Best LGA 1151 CPU for gaming 2023 (Top 6 Processors)

Best LGA 1151 CPU for gaming
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As a gamer, if you want an easy fix on your CPU, you need an LGA 1151 Socket.

These are one of the requirements that gamers have to meet to enjoy a good gaming presence.

That is why today’s guide will be discussing a CPU with the LGA 1151 for Gaming.

If you haven’t known, the best lga 1151 CPU Socket for Gaming is the Intel Core i7-9700K because it can chew heavy games thrown at it.

Even though there are still many other CPUs with this type of socket which I will be reviewing here. Starting from the champion, we have Intel Core:

  1. i7-9700K – Best Overall
  2. i5-9600K – Best Budget For Quality
  3. i5-9400 – Best in easy setup
  4. i9-9900KF – Best in Speed
  5. i7-6700K – Best In Heavy Gaming
  6. i5-6500 – Best Temp

Going much further, let us look at why these Processors are good and what they can do for your gaming experience

1. Intel Core i7-9700K
(Best Overall)

Core i7-9700K is an Intel with LGA 1151 capable of chewing up whatever you ever throw at it.

This Processor is a small engine running several heavy Gaming without overreacting.

It comes with 8 Cores and 8 threads and runs a frequency from 3.6 GHz base to 4.90 GHz turbo. The maximum memory capacity is 64 GB and 12 MB Cache.

However, this CPU is your best bet when considering Gaming.

Also, you can do overcloaking with this Processor without having much negative effect.


2. Intel Core i5-9600K
(Best Budget For Quality)

Core i5-9600K is a great PC for gamers who don’t have much to spend but are looking for quality.

This Processor also has the LGA 1151 and 6 cores and 6 threads. It also runs a frequency from 3.70 GHz base to 4.60 GHz turbo and 9MB cache.

The booting of this Processor is so fast and rapid in executing every task thrown at it. Also, the cooling is superb.

So for your tight budget, I recommend this engine, and you will never regret considering it.


3. Intel Core i5-9400
(Best in easy setup)

Want an easy setup processor that easily fits into your Motherboard without slapping your Mobo?

Then Core i5-9400 with LGA 1151 socket is the answer to this. Setting up this Processor was easy, and I felt amazed.

It doesn’t require many installations like most chips out there, and the work rate is intact.

i5-9400 has 6 cores and 6 threads and runs a frequency from 2.90 GHz base to 4.10 GHz turbo, including its 9MB Cache size.

If you are a beginner or an assembling novice that doesn’t know much about system setups.

This answers your call because this Chip is made for gamers like you.


You have to know that compared to Intel Core i7-9700K, this Chip is made for Light Gaming.

You can’t really run heavy games with this Processor. But if you are cool with light Gaming.


4. Intel Core i9-9900KF
(Best in Speed)

If you need a Chip that gives you speed and quickly clarifies a task before you blink an eye.

Core i9-9900KF is an LGA 1151 Processor that gamers run when they need such type of feature in their system.

Don’t take my word too much for it. Try it out and see for yourself.

With its 8 Cores and 16 threads and a frequency of 3.60 base to 5.00 GHz turbo. You are up and running very quickly.

Also, the 16GB cache gives you more room to clear high data, which might slow down your system.


As beautiful as everything is and handsomely the setup is. The Processor doesn’t have integrated graphics.

So, you might want to consider that, although you can use an external graphics card.


5. Intel Core i7-6700K
(Best In Heavy Gaming)

Core i7-6700K is the type of CPU that can handle heavy Gaming without feeling the pressure.

Even if you are fond of playing VR games with Oculus Quest 2{link}, you can rely on this CPU to give you your desired result.

This is a durable LGA 1151 CPU with a frequency level of 4.0GHz. I have tried out this CPU, and it’s been fantastic.


As awesome as this CPU can be, it doesn’t come with a cooling pad. Meaning you will have to get one for it.


6. Intel Core i5 6500
(Best Temp)

Core i5 6500 is a processor with great temp Levels without overheating.

Testing out this Chip, I realized the great ability it possesses, which a lot of gamers still need to realize.

It also has the LGA 1151 socket with a 3.20 GHz frequency level and 6MB Cache size.

It gives you a temp Level of below 40c. I prefer such a CPU for any of my Gaming, and I suggest you consider it if you wish.


As beautiful and awesome as the work rate is, it’s slow in speed and quick data processing.

However, if you are not always in a hurry for fast results like me, you can decide to consider it.


Considerations for a perfect lga 1151 CPU for Gaming

Several requirements are placed for getting a good CPU with the 1151 socket.

I understand this clearly because there is a lot of confusion on the internet, and you might wonder if you are even making the right decision.

However, this is why I want to tell you some requirements I consider when choosing these CPUs and recommending them to you.

Based on these considerations below, I have gone to test them out and see that they are the best.

1. Easy Installation

Having a CPU that is easy to install into your Motherboard is very important. You don’t want a complicated CPU.

That is why the CPUs reviewed here are mostly easy-to-install ones.

2. Easy Locking

You want easy Locking, not those requesting professional BIOS updates, to run successfully.

So, any CPU I choose and discuss is always easy to lock, even for a beginner.

3. Gaming

Of course, it must be able to game for us to see this as something to consider. If it doesn’t game, then which usage are we considering it?

4. Durability

I wouldn’t recommend processors that will easily get damaged within a few usages to you.

So, the LGA 1151 socket CPUs that I have discussed here are the ones that can last you for many years before getting faulty.



Knowing if you are making the right decision concerning a good LGA 1151 CPU can be challenging.

However, you don’t have to worry about that since I have already gone to test these Chips for you and done all the stress.

So, the best among them is the Intel Core i7-9700K, which I am sure you are aware of.


Over to you, What’s the best LGA CPU you have used for Gaming?

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