How to make a tiktok video with pictures and text (Beginners’ Guide)

how to make a tiktok video with pictures and text

Not everyone is always eager to hold their phones to record a video and have that celebrity vibe look.

Same as not everybody has the tools like ring light and tripod to keep the video professional.

That is why to make a Tiktok video with pictures and text is an awesome way to build your audience.

To do this, you must use the template option and select the best template that suits your pictures by setting your text durations.

In case you are wondering how you can set the duration and also find these templates I am referring to.

Just stick with me throughout the journey of this guide as I will put you through indepth on how you can do this.

Moreover, I am not only going to be showing you one method for you to create this type of video.

I will show you three exemplary methods you can use and start creating those awesome videos just how you like them.

Several reasons cause people like us who don’t like showing our faces on camera to find a way to make clips with pictures and texts.

Let us briefly check them out below.

Creating Tiktok Videos with pics and text is Advantageous because;

1. You don’t have to show up on camera always

Some people find it very easy to show up on camera daily and get their audience to engage more.

But not everyone is interested in showing up daily to the camera.

That is where pictures and text methods of creating videos come into action.

Because of this, it becomes much easier to create any video that you wish, even without people knowing you’re the one in charge.

2. It helps camera-shy people

Some people are very shy and even taking pictures is their problem.

They will feel uncomfortable when they try to take a selfie with friends, not to talk of them shooting a video themselves.

We have a lot of top Influencers on Tiktok today who have never shown their faces before.

They are building more of their audience and making money from their videos.

So, if you are shy, don’t beat yourself too much because there is always a solution for you.

3. It solves procrastination

Procrastination is one h*ll of a b*tch. Many people have been broke and look irrelevant to their peers.

Just because they procrastinate a lot concerning doing something, they find themselves not doing it.

And it always starts with; I don’t have a ring light, I will buy it when I am free.

I don’t have a phone stand; I will get it when I am free.

But the problem is always that they won’t be free. Where’s this kills time a lot.

With this method, procrastination can be solved, and if you have this problem, you can create any video you wish.

4. Editing becomes easier

You can easily edit your videos without worrying much about whether your face looks good.

When shooting a video, you must wear make-up and dress well most of the time.

But with pictures and text to form a video, you are very much good to go and ready to rumble.

Since we are done with this aspect of reasons why a lot of people prefer text and pictures over pure video.

Let us move to the main aspect of how you can create your videos with photos and words.

Method 1. Using the slideshow effect

To use this method for video creation,

1. Click on Upload

upload on TikTok account

upload TikTok app

Head to the upload area by clicking on the “+” icon and selecting “Upload”, which will take you to your gallery.

2. Swipe to photos

3. Click on “Select Multiple.”

Tap on the “Select multiple” below the bottom corner to allow you to use multiple and different images.

4. Select your images

Select the images you want to use. You can go to and get copyright-free images if you don’t have images.

5. Click on “Next.”

make a tiktok video with pictures and text

6. Add your background music

7. Click on “Aa”, representing the text icon

Aa tiktok

8. Click “set duration” for text editing

setting duration for Plus icon

After inputting your texts, you have to edit them one by one by adding them to align with the video flow.

So, keep tapping on each image and select “set duration” to move texts to the exact aspect that suits them in the video.

9. Make it show in “Video or Photo View.”

switch between modes

You can select that based on your discretion. If you wish to use the video flow, then the photos will be shown in a slide show which will flow with the text.

If you also want it to flow like the picture mode, it will only keep swiping for you.

This aspect depends on how you like it. So, let us move to method 2, my most preferred method.

Method 2. Using the prebuilt Tiktok templates

I like this method because it allows you to use several video styles instead of just slide shows.

To do this. All you have to do is;

1. Click on the “+” button at the bottom element

Plus icon

2. Click on “Templates.”


3. Choose from any template

make a tiktok video with pictures and text

When writing this guide, you will have several templates to select from, like 65 Templates. It might have increased or decreased after this guide.

Just swipe and check out the prebuilt templates that you like most. It will just make your pictures come out in different video styles.

Choose a template and select your pictures to load.

4. After Loading, Upload your picture

5. Click “Next.”

6. Click on “Aa”, representing the text

7. Tap on “set duration” to adjust the text

Just like I explained the duration in method 1, you tap on each image and align them with the video. It’s also the same applies here.

Method 3. Using a third-party application plus Tiktok

This method will require you to download a third-party application from the play store called CapCut (a video creation and editing application)

1. Go to play store or app store and download “Capcut.”


2. Open the app

3. Click the “+ New Project” and go to gallery

capcut upload

4. Swipe to pictures

5. Select your pictures and upload

drag on capcut

6. Use “animation.”

make tiktok videos with pictures and text

To use animation, select each of the images in the middle bar and see “animation”.

Just tap on it and tap on either “in,” “out”, or “combo”.

capcut animation
In means, the picture animations will pop in.
Out means, the picture animations will pop out.
Combo means the pictures will have both in and out animation.
You can select anyone at your discretion and any animation given to you.

They have a lot of animation templates for us. Tap on each image to insert animation into them. Just rinse and repeat.

7. Extract into your phone once you are done.

8. Go to your TikTok and upload it

Follow the normal procedure and click “upload” to take you to your gallery to send the video to Tiktok.

8. Click on “Aa” and set duration for the texts

Like the other methods, add texts and set durations for your texts to align properly with the video you just created.

Overview and Thought

This brings us to the end of this guide, and I am sure you will not be able to create a video with text and photos with these three methods you have learned today.

Suppose you enjoy this guide, comment in the reply box below. I will be glad to give you my feedback.

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