How to send large video on telegram (5 Easy Tricks)

How to send large video on telegram

A time might come when the 2GB space on Telegram might not be enough for someone like you.

Or maybe you are also looking for more methods that you can use to share and send large videos on Telegram.

Then today’s guide will discuss in detail the Five Outstanding Methods you can use to send large videos and files on Telegram.

It’s no news that Telegram now has a premium plan where you can access many upgrade features for $4.99 per month.

Among the upgraded feature is the ability to send files of up to 4GB on Telegram when the free plan and regular users are only entitled to 2GB at most.

So, if you don’t have the premium plan of Telegram, you will not be able to send any video that is more than 2GB in size.

You have to seek another method through which you can be able to share large files on Telegram.

But let us check out why it matters to know other better alternatives.

Since what I will be teaching you in today’s guide is not about how you will use telegram premium to share files.

It’s about how you can use Telegram to your advantage by using other bad*ss methods.

Reasons for seeking ways to send large video on Telegram

Below are some reasons why people seek ways to send big files.

1. Fast Sharing

They want to be able to share files quickly with someone without having to keep waiting for a long time.

Just imagine if you want to share a 3GB file with anyone on Telegram. You have to wait a long time.

Also, if you format your Telegram and want to try and send it to another person, you will still have to wait a long time.

This can be very tiring because sharing a video with each person costs you more time than usual.

Just because everything has to load up before you can consider your video to have successfully finished running.

2. Future comfort

Finding a better method to share files will also give you more opportunities to transfer files to anyone in the future, even after being lost.

You might have already shared a particular video with someone on Telegram before, and the person lost it.

Now, if you don’t have a better way, you will have to wait again for you to resend such a file (that is even if the connection is good).

So, finding another better alternative will help you solve this problem.

Because aside from having access to more space, you also have more access to share the download link with that person easily.

Instead of just sending directly from your phone all the time, which will take you time and consume more data.

3. Mass Appeal

Ability to keep sharing with as many people as possible without you having reasonable doubt.

Just imagine you already have the download link of your video, which you serve to other people.

You have access to a mass appeal of people who will continue to enjoy the videos you share.

This is majorly Important for those with a movie telegram channel and groups.

They always have a lot to offer in video sharing, and because of this. They need to find a better alternative to share their videos with subscribers and members.

Send large video on telegram with these 5 Techniques

Let us now digress further into the five ways you can easily share big videos with people.

1. Telegram bot.

There is a particular bot on Telegram called Link To Files Bot. Just search for @linktofilesbot, and you will be able to upload a large video to Telegram and convert it to a link.

The moment you generate this link. You will find it easier to send to multiple numbers of people.

Instead of having to send it by yourself all the time just through your regular phone library.

Go to Telegram, click on the search icon, search for this bot, and click on start to upload.

After a successful upload, it will generate the link you will send to people whenever you like.

2. Archive the video


You can also archive the video by suppressing it into a zip file without losing the quality at all.

WinRAR is a tool that you can use to do this type of work, which is available for both mobile and desktop.

You can quickly go to your play store or app store and download it for your mobile.

Or you can head over to any PC Application downloading website like and download it for your PC.

After downloading, you can use this application to suppress the video into a zip file.

So you can then share it easily. So, once the recipient receives the zip file, they unzip it at their end.

It will then show the actual video size at their end. It’s like squeezing a big thing inside an envelope to deliver.

That’s how this works, and it’s perfect for sharing large files like videos with people.

3. Compressing

You can also decide to compress the video by reducing the video size without losing its quality.

Many tools out there will promise to do this for you, but you will still realize that the quality would have reduced a bit.

Just by using a mobile application called VideoPanda. You can compress a video and cut the size without losing its quality.

Just download the application and install it on your phone. You can give it access to your library.

Select the video you want and click on next. After that, choose the “Large file” section to maintain the quality and come out with the best quality.

Then click on COMPRESS after you have selected that. Give it a few minutes, and your compressed video will be ready.

Still viewing the video, you will see that it maintains its quality without losing it.

You can then share this video on Telegram, as the size has already been reduced. Or you can even combine it with the first method, using the linktofiles bot.

4. Cloud sharing

Several cloud sharing and hosting web applications out there will give you more than 2GB space or even 4GB space that Telegram is offering.

Just with tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, Wetransfer, Mega, and SendBig. You can use these platforms to host files.

This means if you have a movie-sharing channel or group on Telegram.

It will be more okay to use this method so that you can host all your movies by uploading them on these cloud hosting sites.

Then you can share their links on your telegram channel or groups easily.

They also give you access to future convenience and mass appeal.

Moreover, they offer more than 4GB of space. Some even show up to 15GB in storage for you to use.

5. Splitting

You can also decide to split the videos into several parts with app tools and share them with your audience.

Going to your app store or play store, or even desktop store. You will find tons of tools for this.

You will find several apps to help you split your videos into several parts and export them.

If you even have video editing software, you can easily use that Software to do something like video splitting.

Almost every video editor has such a feature in its interface. So, it makes sharing and sending big videos more effortless for you.

Overview and Thought

With the techniques that I have shared in this video. It now becomes easier for you to send your large videos on Telegram.

You don’t have to panic about waiting a long time for your videos to get delivered.

Also, if you don’t have much cash to pay for the telegram premium, which is $4.99 per month, to enjoy the 4GB storage space.

It’s okay to use the methods in this video, as they will even serve you better than the 4GB maximum storage of Telegram Premium.

You might want to check out this other guide on how to enable sensitive content on telegram.

Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends on social media. I will see you in some other guides.


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