How to get telegram code by email (For Beginners)

how to get telegram code by email

Telegram is one of the largest private messaging platforms where several sensitive and private conversations occur.

It is majorly known as a platform where you must create an account with a mobile or phone number to access it.

Even though this is always the case with the telegram app, several users have asked us how they can create a telegram account with an email.

They request a method they can use to get a telegram code with an email. 

The answer is that there is no direct method you can use to get your telegram code through email.

But you can use a third-party method we use for other online tasks if you don’t want to use your details.

You can use such a method also to get your telegram code, and you will be good to go.

Well, if that is the case. That is why I have decided to write out this guide to give you the answer to your question.

At the end of this guide, you will now be able to reply 

Before we stray further, several reasons are majorly the cause of telegram users seeking to receive codes through email.

Check out below to see if one of your reason is among before you move further to the solution.

Why get a telegram code through email?

1. Because of privacy

Everything started with the rate at which the country’s government wanted to keep tabbing every citizen.

And with phone number verification, it can be straightforward for the government to know what one is up to quickly.

Since they also own majorly the internet providing service through which we are making use of.

But with email, this is private, and it’s kind of like a decentralized method you can use.

You can even create an email without including your personal details and use it for verification of anything.

That’s one of the reasons why people seek to look for an email alternative rather than using their phone number.

2. Unavailable phone number

Another popular reason is that many people have already lost access to their phone numbers and want another method.

And just with an email, they find it easy to use it to verify their account quickly.

Without purchasing another phone number, they will be using it for their verification process.

3. Creating a demo account 

Suppose you’re someone who does a lot of testing. Then you will know what it means to learn this method.

Because if you’re someone who does a lot of testing and experimenting on clients’ accounts and any work-related stuff.

You will run out of numbers to use for your telegram verification process.

That is why people search for a method like this that they can use and start logging into their telegram account.

Since we are done talking about the reasons that telegram users seek this type of method.

Let us dive deep to discuss the methods you can use to get a telegram code with email.

1. Using free-SMS-cc

The first method we will use here is a third-party website for SMS verification.

If your reason is because of the number #2 “WHY,” which I stated in the previous section of this page.

Then you can use a free phone number for your verification, and you will be allowed access.

This will be very much beneficial for those who do not have a phone number to use and don’t want to use their actual phone number.

Or maybe their actual phone number is unavailable. Then you can head over to receive-sms-free

You will see many virtual phone numbers that are freezing, which you can use. 

Pick one of them and use it in your telegram. This website allows you to receive code on any usage.

So, head back to the platform, and your verification code will be sent to the message section of the number.

Several other people are using their number for SMS verification, and it’s working well.

If one number wants to misbehave, you can try another number. The site has countless phone numbers there.

2. Using a free email receiver

You can also use an email receiver app like if you don’t want to use a phone number.

But this method will only work if you already know and find a better means to activate the email section of the telegram instead of a phone number.

So, once you get that fixed on your side, you can come here to pick an email to use.

Then once you get the email, put it in your telegram, and you will get the activation code sent to the website inbox of the email.

You can use and paste it on your telegram, and you will be good.

3. Just buying a contact for a lifetime SMS

You can also decide to purchase a permanent phone number that will be dedicated to you only.

Because the first method I mentioned, Even though it is very excellent. The phone number is not that secure.

Because several other people will also be using it for further verification. 

Which even makes everything have no privacy at all. You will see your code being viewed by many other people.

But with this, you will have your phone number generated for you. 

You can use an application like TalkU App for something like this.

Overview and Thought

Even though we all want to be able to generate a code without having to use our actual phone number but an email.

Telegram is a phone number verification kind of website and does not necessarily allow email.

So, the best thing for you to do is find another method to get another phone number you can use for verification.

This way, your privacy is also secured, and you do not have to wonder if anyone will know you’re the one creating the account.

Which I explained in methods #1 and #3. Or if you know of a way to use email, maybe through a third-party application.

Then you can use method #2 to get a telegram code by email. 

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