How to turn off who you might know on instagram (Easy Method)

How to turn off who you might know on instagram

Seeing the people you might know suggestions on your phone from Instagram can be tiring and so curious for someone to cancel.

This is why many of my followers have asked me how to turn off who they might know on their Instagram.

So, in today’s guide, we will discuss how you can get rid of Instagram suggesting people you might know for you on your phone notification.

To remove who you might know, you have to head over to your settings>>notification>>followers and following and remove suggestions.

This way, you won’t be Suggested any further person you do not care about on your phone.

However, I still have another method you can use in your account in case this method doesn’t work out well.

It’s one of the best methods. So, make sure to read this guide till the end for you to learn this method.

Also, we must go deep into your mind and fetch out some of the reasons why you might not like this notification.

Many people do not like it when they see this Instagram notification, and you are one of them.

So, study the reasons and Importance of turning off this notification below. Does anyone relate to yours?


Why it’s essential to remove this notification

Below are some reasons why several people detest this pop-up on their phones and why they came to me for help.

1. Eliminates unwanted notification

For someone like me, It isn’t delightful to see a pop-up on my phone when I don’t want to see it.

It could be when I am recording a video for my YouTube channel, or I am live on a call tutoring some students.

Seeing such a notification from Instagram just disturbing me about someone I do not even wish to know is annoying.

That is why I decide to find a solution to it.

I am also sure that you are seeking a solution because you are tired of unwanted PopUps.

2. Mood swing

Sometimes, stuff like this can even change your mood to become angrier if you are not
even feeling well.

It can be that time you are kind of short of cash and broke, and then you keep seeing Instagram show you this notification.

It can lead to more annoyance and make you overreact to anyone who is beside you.

This is an emotional effect around the negative aspect of why this can affect someone a lot.


3. Stop recommending you to others

Stopping this can also be a form of reciprocation on Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg and his Meta are fond of constantly reciprocating whatever someone does.

However, stopping this on Instagram might indirectly mean you won’t be recommended unnecessarily to someone who doesn’t have an interest in you.

Some of my audience claim they don’t like strangers to message them.

That is why, privacy is what this can also give to you by limiting recommending you to anybody they like.

Since we are done talking about the Important aspect of why you should do this.

Method to remove who you might know on Instagram

Let us head straight to the method you can adopt to fix this issue and stay happy.

Below are the two fantastic methods that can help you solve this issue.

Method 1. Using the Instagram settings to solve this notification

1. Go to profile

profile Icon Instagram
2. Click on “Menu”

Instagram Hamburger icon
3. Click on “Settings”

settings settings instagram
4. Tap “Notification”

Instagram notifications

5. Select “Following and Followers”

followers and following Instagram

6. Use the Account Suggestions

Instagram suggestions

In the account suggestion, tap “Off” to stop Instagram from suggesting accounts for you.

mention in bio instagram

You can also off the “Mention in Bio” if you don’t even want Instagram to suggest anyone to you anymore.

Method 2. Using the phone browser to solve this issue permanently

1. Go to a browser (chrome or Safari)

login Instagram web

I will use chrome for this guide, but it will also work on Safari for iOS users.

2. Tap on profile

profile Icon Instagram


3. Click on “Edit Profile”

edit profile on instagram

4. Uncheck “Similar Account Suggestions”

Instagram similar account

Here, Instagram will recommend your account whenever they suggest similar accounts to others.

5. Submit

suggested account instagram

The moment you uncheck it, you hit on “Submit.” Your account won’t be Suggested anymore.


Final Thought

Seeing the people you might know can be annoying, and with the above two methods, you can now save yourself from stress.

You can decide to apply the two methods or stick with one to make your account free from unwanted notifications.

If this guide helps you solve your problem, let me know in the comment box below this guide.

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