Is the moto g stylus good for gaming (Honest review)

Is the moto g stylus good for gaming
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The moto g stylus is a standout in Motorola’s lineup and is not just about its stylus. It has proven to have more worth in other specifications, including gaming.

Its stylus feature makes it unique as most recent phones don’t tend to have this feature, especially now at a very affordable range of $300.

This phone has so much uniqueness, but this guide will focus on improving your gaming sections with this phone.

All these will be strictly based on its qualities and my experience with it as a gaming tool.

In this guide, I will discuss the benefits of buying this phone for gaming, why it is suitable for gaming, and why it isn’t.

So if you are a gamer considering a gaming phone, stay glued with me on this guide. You don’t want to miss vital points.

Before I move further into that, let us briefly examine who this phone was made for and who can use this device.


Who’s the moto g stylus made for?

To get the maximum out of every product, you must use it for what it is made for to enhance productivity.

This phone, undoubtedly, has high ratings in good brands like Amazon. Anyone who loves photos, movies, games, and video chats will enjoy it because of its massive screen.

Above all, this phone does what every other regular phone can do and is even better for gaming.

I strongly recommend this phone for gamers, and you will get to know why in the course of this guide.

Although not limited to gamers. It has many outstanding features that makes it useable by anyone.


The benefits of buying a moto g stylus for your gaming

Although this phone works perfectly for other work purposes, here are some reasons why I emphasized that gamers will benefit better from it.

1. Gaming Mode

One first sign to know a gaming phone is that once you start the game, a game-time mood will pop up on the device for optimization.

When enabled on your phone, this mood helps manage other apps to make them less active (dormant) for the period of your gaming section.

This mood increases your gaming efficiency and makes gaming more immersive by holding other notifications from interfering with your gaming.

This is one of the features you enjoy while using this phone for gaming.

2. Great battery life

This phone has a strong battery life. Long enough to last you up to two days while in constant use.

With its 5000mAh battery power, which is very much ok for a phone, you don’t have to worry about constantly changing it once you get a full charge.

Getting a 100% charge within 3hrs for the 10W charger provides a very good major because if it charges way too fast, the battery won’t last long.

Any phone requires a strong battery life to be called a gaming phone due to the long hours invested in it. You don’t want the phone to trip off while gaming.

3. Internal storage

This device has a very high storage of about 128GB of internal memory and the option to add a Micro SD card (sold separately)

Not ignoring that mobile games take up so much space from your device, having enough space means you don’t have to uninstall your heavy-duty games.

The more complex and detailed a game is, the more and higher space it occupies.
For instance, if you wish to play Genshin Impact, you must remove games like Divinity 2 from the roster.

In the process, you might also lose all the levels you have worked hard to get.

With this phone uninstalling your game won’t be an option, and you still have more space to try out new games.


Why it’s good for gaming

The moto g stylus is a standard phone, especially now that its feature improves gaming.

Earlier in this guide, I strongly recommended this for gaming but look for yourself why it is suitable for gaming below;

1. Graphics processing units

This phone has an excellent GPU for sharp and clear graphics in most complex games.

When playing games like Call of duty with this device, the graphics are sharp, clear, and brightly presented on the screen.

This high resolution is also not only good for gaming, but even when it comes to movies. You are sure to enjoy good graphics.

I tried this phone with various graphics intensities, and it was good. The resolution is impressive. You don’t have to worry about blurry graphics while gaming.

2. Large screen and sensitivity

This phone has a 6.8″ Max Vision FHD+ display that stretches from edge to edge for an ultra-wide view. This screen size is large and superb for gaming.

Gaming won’t be as expressive as it should be with small-size screens. That is why getting this phone with its screen size is excellent for gaming.

This massive screen also encourages moves and a video chat display, so if you love the screen, you don’t want to miss this.

3. Speakers

This phone has a very loud and clear speaker positioned at the abrupt end of the phone.

The speakers are very high-quality speakers that enhance the sound of the phone.

With this speaker, gamers can hear loud and clear every signal the opposition gives to the gaming sections smoothly and effectively.


Why you shouldn’t consider it

The moto g stylus is a perfect phone overall based on the outstanding qualities it has to offer.

Nevertheless, there are still minor faults that you might come across while using this device. Some of these include;

1. Blocking speakers with your hands

The speaker of this phone is positioned at the vertical end of the phone; therefore, when turned horizontally for a game, your fingers can mistakenly obstruct the sound.

If this happens, you won’t hear the sounds as loud as they should be anymore and will be unaware that you are blocking the speaker.

Although this game makes your game turn out badly, you can also prevent this by plugging in a headphone or, better still, just remain conscious of it.

This might not be a problem for you with regular use with the headphone or earpiece connected.

2. Internal processor cooling

With prolonged use of this phone and most other devices for hours, it gets heated up.

This heating up can get too excessive and then slow down your phone’s processing.

This will most likely occur because, as gamers, multiple hours will be spent gaming.

The best easy option will be to stop the game and let the phone cool for a while. If not, this could severely affect the phone’s processor and battery life.



With this review, you will agree that this phone does more than its creative stylus pen. The phone itself is a fantastic device.

Even if you are uninterested in its stylus pen, you can carry out many other operations with it.

I have shown you in this guide how helpful this phone will be for you as a gamer, with a very affordable rate. Now it is left for you to use the device.

If this guide has taught you about the moto g stylus, please leave your honest review in the comment section below.

Thank You.

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