Point and Thought

1. Confirming the person is using the correct name

Before you even think of trying to search for anyone on Telegram. Make sure that you are sure of the name they used.

If you are unsure, and keep typing the name they are known for. It won’t work.

Why? Because you can’t expect the telegram crawler to fetch who you want in your mind magically.

Even social media doesn’t work anymore because you search for someone on Facebook, and you later realize that they didn’t use the name you expected.

So, have this at the back of your mind.

2. Confirming the person is on Telegram

Another thing is whether the person you are searching their name is on Telegram.

If the person is not on Telegram, you cannot expect any miracle to happen.

The person must be on Telegram to display their account for you to connect.

Without these, you will be unable to find someone on Telegram by name.

I hope this guide has helped you solve this problem of searching for somebody on Telegram through their name.

I have done everything possible to make it worth it.

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That is another method that will shock you because it’s another fantastic technique.

One of my readers requested this, and I thought it would be in my best interest to teach it.

See you in the guide.


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