How to see part 2 of a Tiktok video

How to see part 2 of a Tiktok video

Watching an exciting clip on Tiktok is interesting until it gets to the finish point, and you expect part two.

That is where the disappointment happens because many Tiktok users get lost at this point and get confused about precisely what to do.

I will teach you how to see part two of a Tiktok video in today’s tutorial.

You need to know that no severe content creator will create the first part of a video and not create the second part.

Since such a Creator is trying to build their audience, they will indeed create a part two.

The only problem is knowing where they put their part two without having to stress much.

Before we even get to the point of solving the solution. Let us discuss why part two is challenging to link easily by content creators on TikTok.


Reasons why seeing part two of a Tiktok video is difficult

Below are some reasons why visiting the second part of a video or clip on TikTok is difficult and frustrating.

1. No way to link in the caption

Creators are left with no way to add a clickable link in their video caption, which can navigate people directly to another video.

Almost every text on Tiktok stands alone and is not clickable except for some little areas on the platform.

Had it been, Tiktok has made it easy for TikToker to link posts easily. Then, it would have made life less complicated for viewers to locate the following video.

2. No End Screen for creators

A platform like youtube always has this end screen where the content creator can link another video to the end of the video.

This is a way most creators on YouTube link to part two of another video to the end of part one.

So, the moment you are done with part one. You will automatically be shown part two, which you can click on.

And the ability for this aspect to be edited is where the magic happens because you can do the linking the moment you are done creating part two.

But this is not available on Tiktok, and it has left TikToker who have no other idea to be left unaware of what to do.

3. Most TikTokers are not smart

Not all content creators on Tiktok are competent to the level of bringing everything closer to their audience.

Inability to find a better and more manipulative way in the video or the caption to make your viewers realize what’s next and how to see what’s next.

Some will upload part two on their account without any easy way for the viewers to locate it.

And because of the short attention rate of individuals. They find it less interesting to start searching for a particular video among hundreds of videos in an account.

Methods to watch second part of videos on TikTok

Since we have discussed the part that gets people finding it hard to show a second video part.

Let us move to the exciting part, which is the five ways you can use to see part two of a TikTok video clip.

1. Checking the first comment

The first method that works almost always is checking the video’s first comment section.

Suppose you haven’t done that. Then it would be best if you did that right away, and you can always find the comment box having a bubble message icon.

It is always between the Love and Favorite icon, which you can see in the picture below.

TikTok comment

That is the first place you should click and check the first comment. The majority of the content creators do link part two there.

It’s just that many people don’t always pay attention to it because they don’t even know where the comment section is.

So, check out the first comment and come back to tell us if you find your video there.

But if you can’t find it. Let’s get to the second method.

2. Study reply to fans

Some creators might not link part two in the first comment box. It might be because part two wasn’t available when they finished creating part one.

Still, in the comment box, you can scroll down a little and read the reply of some viewers.

You will surely see some people requesting part two. This is where the Creator will now give a response.

Suppose there is no response to their questions concerning part two. Then maybe the content creator has not seen the comments yet.

Once the Creator sees the comment, they usually send their link to the viewer’s comment.

That is where you will get part two of the video. Or they can direct viewers on how to watch part two from their account by showing exactly the right video.

This is another second method that works well; you should let me know if it works for you.

3. Check out pinned posts

Another way is by checking the pinned posts on a Tiktok account to see if they ever pinned their part two.

In rare cases, you will see that it’s pinned there, but most creators don’t do this as they might already have a lot of videos.

So, they won’t want to bother to pin. But we all don’t think alike. So, you will still find some creators pin their part two.

Now, just by tapping on their username and going to their account. You are going to get several pinned posts here.

Which is excellent, and you can check it out to see if you will find what you’re looking for.

4. Looking at the Playlist

A playlist works, and most top creators have a playlist or another in their account.

It is a way to filter out their videos and segmentize them from other types of videos.

Just by checking out their profile at the top middle area. You are going to see their playlists named something else.

Depending on the area of concentration of the Creator. You will see it named the word they wished for.

Just scroll down a little, and the moment you find a similar video like the part one which you just watched.

Looking closer, you should see part two just before part one or a few videos in between them.

5. Noticing on profile beside the part one

If all the above methods still don’t work out. Then it might be that the Creator has not uploaded part two.

But if you are sure that part two is uploaded, maybe because the video creator noted that it is uploaded.

Then you can glance through their profile and skim through the videos.

You might be fortunate to see part two, provided the videos are not too much in the Creator’s account or profile.


Extra steps

With all the above methods, you should now be able to find your desired video and be good to rumble.

But if you are still not able to find it. Then you can include these extra steps in your approach to finding your videos.

1. Consider messaging the Creator

You can consider messaging the content creator and asking about part two.

Suppose the person sees your message. They will reply and tell you exactly where you will find part two.

This is just like going the extra path to ensure you get your desired video to watch.

2. Ask in the comment box directly

Suppose you view the comment box. Then you can ask directly in the comment box.

And if you realize some fans commenting about them watching the other parts.

Then you can ask them to help you with part two and direct you on how to get it.

There is no harm in asking since you are just on your phone typing out and asking for help.

Such a person will be tagged and hopefully reply to you with the best answer. You might even get a direct response from the Creator in the comment box.

3. Wait Patiently

You might only be panicking and later realize that nobody else had watched part two.

Why? Because the Creator has not even uploaded part two of the video clip.

So, don’t stress much sometimes. Just give it a couple of days and recheck back, especially if it’s still a new video.


Overview and Thought

This brings us to the end of this guide. With all the ways mentioned. You should now be able to see part two of the videos.

You can also use the extra steps mentioned, and you will be good and ready to rumble.

I have done everything possible to include screenshots that will guide you the right way towards doing the right thing.

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You don’t want to miss it. I am going to see you on the inside.


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