Instagram only showing 12 posts (Here’s What Happened)

Instagram only showing 12 posts

As a content creator on Instagram, you trying to access your profile page and seeing only twelve posts is a nightmare.

The way your temperature will boil might even heat water, but it’s all good, you’re not the first to experience this, and you won’t be the last.

This happens severally on Instagram, and showing twelve posts can be solved by clearing your cache.

However, other tricks also work best if you can’t solve it by clearing the phone cache.

That is why I suggest you read this guide until the very end because I will discuss three other simple and effective methods.

Don’t beat yourself up too much and feel like you have lost all your data because you could not find your Instagram posts.

Many glitches happen on Instagram because they serve billions of users (both active and non-active).


That is why we will deeply examine why Instagram is not showing you all your posts.

But before we dive deeper into the solution, you can adopt to solve this.

Why not let us look at some of the causes of this mistake in your account?

It might be because of a glitch from your phone or a mistake from your end and not even directly from Instagram.

Let’s jump right into that for a moment.

Causes of Instagram showing Few Posts

Several causes can be why Instagram might not show all your posts when you log in to your account.

Below are some of them.

1. Inadequate internet connection

If you don’t have an active internet connection,then your post on Instagram will not load, and you won’t see your recent post.

So you must ensure that your device is connected to a strong internet.

Unlike other social media apps, posts on Instagram pop up without warning. Instagram posts load themselves with the internet.

If the internet is not sufficient, then you will not have your post load.

2. Using the Old version Of the Instagram App

If you are still using the old version of the App, you will come across issues that will slow down the smooth running of the App.

The fact that there’s a new version of the App means there’s a problem with the old one, and if you keep using it, you might not get smooth results as you should.

You won’t be able to access all your post as you should. So,this is one primary reason why few posts are available on your account.


3. Glitch On the Instagram server

Most times, Instagram updates the App to add new features and fix some problems.

This might cause a glitch on the Instagram server, hereby making it not function as it used to.

This problem is from the server and can cause the number of your post to be limited.

Method to make Instagram show all the posts

Since we are done explaining the causes why you might see your posts showing fewer posts.

Let us go straight to the solution to this error on your Instagram account and how you can relieve yourself of this Instagram problem.

1. Reset your Device

Resting your phone when experiencing any problem on Instagram might be your quickest solution.

This will give the app time to load and return to normal, especially if the App is encountering a glitch.

This solution sounds too simple, but it has solved most servers’ faults.

So it would be best if you quickly try this solution before knowing your next action step.

2. Clear Instagram Cache

Not clearing your cache on Instagram will slow your App’s speed, making it function slowly.

This will also affect how your post loads. Below is how to clear your Instagram.

a. Go to your device settings

clearing app cache

b. Check out your Instagram app storage.

c. Click on the clear cache to free up the space

clear telegram cache

3. Contact the Instagram support team

Sometimes this might be a technical problem and can only be solved by the App’s developer.

Here is how to contact Instagram for help.

a. Go to your Instagram App

b. Tap on your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile

click on profile icon

c. Tap on the top right

settings icon ig

d. Then tap settings

settings on ig

e. Tap Help

Going to the help centre

f. Then Tap Report a problem

reporting a problem

Final Thoughts

Now you know why you might not see all your posts on your Instagram account and how to make all your posts available as I have shown you in this guide, how to do that correctly.

It would be best if you tried any of the ways I conducted to make all your Instagram posts available.

If this guide has helped solve your problem, please leave your review in the comment below.

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